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Mastering Airbnb Reviews: Essential Strategies for Stellar Ratings and Comments

Updated: May 16

Reviews are seen as social proof to increase traveler confidence in a property. The comments made are very useful for other members of the community. In this way, they are able to make an informed decision with additional precision about the potential stay.

Reviews provide valuable insights to help the community make informed decisions about their stay
Positive reviews serve as social proof, instilling confidence in potential travelers.

Is it possible to edit an Airbnb review?

Sometimes you will receive on the Airbnb platform, a unwarranted bad comment. You want to modify it, but you don't know if you are in your right. In general, the platform greatly limits the modification of comments once published. This is to preserve the impartiality and honesty of the opinions received.

Modifying an Airbnb comment is still possible within 14 days. When the notice has been transmitted as well as the other party respecting the period of 14 days, the publication remains automatic, without the slightest modification. The publication is made simultaneously to avoid any dispute.

Unfortunately, the owner is unable to edit a comment. The only recourse remains to contact Airbnb assistance, but it is not about modifying the content, but only about the gender pronoun that may have been used in the description of your Property. Thus, the Airbnb rating will be counted, even if you do not necessarily agree with the rating obtained.

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Introducing an Airbnb review template

You have rented your property as a seasonal rental and you are satisfied with the stay. Thus, a glowing comment is in order. For example: “I was pleasantly surprised by my tenant’s stay, because he completely cleaned the house. He followed all the instructions and was kind. He is a valuable guest for any owner and I highly recommend him.” Obviously, it's a positive comment when everything goes well.

You could leave a sample host comment less complimentary when the situation arises: “unfortunately, the accommodation was not in good condition at the end of the stay. No tidying up was done by the tenant and the latter did not take the time to clean the basic utensils. However, this information was clearly indicated in the welcome booklet. As a result, I had no choice but to hire an exterior cleaning service and replace the broken furniture. So, I absolutely do not recommend this traveler. »

Some Airbnb review ideas

When you want to leave a review for your tenant, focus on the quality of the stay. This is a process undertaken by the temporary traveler. Show yourself conscientious and invested in your work. If the comment has already been published, it will suffice to repeat the basic elements to provide a qualitative response. Your responsiveness remains exemplary and it's a good sign for others temporary tenants.

Even if you receive a bad review, we advise you to be professional. So you respond transparently by playing on clarity. If ever you are at fault, it is still important to recognize it. Take the criticisms one by one and respond with sincerity and honesty. It is good practice to thank your tenant by always remaining polite.

The importance of being transparent and polite in responses
Respond transparently and professionally to any negative reviews, acknowledging faults if necessary.

The importance of evaluating your guests at the end of their stay

Remember that you must respect the 14-day deadline to evaluate your guests. Don't worry, the comment will focus on very simple criteria such as the cleanliness of the premises, compliance with the Internal Rules and communication.

To avoid any oversights, Airbnb will systematically send you an e-mail and know that the process remains the same for the visitor. Just click on the message you receive to be directed to a dedicated page. On it, you indicate the note for the traveler, without forgetting to leave a comment.

If you had a problem with the temporary tenant, there is no point wasting time venting your anger or settling scores. Remember that the publications are visible to other travelers and your image should not be damaged. Even if you are disappointed with the experience, do not post virulent and especially not offensive comments.

Even if your guest does not show the same courtesy, you remain diplomatic in all circumstances. Emphasize the positive elements in relation to your experience and the elements that can be improved. Provide additional information on the traveler's recommendation, because again this is valuable information for other owners.

Review management with a trusted concierge

Managing a seasonal rental requires time and a keen sense of communication. Unfortunately, you could be overwhelmed by the many steps to take. This is where the UpperKey Concierge really comes into its own. You benefit from full management of advertisements, increased communication with travellers, but also processing of comments. As a bonus, you appreciate the maintenance of the property, the realization of the inventory and the management of linen. For more information, contact UpperKey right away.

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