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Maximize Your Returns: Expert Beachfront Property Management in Dubai

Updated: May 10

Dubai’s beaches are some of the most well-known worldwide. Though man-made, they are in no way disappointing and have exceptionally high attendance during each key season. Emaar Beachfront area is a top pick, and Upper Key explores what makes it such an attractive investment in the guide below. Read through our top benefits for property management here as well.

Property Management and Airbnb Concierge Services

The History

Emaar Beachfront, Dubai, is a specialist structure created to provide leisure opportunities and was first opened in 2017. Standing strong as an integral part of the wider Dubai Harbour project, it is one of the most intriguing areas to buy property in. In its entirety, it is around 900,000 square meters and it is one of the most impressive man-made infrastructure settings in the world. It has a prestigious company behind it, Emaar Properties, which is responsible for many of the stunning man-made island installations all around the city.

Investment Options: Beachfront Property

Beachfront property numbers are over 7,000 units strong. There is an eye-catching array of apartment complexes, luxurious villas, and townhouses too. Expect average costs of AED 900,000 for an apartment, depending on the square foot and number of bedrooms. For villas, the price can reach upwards of AED 10 million because the area is so popular and inspiring.

Beachfront Dubai
There are more than 7,000 beachfront properties, including apartments, villas, and townhouses, offering a diverse selection.

Things To Do Here

The Beachfront zone in Dubai has one of the most well-known and well-reviewed restaurants in the entire city, known as The Beach House. If you love seafood, it is a bucket list destination. Aside from the wonderful eating options, there is also the Dubai Marina Mall. Here, you will find hundreds of top brands and even more shopping opportunities than you could ever dream of. There are even cinemas and eateries within the mall, so the recreation factor is definitely A+.

The Future

The future of this area is still being developed. There will be more properties built into the existing structure, which aims to include skyrise apartment complexes and luxury installations. The transport system is still up and coming and will require more time to make it completely functional, but there are still good links to the rest of the city.

Beachfront Property Management Services: The Key Advantages

Beachfront property is prestigious and in high demand. UpperKey understands the nuances of the area and works in specific ways to keep up with the most relevant data, strategy, and implementation. All of this aims to maximize an investor’s returns and create a seamless tenant experience from start to finish. Here’s how we do it.

Property Management
Prestigious beachfront properties are in high demand, and UpperKey specializes in the area.

Focusing on Short and Long-Term Profits

The most important thing property investors need to see is a return on their capital downpayment. To do this, whether it is through Airbnb or another let model, there has to be a consideration for what the best strategy is. Premium properties require premium tactics, and UpperKey understands what it takes to get results.

Maintenance and Support

If you ever need support with a query or you have a major decision to make, we can help. Property management services are designed to make life easier for investors and owners so this is what we do. This covers key maintenance services for any short-term or long-term rental unit and also means we are here to communicate whenever you need it.

Local Knowledge

Local knowledge is more beneficial than first meets the eye. The fact is, you can’t own property without also investing in the overarching data of the area. Beachfront is both up-and-coming and well-established, with a high rate of tourism and residents across the space. The benefit of a team that understands exactly what’s going on, on the inside is extremely advantageous because it will ensure both the best rates for your property, but also ensure everything is up to speed in terms of regulations and compliance.

Where Is The Most Popular Airbnb Location in Dubai?

The most popular location in Dubai for Airbnb is any zone close to the main tourist attractions. People also love the Beachfront area, but places like Downtown Dubai see the highest volume of tourists coming and going.

Where is Airbnb most popular in Dubai?

The most popular areas of Dubai for Airbnb are:

· Dubai Marina

· Downtown Dubai

· Jumeirah Beach Residence

· Business Bay

How to Own an Airbnb in Dubai?

If you own a property in Dubai, you are eligible for the Airbnb platform. You must register in the correct place and not exceed the personal limit of eight properties. Anything over this limit must be registered as an LLC and is subject to different regulations.

Is It Legal to Use Airbnb in Dubai?

Airbnb is a legal operation in Dubai and has tens of thousands of properties in active operation. There are rules and regulations to follow, but Upper Key can help with that.

The top Airbnb spots in Dubai are areas near major tourist attractions.

Does Airbnb Require a Passport in Dubai?

Yes, there is a requirement for hosts to provide passport copies of each guest who stays every month. This can be uploaded through your online account, but it must be taken care of.

Where To Buy Property In Dubai 2024?

Dubai has an array of affluent areas that make it a hotspot for property investors. Any area close to the Burj Khalifa is a promising place to buy, and this includes Downtown Dubai, City Walk, Beachfront, and Business Bay.

How Much Is Airbnb Dubai Tourism Fee?

The tourism fee for the UAE is relevant in Dubai. Expect to collect AED 15 for a night stay in a deluxe room and AED 10 for a standard one.

Can You Make Money With Airbnb in Dubai?

Whether you own property and want to rent it out during a holiday or travel period, or you are an investor looking for a viable revenue opportunity, there is money to be made in Dubai through the Airbnb platform. A monthly rental in Business Bay could yield an average of AED 13,000 and one in Jumeirah Beach could be even more, around AED 15,000.

Beachfront Dubai is one area that sees a constant stream of tourists. It is well linked to the rest of the city and has enough on the doorstep to make it a viable investment for property purchasers. Upper Key will help you maximize the capacity for earnings and enhance the whole process through key strategies and expert input.

Property Management and Airbnb Concierge Services


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