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How to Advertise a Property on

If you own an apartment in Paris and you plan to register on the reservation platform to place your ad, but you don't know how to proceed, no worries. Follow this guide carefully and you will find the answers to many of your questions. what is it actually?

It is a platform created in 2006 to allow apartment owners to post a ad in order to put their apartment up for rent. This is an online accommodation site that allows owners-holders of real estate to make it available on this platform.

As a real estate owner, it helps to manage your schedules well in order to generate new income. Thus, putting an ad on Booking guarantees many advantages. In fact, once the announcement is made, you will quickly find potential customers who will be interested in the property. It is therefore essential to know how works.

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How does work?

The operation of is very simple, because you just need to become a partner of the platform to benefit from certain privileges such as adding your vacation rental for free through a Booking ad. This will allow you to rent your apartment safely, since it is a very large network with more than 29 million online properties worldwide.

This platform offers online Booking services. It is a sort of intermediary between travelers who wish to book accommodation online and your vacation rental. Therefore, you can make an announcement on Booking to offer your property. However, note that the Booking agreement is between the customer and you. So, it is up to you to decide the price and availability.

However, be aware that will charge commissions on each reservation made since it is a very practical platform that allows you to submit or post your various rental property advertisements. As for the procedure or simply how to advertise on, nothing complicated.

Indicating the platform's user-friendly approach for property owners
Simplicity and efficiency as a vacation rental platform.

How do I advertise on

Putting a Booking ad is not done lightly, because you have to regularize things at the start. Thus, to become an owner on this platform, it is necessary to carefully follow these key steps.

Sign up on Booking

To reference your property on Booking, it is imperative that you register. The registration phase is quick and easy. So you can do it via the Booking page. On this page, you must correctly complete the registration form by filling in certain information, including your e-mail address, even if you do not wish to rent your apartment immediately.

In fact, your Booking ad might take longer than expected. Regarding the validation of the registration, a return will be sent to you by email when the verification process is complete. Thus, you can put an ad on Booking easily as soon as the account is at the top.

Indeed, many people are wondering how to place an ad on Booking, it's normal, because putting an ad on Booking requires professionalism. Of course, to place a ad, you must create a Booking ad.

Create your Booking advertisement

Now it's the creation phase of your Booking ad, so you'll have to be strategic. Starting with the photos, they are more essential than the writings, insofar as they allow to attract the attention of the potential customers. On the other hand, do not neglect the text even if it is not the main vector on this platform. To do this, it is advisable to analyze the ads of other competitors in order to adopt the same strategy or develop others to stand out.

In addition, you can follow the advice given by the platform to improve your Booking ads. For example, you can properly tag the photos to optimize your ads, also add the keywords to be more visible to make it easier for customers to search.

Thus, putting an ad on Booking is not easy. So, Booking putting your apartment up for rent: how does it work? Register and create your ad, nothing could be simpler. Then follows the task management.

Management of calendars and display of Booking prices

So, you have already created your ad, now indicate the availability of your accommodation by creating your reservation calendar. In addition to that, specifically define the different tenancies depending on the platform. This will make your reservation space work better.

Thus, placing a ad depends on the management of calendars. As you already know how works, it would be wise to define the prices well. Indeed, this platform offers countless options when it comes to pricing. So make sure that the price display is well configured so that your Booking ad generates new revenue.

Carefully manage your pricing and calendar to maximize revenue potential
Leverage the platform's extensive network to reach a broad audience of potential guests from around the world.

Clearly specify vacation rentals on this platform is a portal reserved for the hotel industry. As a vacation rental, there are a few characteristics to consider when advertising on

In fact, if you have multiple properties in one place, you'll only need one ID. On the other hand, if these apartments are in different places, you must necessarily provide a specific identifier for each apartment for rent. Be aware that it is possible to group them together in one place in the long run.

Putting your apartment on is it a good idea? Yes, in the sense that it allows you to generate new rental income.

Create an instant Booking only

Since one cannot make a reservation on, it is therefore necessary to create an instant Booking to allow customers to book automatically. These instant reservations will benefit you, because you no longer waste your time processing reservation requests.

Therefore, always update your Booking calendar. Synchronizing your Booking calendar is therefore fundamental, as you can avoid double Bookings. To do this, synchronize your calendars in real time before placing your ad on

Payment process

As you have already seen, you can advertise on Booking and receive your payment. However, this platform has its own principle of operation. Regarding payment and collection, it differs from other vacation rental portals.

In fact, as a partner or agent, the company does not intervene in the reservation process, because the customer pays the owner directly before or after their stay. It depends on their contract. Also, if you want to save more time and avoid the cancellation rate, you can entrust the management to the experts, as they provide options to take care of the recovery details. After that, you will know how to advertise on

Now post your ad on

So, once these steps have been completed, you should put an ad on Booking to allow potential customers to judge the quality and price of your property. Before placing a ad to rent your apartment on Booking, write your Booking ad correctly.

Then set a suitable price and the availability of your home for rent. It is after that that will check your information again before putting your ad online. Thus, you will start to receive your first reservations.

How to increase your sales with

To increase your sales on, you need to work on your online visibility and generate new revenue. In fact, thanks to this referencing, it would be easier for you to file a ad. The portal does not impose any price limits on you, it is up to you how much you want to charge your customers.

In addition to this, you can take care of cleaning costs and service charges via the extranet. Thus, for more visibility, register on the Genius partner program to be able to put your Booking ad.

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Why join the Genius Partner Program?'s Genius partner program offers you a multitude of very effective marketing features to advertise on Booking and be more visible. This program offers loyal customers a 10% discount on the lowest priced room, resulting in a 29% increase in Bookings.

Those who join this program typically generate 24% more revenue on average despite this reduction. The more visible you are, the easier it is for you to place a ad and generate more revenue.

How do I go about joining this Genius program?

To join the Genius partner program to publish your Booking ad and quickly find a buyer for your apartment for rent, your establishment must first be listed and bookable on However, you must receive three customer reviews and a review rating (minimum 7.5).

Thus, renting an apartment on Booking therefore requires fulfilling these conditions. So, if you know that you meet these criteria, do not hesitate to join this program. To do this, go to the "opportunities" tab of the extranet and follow the process. Indeed, by subscribing to this program you will benefit from many advantages. However, you can suspend or terminate your subscription if you wish.

How to increase your visibility on

To increase your visibility, the Booking platform offers a simple and effective option in search engines with an above-average commission rate. Thus, you can activate this option during periods of high or low demand to target customers in Paris for example. To quickly find potential customers, you need to know how to place an ad on Booking.

What if you don't have time to manage your ad and your rental apartment on

F or those who want to take advantage of the extra income for their rental apartments but who don't have the time to manage everything that goes with it, no worries. Landlords can entrust their rental apartments to a management company like UpperKey offers a full concierge service and handles everything from posting your ad to taking photos, communicating with guests and cleaning your property.

Contact UpperKey today to find out how you can get guaranteed monthly rent and take advantage of their concierge services.

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