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Understanding Paris Mobility Lease: Rules and Criteria for Renters

When you own a property in the capital, it's impossible to miss out on the mobility lease. Indeed, it is an advantageous device from the moment you are interested in short-term rental.

Hausmannian building
The mobility lease can be advantageous for renting your Parisian apartment


What is the mobility lease in Paris?

Renting real estate can be a real headache when you don't have all the necessary skills. However, there is a very simple solution by considering renting a mobility lease in Paris. It’s a way of circumventing administrative complexity, while remaining legal. For several years, you have undoubtedly noticed a tightening of regulations. So, from the moment you are no longer in the loop, the administrative and financial sanctions can be particularly heavy. Rather than being bothered by this type of problem, do not hesitate to entrust your project to an Airbnb concierge service in Paris . Not only will you receive all the valuable advice, but you no longer need to waste time in the rental management of your property.


However, it is important to understand how the mobility lease works. This only applies to furnished rentals and has become essential since the application of the ELAN law . In force since November 23, 2018, the Paris Airbnb mobility lease must absolutely be taken into consideration. Moreover, be aware that its application does not only concern the capital, but the entire French territory. As soon as a person is looking for short-term accommodation, that is to say with a duration of between 1 and 10 months, this type of procedure remains possible, provided that there is no renewal behind. .


If the tenant does not reach the duration of six months, there is always the possibility of making an amendment to the contract with the aim of terminating in accordance with the rules of the art. On the other hand, if the lease initially put in place was for a period of five months, an extension always remains possible, provided that it does not exceed the limit initially set at 10 months. In this specific case, renewal can only be done over a period of five months.

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Who are eligible for the mobility lease?

You should know that this type of lease is only aimed at very specific tenant profiles. For example, students wishing to continue their higher education, people on an internship or apprenticeship contract, but also people undergoing professional training. The two other exceptions concern people in voluntary commitment as part of civic service or in the process of professional transfer.


Are there specific conditions for setting up a mobility lease in Paris?

To publish a mobility lease ad in Paris, make sure that the accommodation meets all of the eligibility criteria. Obviously, you must only provide decent, furnished accommodation. For the conditions, you must provide the bedroom bedding, which obviously includes the pillows, blanket and duvet.


Also be vigilant when it comes to kitchen appliances. The tenant must have at his disposal a freezer, a refrigerator, a microwave and a hob. Likewise, remember to include all the kitchen utensils from the start. Then, the accommodation must have all the daily living furniture such as lights, chairs, a table and storage furniture. The last condition concerns maintenance equipment such as a vacuum cleaner, dust collector, mop and broom. The last point to watch out for is whether the accommodation will become the tenant's main residence.


A fully-equipped kitchen
A mobility lease requires a fully equipped kitchen

What are the specific characteristics of the mobility lease in Paris?

As part of a rental contract, specific information must be indicated. However, the mobility lease has certain particularities that must be taken into consideration. If you are not comfortable with the subject, we advise you to contact an agency specializing in mobility leases in Paris.


Broadly speaking, the traditional rental contract can be renewed as many times as necessary. This is a real contrast with the mobility lease, because it exclusively respects a duration of 10 months. Therefore, its implementation follows the rules of a classic furnished rental, but taking into account the imposed duration. At the end of the contract, the tenant must obviously give one month's notice before leaving the accommodation.


Also, don’t forget to factor in the security deposit. As an owner, this is common practice on a peaceful rental, but under no circumstances can you apply it to the mobility lease. You can simply request a deposit, but this remains strictly regulated by the VISALE system.


For the lessor, the latter does not have the right to put in place a solidarity clause from the moment the contract applies to a mobility lease.


What is the point of a mobility lease in Paris?

As an owner, it is in your interest to learn about the many advantages of a mobility lease in Paris. Firstly, the contract is established for a limited period and therefore it will be possible for you to have several tenants during the same calendar year. This rotation will be synonymous with profitability and therefore you will generate much greater income .


Do not see the mobility lease as a hindrance, but as a fantastic growth opportunity to respond to the constant influx of professionals and students. In Paris, demand is particularly strong and by setting up the mobility lease, you will have no trouble finding potential tenants.


With no security deposit, you may think this is a barrier. Rest assured, the majority of tenants are considered serious people looking for temporary accommodation for academic or professional reasons. Finally, the last interest concerns the omnipresent flexibility. As an owner, you will have no trouble adapting according to the specificities of the city and the seasonality. A very interesting feature to significantly increase your income.

A professional who works at home
The mobility lease is widely used by students and professionals arriving in Paris.


What is the link between the mobility lease and Airbnb?

Airbnb is today an essential platform for temporary rentals. It is a very useful platform for connecting tenants and professionals. The mobility lease is therefore not in opposition to the operation of the American giant. In fact, the very principle of operation is based on short-term stays. Therefore, you can perfectly use Airbnb between two commercial leases so as not to lose money.


It's an intelligent way to optimize your income, while remaining completely legal under the law. If you are not comfortable with the process, we advise you to contact a seasonal rental specialist. UpperKey will be your trusted partner by implementing personalized solutions that perfectly match your needs. From the start, you receive careful support to optimize the income from your property. Setting up a mobility lease will only be a simple formality, just like taking advantage of the immense potential of the Airbnb platform.

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