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Unlocking the Benefits of KeyNest: An In-depth Review and Analysis

Updated: May 10

Being the owner of real estate requires being present for the arrival of tenants. An imperative to respect from the moment you become interested in seasonal rental. Rather than being concerned about this aspect, there is a very simple solution with KeyNest. This is because the process becomes simpler, saving you a lot of hassle and wasting time.


Keynest solution
Keynest is a solution created to facilitate the receipt of keys in Airbnbs.

Keynest principle

Before discovering KeyNest and its reviews, it is absolutely essential to understand how it works. This is an innovative service that saves you a lot of time, while preserving the security of your rental property. In fact, you have found a potential tenant from the Airbnb platform. But you must be present for the arrival and departure of tenants. Rather than leaving the keys under a doormat or in a flower pot, the KeyNest solution really makes sense.


From now on, you will discover a service accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week by dropping off your keys at KeyNest points. Even if your guests arrive later than expected, they will obviously be able to access the accommodation, without the slightest constraint. Of course, you can always go through an Airbnb concierge service to manage your property and use the KeyNest service to hand over the keys.


Airbnb management

The history of KeyNest

The company was founded by Florian Hoven and Marc Figueras in 2015. Then a fan of the Airbnb platform, he was not available to welcome these tenants. He therefore asked the local café to keep the keys to the property so that future customers could collect them without hassle. This experience led him to create a company specializing in the field, namely all of KeyNest.


Today, it is a reliable solution, as KeyNest uses remote controls to manage its customers' keys in Europe. The network continues to develop and it is a very effective means for any owner concerned about handing over the keys to their travelers. KeyNest systematically keeps them in a location near the Airbnb property. Travelers just have to pick them up and of course drop them off when they leave.


In any case, Airbnb in Paris or elsewhere constitutes a reliable solution, because the keys are exclusively handled by professionals and then stored in automatic lockers. Rest assured, these are subject to increased surveillance with security cameras. Anonymity remains preserved, because there is no association between the keys and the address of the accommodation.


Solution experience review

KeyNest in Paris remains essential, because the capital benefits from a reinforced network. The exchange of keys is carried out extremely simply through professionals such as newsagents, local businesses or even cafes. In addition, KeyNest wanted to go even further by developing automated lockers that you find outside stores, near shopping centers and supermarkets. In the end, there are several thousand rentals available in Europe and several dozen in Paris.


When a tenant has a reservation on Airbnb, they must obviously be informed of how they will collect the keys. You give him all the necessary information or you let the Airbnb rental management agency do it. From the KeyNest site, you will find an interactive map allowing you to find out the location of automatic lockers and stores. Then, the tenant just has to choose the most appropriate location based on the location of the property.


As you can see, the process remains extremely simple, both for the tenant, but also for the owner. Before setting up such a system, KeyNest requires the creation of an account allowing you to access a dashboard. With the latter, you generate a code that you must transmit to your travelers. Without this information, they will be unable to recover the keys. The code will be used at the automatic locker to be transmitted to KeyNest professionals. At the end of the stay, the code expires and therefore other people will not be able to collect the keys.


The keys to Airbnb
Keynest allows owners to pass on keys to their guests in a simplified way.

Keynest price

Obviously, the pricing question remains central. No worries, use of the service remains completely accessible with a price of €6.95 for key collection. In terms of the monthly subscription, this remains accessible for €22.96 per key per month. If you need this service at any time of the year, we advise you to choose annual billing to lower the price to €17.50. For more details, do not hesitate to visit the KeyNest website.


Upperkey and Keynest partnership

UpperKey and KeyNest have partnered to make Airbnb rental management easier. In fact, the concierge service became aware of the value of this service, leading to the establishment of a specific relationship. From the moment you want effective management of your property, you do not need to increase the number of contacts, but only entrust your property to the UpperKey concierge service. The latter takes care of everything and as a bonus, you will receive very useful advice.


In the end, it is a wise choice that pays off, because you are in the best position to maximize your income. When the situation allows, UpperKey will use the strength of the KeyNest company for the delivery of keys. This will also be the same observation in the tenant having finished his stay to hand over the keys.


Why are the reviews positive on KeyNest?

The availability and security of your Airbnb property are concerns you cannot put aside. You want to keep your home in the best condition, while providing the best experience for your tenants. With Airbnb you find a reliable solution, because you eliminate many risks regarding handing over the keys. You are not going to leave them with strangers, but with trusted professionals or store them in specific lockers.


The protection of your keys is thus maintained at any time of the year, whether in Paris or in another French city. Remember that security remains omnipresent and therefore the code that you will generate from KeyNest is single-use. Only legitimate people will be able to collect the keys and when the stay ends the code is no longer valid.

Return the keys
Keynest remains a secure solution for homeowners and their keys, earning it positive reviews.


Peace of mind with a trusted concierge

To avoid time-consuming situations and delicate management, contact an Airbnb concierge service like UpperKey. You benefit from total support, but also know that the concierge service has established a partnership with the company KeyNest. So, you will obtain an experience without the slightest defect for the well-being of your tenants, but also to maximize your rental income. Since you present a service without the slightest defect, you put all the chances on your side to get a positive review. You probably know that social experience remains a determining criterion in rentals, so why are you depriving yourself of such potential?

Airbnb management


Determine your property's rental value with UpperKey as your tenant

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