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How do I Become an Airbnb Plus Host? Your Complete Guide

There are many benefits to becoming an Airbnb host, but even more when you move up the ranks and gain Airbnb Plus status. Faster and more consistent bookings plus a more credible profile are just some of the main perks, but before you can become a Plus host, your property must meet certain criteria. This is a guide to how to become an Airbnb Plus Host.

A gold key symbolizing the perks of Airbnb Plus Host status
Unlock the Perks of Airbnb Plus Host Status.

What is an Airbnb Plus Host?

A plus host has surpassed all the expectations of a Superhost and has something extra special to offer to potential guests. Any host on Airbnb must be the owner of the property and have all the required legal licenses too. If a host has exceeded standard practices and always goes above and beyond for their guests with their unique property on offer, Airbnb recognizes this by approving Plus status. The host then gets a badge for their profile which alerts potential bookers to their heightened status.

Representing uniqueness
Stand Out with Airbnb Plus Status - Your Unique Property Shines!

Airbnb Plus in San Francisco or Los Angeles can provide a big income

How to Become Airbnb Plus

To reach this level, you must first be registered on the platform, which is a process explained by UpperKey. Next, meet the listed criteria on the below checklist. There is an application process that must be vetted by an Airbnb representative. Next, they will conduct a property visit to see things with their own eyes and draw their conclusions. If they approve – you’re in!

Symbolizing the achievement of Airbnb Plus status
Reach New Heights - Elevate Your Hosting Journey with Airbnb Plus!

How to become Airbnb Plus in major cities

Checklist Airbnb Plus

The Airbnb Plus checklist for getting the Plus badge is somewhat open-ended. There are, however, certain unanimous factors that have to be present.

· A unique property

· Well thought out spaces

· Top class amenities

· Everything maintained to a high standard

· Exceptional customer service skills

Having all that in mind don`t forget you have to sell it wisely. Hire professional photographer who will show your interior design in best way on professional photos. Pay attention to detail like fast wifi and internet download speed. Remember of fully equipped kitchen with cooking and dining utensils.

An elegant property with top-notch amenities representing Airbnb Plus checklist
Stand Out with Airbnb Plus - Meeting the Criteria!

Plus listings | Get your premium support team

A Unique Property

So, what makes a property unique? Every home on this platform brings its own quirks and perks to the table, however, there are certain properties that stand out above the rest. Above all, to gain Plus status, hosts must display the following:

· An undeniable sense of warmth as soon as you see the front door.

· Well placed and matching comfortable furniture.

· No clutter whatsoever and intuitive storage options.

· A theme such as Harry Potter or London.

· Stunning décor aspects like framed pictures, mirrors, and throw pillows.

A key aspect of Airbnb Plus properties
Uniquely Charming - Airbnb Plus Properties with Distinct Themes!

Well Thought Out Spaces

A home that is well thought out will have a strong sense of continuity throughout the property. Each room will run smoothly and the decoration and smaller details will all feel in sync and not underwhelming. Everything has to be tasteful and carefully considered!

Showcasing seamless continuity in decoration and design
Seamless Elegance - Airbnb Plus Properties with Continuity and Careful Curation!

Great interior design | Airbnb plus

Top Class Amenities

This has to be true of every room on the property. There are room specific criteria listed below.

UpperKey property management blue banner


Private bathroom is a must. Any bathroom within the home must have at least both hot and cold water options. The shower has to be strong and withstand consistent usage, alongside being clean and properly maintained. Little things such as toilet rolls, soap, and other toiletries as hair dryer or other electronics need to be in an easy to find location and provided in ample supply for guests.

A chic and inviting private bathroom offering a perfect escape for guests
Pamper Yourself - A Private Bathroom Oasis at Your Airbnb Plus Stay!

Thoughtful design | Airbnb plus


The kitchen should have an oven with at least two hob rings to cook from. It doesn’t matter whether this is gas-powered or electric, it is just important that it is there. There has to be a fridge, preferably with the essentials like milk and butter, alongside any basic cooking equipment. Things like cutting board and knives that people wouldn’t take with them have to be well-placed alongside all the expected utensils, crockery, cutlery, and glassware. Remember to always have a paper towels. Make sure that the bin is in an easy to find place as well – and always provide bin liners!

A warm and inviting kitchen with a fully stocked fridge and well-organized cooking essentials
A Fully Equipped Kitchen - Cook and Dine with Ease at Your Airbnb Plus Stay.

Most important host requirements | Airbnb Plus


The bedroom space should be a tranquil nirvana of calm that nurtures optimum sleeping potential. Private room should be neat and unique. Beds must have bedding that fits correctly and is without stains or other tarnishes. Ensure the mattress is of a high standard too; it is one of the most common complaints on the platform. The correct number of pillows should be observed for each bed, and if there is a window make sure there are curtains for privacy no matter if it`s for single beds or bedroom bed.

