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My Airbnb Tenant Doesn't Want To Leave

Having an Airbnb accommodation and having problems with a tenant unfortunately remains possible even if the majority of reservations are made without any problem. In fact, you could find yourself in an uncomfortable situation with a tenant who simply refuses to leave the premises. If such a situation arises for you, there are concrete solutions that we will present to you through this article.

Sad owner
Unfortunately, your property may be illegally occupied, causing you many problems.

Airbnb and the Squat

When an Airbnb tenant refuses to leave, they are considered a squatter because they are occupying your accommodation illegally. Unfortunately, this practice is spreading more and more by circumventing the rules of the Airbnb platform. The individual stays longer than expected, without paying the price of the night. This is obviously an illegal practice and generally individuals rely on false identities to make their reservation. Not only is this a violation of property rights, but you could be facing willful damage.

Likewise, you could find yourself with a tenant who decides to extend their stay, without asking for your consent. Often, these are people with bad intentions causing numerous nuisances to the neighborhood. Finally, the last scenario concerns the occupation of vacant accommodation. The property is then used for short-term booking, but during a period when there is no tenant, the malicious person simply decides to move in, disrupting all of your rentals.

No matter what situation you encounter, it is obviously very difficult to live with. To identify bad tenants before renting, there is a very simple solution by trusting UpperKey, a very efficient Airbnb concierge service in Paris. The selection of tenants is carried out with the greatest care to avoid having an Airbnb tenant who does not want to leave.


Is There an Effective Way To Spot a Squatter?

Verifications are necessary before accepting the reservation of your accommodation. First, go to the person's profile to make sure the photos are of good quality. If you notice little information, it is a doubtful indication, likewise if there are no comments or if the profile was created a short time ago. Also check that the communication takes place without the slightest problem and that the reservation concerns the person with whom you are chatting.

Obviously, these checks are not infallible so it is better to entrust short-term rentals to an agency specializing in the field. Not only do you receive sound advice, but you also put all the chances on your side so as not to come across a disrespectful Airbnb tenant and thus not file a complaint .

What are the Protection Measures against an Airbnb Tenant Who Does Not Want To Leave?

Be vigilant in respecting certain principles, such as not accepting any reservations outside of the Airbnb platform. You simply risk being the victim of fraud or illegal occupation. Going through the platform allows you to have better protection against this type of initiative with an evaluation system, identity verification and of course insurance for owners.

Systematically put a seasonal rental contract in place, as this is one way to increase security against squatters. The clauses are defined from the start so as not to find yourself in a compromising situation. Likewise, you must emphasize the importance of the internal regulations by providing financial compensation when damage is caused to the accommodation.

Take the time to check identification documents, whether it is a copy of the passport or identity document. If you notice any information that does not match the reservation, it is best not to proceed. You could also ask for a deposit, that is to say a deposit corresponding to an additional amount which will be automatically taken when the tenant does not respect their commitments.

Finally, don't forget to take a closer look at an Airbnb concierge service in Paris or another French city. You entrust the keys to real specialists who support you in your daily life by being rigorous in the selection of tenants over a short period of time.

Man on Airbnb website
Avoid getting scammed by using reputable sites like Airbnb.

What are the Solutions To Consider if Your Airbnb Tenant Does Not Want To Leave?

If the tenant simply refuses to leave the accommodation, we advise you to start a dialogue straight away. Although the situation is stressful, initiate the dialogue in a respectful and calm manner to prevent the situation from escalating. If you see that this leads to nothing, immediately contact the local authorities, i.e. the police or gendarmerie. Above all, provide yourself with all the necessary supporting documents to certify that you are the owner of the property, including the exchange of messages if possible.

Documentation remains essential when evicting a tenant who does not want to leave. By directly providing all the evidence to the police or gendarmerie, the procedure is faster, but in certain cases you will have no other choice than to go to court.

What are the Legal Procedures To Follow for the Eviction of a Squatter?

If your accommodation is illegally occupied by an Airbnb tenant, you must immediately file a complaint by reporting it to the police. The latter will send a patrol to carry out a diagnosis and begin the legal procedure. This will result in a summary summons before the district court. In other words, an administrative procedure to evict the Airbnb tenant.

If you are within your rights, the court will agree with you and issue an expulsion order. Please note, it is not up to you to settle the eviction, but you must wait for the judgment to be implemented so that the police can evict the Airbnb tenant. It is a court decision and it obeys particularly precise rules.

Court of Justice
The court can help you evict an illegal squatter from your home.

Not Taking Justice into Your Own Hands

Even if an Airbnb tenant doesn't want to leave, you might consider evicting them on your own. Certainly the solution is radical, but it is absolutely not recommended, because in this case, the Airbnb tenant will have the possibility of turning against you. As a result, you will have to pay a heavy fine, even if the situation seems paradoxical, because you have the impression that you are within your rights.

Obviously, the best solution is not to be the victim of a disrespectful tenant. To achieve this, immediately consider collaborating with UpperKey concierge services, as they have the expertise and know-how necessary to carry out this type of mission.




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