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Choosing the Best Airbnb Insurance for Your Property: A Comprehensive Guide

Updated: May 17

You want to start up on the platform, but you probably know that there are very specific rules that must be followed. But rest assured, seasonal rental is still perfectly accessible to most people. If you do it the right way, you will be able to rent safely. But this also involves choosing the right Airbnb insurance for the type of rental and for your needs.

Representing starting an Airbnb rental on and choosing the right insurance coverage
Learn about the specific rules and choose the right Airbnb insurance to rent safely and confidently.

Airbnb insurance: is it necessary to take out insurance?

From a legal point of view, you are under no obligation to take out additional insurance, whether you are a tenant or an owner. This is exactly the same when you use a rental platform such as However, as a landlord, it is better to take out additional home insurance to protect yourself against certain unpleasant surprises.

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Is Airbnb home insurance enough?

If you choose a recognised holiday rental platform such as Airbnb, it automatically incorporates insurance for travellers and owners. However, activating them can be complicated in the event of a claim.

Airbnb provides host insurance that covers both the tenant and the owner in the event of legal action by a third party. This can cover both material damage and personal injury. However, the guarantee only works in the context of a stay that has been established through the platform.

Finally, there is the guest guarantee, which covers the tenant and the owner if damage occurs to the accommodation or to personal property during the stay. By default, Airbnb insurance covers up to €800,000.

Although useful, Airbnb traveller's insurance is not sufficient, as it does not include theft, which is considered a voluntary act. Other exclusions appear concerning common areas, personal liability, pets or securities and cash. Furthermore, the Airbnb platform's insurance only comes into play as a last resort, hence the importance of taking all your precautions from the outset to ensure a successful investment.

Explaining what's covered and what's not for a safe investment
Ensure a safe and successful investment with the right precautions.

Take an extra precaution by requesting a holiday certificate

If you have never heard of this document, you should know that it is particularly useful if you are the owner of a rental property. In this case, you ask the tenant to provide you with a holiday certificate (from GMF, homeassur or another insurance company). In this way, you have material proof that the tenant has proof of insurance, valid only for the duration of his stay. If a claim occurs during the holiday rental period, the insurance will come into effect.

But as you can imagine, the administrative complications can be a real hindrance to investing in holiday rentals. However, there is an extremely simple solution by choosing Upperkey.

The company specialises in renting out property in Paris and in all other French towns and cities. You will save yourself a lot of administrative hassle and you don't need to manage the tenant, or even set the amount of your rent. You will be supported by a team of experts who will be able to make proposals and accompany you, whatever the circumstances.

What is the point of choosing additional insurance when you use a platform for seasonal rental?

If you rent out your main home or your second home from time to time, it is necessary to contact your insurance company to inform them of this situation. This way, if you are transparent and take all the necessary precautions, you will not have to pay out of your own pocket for material damage that may have been caused accidentally by your tenants.

The same applies to vandalism and theft inside your property. Finally, it should be noted that damage directly involving your private civil liability will of course be covered by your insurance contract.

In the event of a serious loss that makes it impossible to re-let the property, you can benefit from several types of cover. For example, the transfer of your tenants who were present at the time of the stay, but also compensation covering the loss of rent.

Again, it is important to be careful about the different clauses and the level of cover you have.

Why should I take out a traveller's guarantee for a rental on Airbnb?

If you are a traveller, we strongly recommend that you take out holiday cover. Generally, this is still included in your home insurance, but it is best to be vigilant. Therefore, if you have any doubts, ask your insurance company immediately. Holiday cover should be seen as civil liability to cover any damage you may cause to third parties during your holiday rental. This may well concern an explosion, fire, water damage or damage to the building and furniture.

Emphasizing the importance of insurance for Airbnb guests during their travels
Travelling with peace of mind: and the importance of holiday cover for Airbnb guests.

If possible, do not hesitate to choose a civil liability contract, i.e. a holiday cover, to avoid any worries. Let's say you are using the washing machine or the television, and you inadvertently make a mistake that causes the appliance to break. That's when you'll appreciate having insurance in place.

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The possibility of coupling Airbnb insurance with your own

Do you have valuable possessions in your property? What category is it in? Are you likely to have problems with your tenants? These are all legitimate questions to ask yourself before taking out Airbnb insurance.

As you have specific requirements for your property and your needs, you need to define them at the outset and then choose a complementary insurance policy. Once you have received the proposal from the company, take the time to study the clauses. There may be some clauses that will not suit you.

In any case, it is important to make a sound investment and to do so, don't forget to seek the assistance of UpperKey. It is with great pleasure that you will be accompanied by a team of experts in short-term property management.


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