Ensuring a restful night's sleep
A Peaceful Retreat - Your Private Bedroom Oasis in Your Airbnb Plus Stay.

Get more money from plus listing | Airbnb plus

Miscellaneous Features

All properties have to have a smoke alarm but to become a Plus host consider adding in a carbon monoxide monitor too. Extra bits and bobs such as:

· Basic food supplies like tea, coffee, and juice.

· Small kitchen appliances like microwaves, coffee machines, and mixers.

· Drinking water in the fridge.

· A television in the living space or bedroom.

· A solid and reliable internet connection.

· Central heating or air conditioning

Ensuring safety for guests
Safety First - All Plus Properties Equipped with Smoke Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Monitors.

Airbnb Superhost and Airbnb Superhost Status | Average rating

Everything Maintained to a High Standard

Keeping up to property maintenance is one the biggest challenges for any landlord, and Airbnb hosts are no exception. If any complaints are logged, they need to be resolved as soon as possible, and especially before the next guests take up residence on the property. Consider outsourcing this task list to an external service to maintain levels of professionalism throughout the property. Fix all the repairs, don’t ignore any red flag issues, and make sure everything that is used is replaced in good time. Things to watch out for include:

· Changing lightbulbs

· Removing refuse

· Vacuuming and dusting in small spaces

· Fix leaks immediately

· Touch up paintwork if any stains occur

· Locks on windows and doors

· Replacing batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide alarms on a regular basis

A hand replacing a lightbulb to maintain a well-lit space
Property Maintenance is Key - Addressing Repairs Promptly Ensures Guest Satisfaction.

Highest quality homes | Airbnb Plus

Aside from basic maintenance points, the property must also be super clean. Every single appliance on display or in use has to be cleaned after every stay by a professional cleaning service and the same is true of cupboards, doors, windows, surfaces, furniture, and bedding. There cannot be any stains or hair, which is especially relevant in properties that allow for pet residents as well. If any item in the house is getting old and shows signs of wear and tear, this will work against you as a host and it is important to replace or repair.

A sparkling clean kitchen and dining area after a professional cleaning
Spotless Cleanliness - Professional Cleaning Service Ensures Pristine Condition.

Exceptional Customer Service

Any host that wants to gain Plus ranking must be able to communicate well with their guests. To get good reviews, the host must be attentive and adhere to all local property laws or legislation. Guests will not be inclined to even write a review or rate a host if the stay was not memorable, therefore, it is the job of the host to make everything count every step of the way.

Top tips include:

· Clear check-in and checking out instructions with no room for misinterpretation. This includes instructions around getting and returning the key for the property, timings, and cleaning information.

· A contact email or phone number so that any issues can be resolved personally promptly. Answer all booking requests. Guest communication is a key

· A welcome basket for your guests to enjoy. Popular welcome basket items include tea and coffee, biscuits, local produce, and hand soap.

· Do what you say you’re going to do! Don’t make false promises and do not attend the property unless asked to by your guest.

· Speak kindly and clearly at all times. Rudeness is really easy to spot and can be inferred over text especially. All communication should be transparent and direct to avoid conflict.

Airbnb Plus Vs Superhost

An Airbnb SuperHost has not yet reached Plus status. They are more of a host who has proven themselves to be exemplary in the field, and they are the candidates who will be considered for moving up to the elite rankings. It is rare to find a Plus host that was not first a Super host, but the two are fairly similar on paper. A Super host will have great reviews, positive feedback, and exceptional properties in much the same way as a Plus host. Plus hosts just take this line of thinking a little step further.

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What are the Main Plus Host Benefits?

Being a Plus host on this platform sounds like a lot of work, and it is. However, there are some big perks that come with a higher status. The main highlights to take away are as follows.

1. Every Plus host receives a badge to place on their Airbnb profile which displays their status to anyone who browses their way.

2. Extra features on the actual presentation of your Airbnb profile can make it aesthetically more appealing to viewers and draw more people in.

3. Airbnb will send a photographer your way to take industry-standard photographs of your unique stay to put up on your profile. These are definitely preferable to the blurry shots taken on the phone of some hosts.

4. Constant, reliable support from Airbnb itself, in case you have a query that needs resolving. This is a step up from regular services for regular hosts.

5. More traffic driven to your profile specifically which means more potential bookings and a bigger exposure on the website to play with. The more your property is viewed, the more likely you are to get people staying in it, which in turn leads to a higher profit value overall.


It is easy to see why people would want to reach airbnb Plus program level in their Airbnb business venture. Being a regular host is fine, but reaching the higher status yields a more profitable output, and this is where UpperKey can help. Find your airbnb representative and get the Plus. Airbnb is waiting for you

A host shaking hands with an UpperKey representative, symbolizing partnership
Maximize Your Earnings with Airbnb Plus - Let UpperKey Guide You!

Airbnb Plus Program. Join Airbnb and Become Airbnb Plus Host

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