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Comprehensive Guide to Rental Guarantee Insurance: Protect Your Property Investments

Updated: May 10


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Rent guarantee insurance is a type of landlord insurance when rent is guaranteed every month if your tenants are unable to play. The best landlord insurance with rent guarantee options are pretty comprehensive; you can be confident of coverage in most situations. Check the details of any policy before you agree to it. The best landlord rent guarantee insurance packages will be the most comprehensive and most expensive. Rent guarantee schemes are a little different but serve the same purpose.

Tenancy agreement insurance

They protect landlords if they lose access to vital income in an accident or loss of income. UpperKey's insurance removes the stress and time involved in managing tenants and agencies. UpperKey will become your tenant within 24 hours. We take the vacancy risksfor you while you benefit from a rent guarantee insurance. Do not worry about rent arrears anymore and earn more rental income by contacting UpperKey today. The company becomes your tenant, guarantees you a rent for 12 months.


Payment plan

As a landlord, the loss of income can be considerable when a tenant fails to pay rent on time. To avoid this kind of situation, there is a simple solution by subscribing an unpaid rent insurance. Some insurance packages cover all situations and all you have to do is pay extra up front. Insurance is absolutely essential from the moment you need to establish a rental contract. The cost is not negligible, as it usually represents 2.5 to 5% of your annual income.

Rental payments w/ Business insurance | Assured tenancy

Stress free rental income

Additional peace of mind if ever a legal procedure has to be launched against a bad payer. If you'd like a stress-free rent, you should consider working with a property management company like UpperKey. It is a turnkey service which will be synonymous with peace of mind. An excellent opportunity to make your real estate investment profitable. Contact us today for more information about the UpperKey agency.

The tenant must apply for an APL from the CAF. He must also define the nature of his employment, whether it is in the form of a fixed-term contract or a permanent contract. If he is an apprentice or a student, a deposit commitment will be required instead.


Tenancy agreement with an agent

A guaranteed rental scheme is where landlords start collecting rent from the moment that they give the keys to the property to the agent. The agent acts as the tenant, guaranteeing that the landlord will receive their rent for the duration of the lease, regardless of if the property is empty. With a guaranteed rental scheme, you will have the rent payment made to your account monthly. The agent will also take care of any legal expenses, eviction costs, and rent arrears if necessary. Knowing what to look out for is crucial in ensuring that you experience more pros than cons.

Tenancy agreement - responsibility

UpperKey has created a guide to help landlords choose a guaranteed rent provider. There are some perks and benefits that you should expect to receive as a landlord. With a guaranteed rental scheme, emergencies like flooding or fire will usually fall under the responsibility of the third party. All credit check procedure is also under them. There are some cons of guaranteed rent schemes, so it is best to go into finding a scheme aware of what these are and how to spot them. The pros of guaranteed rental schemes include convenience and mind`s peace.


Additional rental payment

UpperKey provides guaranteed rent in Dublin while reducing efforts for property owners. Guaranteed rental is the key to a steady monthly income and getting rid of stress. Get in touch with UpperKey today to learn how much your property is worth for guaranteed monthly rent. Dublin is considered the 3rd top location for property investment in Europe. Annual festivals create a constant draw for music, literature, food and theatre lovers.

Rent guarantee

Unemployment is at a low of 5.3%, with its GDP growth year after year outpacing other European cities. The average cost of renting a property in Dublin has risen above €2k. With high demand affecting price, it also presents the problem that there are even fewer available properties. That's why investment in rental property can become an investment with a guaranteed return. In June 2019, institutional investors had acquired 55% of all property investment transactions in Dublin.

Residential properties prices

Given average apartment prices, buyers will need around £4.6k per square meter (€5.4k) to buy into Dublin's property market. A three-bedroom apartment in the city centre will achieve an average rent of around £3,8k/month.


Assured shorthold tenancy

A landlords guaranteed rent scheme is a way of subletting a property. Landlords pass over the renting responsibilities to the renter. The renter set their own rental prices for tenants, find and house tenants in the property, and will be responsible for property letting. If you own a property and want to make a rental income from it, then guaranteed rent in London may be something that you are considering. However, before you decide if this is the best option for you, it's worth weighing up the pros and cons.

Property owners without stress - utility bill

Landlords are opting for guaranteed rent for stress-free management. With guaranteed rent, landlords are no longer responsible for the property. This means they do not have to worry about things such as property maintenance and energy efficiency. The pros and cons of a guaranteed rent London scheme are worth weighing up. Once you have passed over responsibility for your property to the renter, you may have little say in who moves in or out.

This can be worrying for some landlords, especially if the property is empty. Guaranteed Rents are an ideal option for London and the south east region.


Business insurance

An insurance can help protect owners against unpaid rent. In case of default, the LMI insurance takes in charge the unpaid rent(s). Some LMI policies may also cover other risks, such as the tenant's pregnancy or termination of employment for gross misconduct. The higher the coverage amount, the higher the cost of the insurance. In France, it is mandatory to subscribe to an unpaid rent insurance for any furnished rental.

Rent guarantee insurance

This insurance allows you to protect yourself in case of non-payment of rent by the tenant or damage to the rented property. Take out LMI insurance to ensure the smooth running of your rental business. If your tenant hasn't paid rent, the first thing you should do is contact them. There may be a very good reason why they can't pay, such as the loss of a job or temporary financial difficulties. Send them a demand letter to give them eight days to pay their rent.

Financial conduct authority - legal advice

If the landlord cannot evict the tenant, he risks a 30,000 euro fine and up to 3 years in prison. This will involve hiring a debt collection agency or bailiff to track down the tenant and get them to pay what they owe you. It is important to note that debt collection can be very difficult.


Private & commercial properties

A landlord is guaranteed a contracted amount of rent, every month, whether the property is occupied or not. A contract can last for a minimum of 6–12 months up to 5 and 10 years. This rent is guaranteed by a real property manager or property management company. Rent guarantee insurance can be a lifesaver if your tenants fail to pay their rent. For a property with an annual rent of £60k, your income could still be £54k without having to lift a finger.

Rental income

Without having to pay insurance premiums, advertising premiums or redecorating costs. Rent guarantee insurance is an excellent facility for landlords relying on the rental income to pay a mortgage. It reduces the risk of taking on new tenants and opens the market to tenants with slightly less stable incomes, such as those who are unemployed or in temporary contract work.


Landlord insurance

With the right insurance and organisation your property will be a successful investment. As a landlord, it is better to take out additional home insurance to protect yourself. Airbnb insurance covers up to €800,000 but does not include theft, theft is considered a voluntary act. If you rent out your main home or your second home, it is necessary to contact your insurance company. This way, you will not have to pay out of your own pocket for damage caused by tenants.

Find registered office agency and your letting agent | Safety net

Rent guarantee insuance with UpperKey

Upperkey specialises in renting out property in Paris and all other French towns and cities. Holiday cover should be seen as civil liability to cover any damage you may cause to third parties. This could concern an explosion, fire, water damage or damage to the building and furniture. Once you have received the proposal from the company, take the time to study the clauses. UpperKey is a team of experts in short-term property management. The company becomes your tenant, guarantees you a rent for 12 full months and will become your tenant within 24 hours.

Insurance for landlords. Credit checks and responsibility on us. Simply business | Tenancy agreements

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