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Bluewaters Dubai Property Management

Bluewaters Dubai is one of the city’s man-made islands and is a feat of engineering. Tireless engineers and workers created it through land reclamation using sand harvested from the Arabian and Persian Gulf and millions of tons of rock. The island is now open to visitors and investors. Let’s look at what makes Bluewaters Islands so attractive to investors.

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Bluewaters Island is an attractive place to live due to how organized it is. It is divided into different zones, with the residential zone further divided into smaller zones for residential apartments, penthouses, and townhouses.

The 1, 2, 3, and 4-bedroom apartments are either for rent or sale, with many investors using them for Airbnb as many people want to visit the island to enjoy its attractions. All the properties have a 360-degree view of the Dubai skyline, Dubai Marina, Arabian Gulf, and Ain Dubai, and offer massive indoor and outdoor areas.

All of them are prime, modern houses that provide a unique experience that one would not get elsewhere. A property management company that understands Dubai like UpperKey can help you get the most out of your Bluewaters investment by providing professional property management services.

Other zones include residential, retail, and beach resort areas.

Trendy and Comfortable Living

Bluewaters Island has fully embraced all that Dubai has to offer despite being away from the center of the action. Residents have access to retail shops that they would find elsewhere in the city, swimming pools, gymnasiums, landscaped gardens, and children’s play areas.

All these amenities make this island perfect for small and growing families that want luxurious living or an Airbnb space without the hustle and bustle of the bigger and noisier city.

The island is also built so that a breeze passes between all the buildings, with the overhead canopies protecting residents and visitors from the Harsh Middle East sun.

Bluewaters Island
Bluewaters Island offers a serene escape with city-like amenities, perfect for families seeking luxury and tranquility.

Casinos and Hotels

Despite its small size, Bluewaters Island boasts two hotels that provide access to the quarter-mile beach. The first is Caesar's Palace which has 80 serviced apartments and 194 luxury rooms. The second is Caesar's Resort which has over 300 guest rooms.

Guests can also mingle and enjoy different delicacies at the Cove Beach Lounge and Gordon Ramsey’s Hell’s Kitchen.

Easy Access

Despite being an island, Bluewaters is very easy to access. It is close to the new Al Maktoum International Airport and the Dubai International Airport, both about 30 minutes away.

One can also reach the island by car, with the Burj Al Arab 12 minutes away, the Dubai Mall 18 minutes away, and Palm Jumeirah 10 minutes away. Its proximity to these areas and its easy access also makes it an easy alternative, especially for those who want to live right on the sea.

To reach the island, people take a dedicated link starting at Sheikh Zayed Road before crossing a bridge and tunnel. They end up behind the hotels and conference center located on the island. They can then park their cars right there because the island is small and organized enough that you can take a stroll through it without much trouble.

Amenities and Attractions

The main route into Bluewaters Island takes you to Bluewaters Wharf located at the bottom of the Ain Dubai. The plaza contains numerous cafes, restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues. To ensure you can find everything easily, the island’s developers placed some food and beverage outlets on the first floor of different buildings and some below residential buildings.

The Ain Dubai
Bluewaters Island's main route leads to Bluewaters Wharf, a bustling hub with cafes, shops, and entertainment.

Excellent Returns on Investment

Bluewaters Island attracts three million visitors annually. This many visitors means a high demand for short and long-term rental properties. Additionally, the island is near other more expensive areas, so people already expect property pricing to be around the same price.

All of these, with excellent views and attractions, mean the islands provide an excellent return on investment. There is also a massive advantage in that owners sell occasionally, and there are always numerous properties to rent. If you are considering renting a property and using it for Airbnb on the island, UpperKey can help you with its management.

The Ain Dubai

Besides the great views, modern apartments, retail shops, and excellent restaurants, many people come to Bluewaters to experience the wonder that is Ain Dubai. This is the largest observation wheel in the world that can occupy up to 1,750 passengers.

People come for the tall structure but stay for the excellent views of the Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, and Palm Jumeirah that they get at the top of the wheel.

Which Area Is Good For Investment In Dubai?

The best areas to invest in Dubai include Downtown Dubai, Dubai Marina, Sobha Hartland, Palm Jumeirah, International City, and Dubai Silicon Oasis.

Can I Airbnb My Rented Apartment In Dubai?

Yes, you can. However, you need the landlord’s permission. You also must Airbnb the whole unit, meaning you cannot live in it or share it with your guests.

Airbnb in Dubai
Airbnb is legal in Dubai, but requires specific licenses based on your status.

What Is Bluewater Island Dubai?

Bluewater is a man-made island off the coast of Dubai that is home to the Ain Dubai, the largest observation wheel in the world. It is divided into different areas for residential properties, leisure and entertainment, beach clubs, hotels, and retail properties.

How Many Apartments Are In Bluewaters?

Bluewaters has 10 mid-rise buildings with 698 apartments. The island also has 17 townhouses and 4 penthouses.

Is Airbnb Profitable In UAE?

Airbnb is very profitable in the UAE, with Dubai routinely named as the most profitable city for Airbnb in the world.

Are Airbnbs Legal In Dubai?

Yes, Airbnb is legal in Dubai. However, you need to get licenses from different government departments depending on whether you are an individual or corporate investor, or property owner. Individual owners must register their units as holiday homes, and they cannot manage more than 8.

Despite being a man-made island, Bluewaters Dubai has managed to cram amenities and attractions into a small space many cities can only dream of. It also offers visitors and residents a great living experience, is located favorable, and is easily accessible, all of which favor investors interested in properties on the island.

Property Management and Airbnb Concierge Services


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