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The Airbnb Creation and Origins. How it all started? Learn the story

The name Bryan Chesky may not mean anything to you, but it certainly doesn't when it comes to the name Airbnb. As for the person mentioned above, it is no more and no less than the founder of the famous vacation rental company. Still at its helm as CEO, you will discover the incredible history of the platform.

Representing the incredible history of the platform
The Visionary Founder: The Incredible Journey of Airbnb's Bryan Chesky.

Airbnb: creation and origin

Airbnb story

It was in 2007 that the adventure was born, but the least we can say is that chance does things well. Initially, Bryan, accompanied by his friend Joe Gebbia, lived in shared accommodation in San Francisco. But in the fall of 2007, they encountered many financial difficulties because of an increase in their rent. However, they are just college students and at the moment their income is limited.

Then, Bryan is hired by a design agency while his roommate finds himself unemployed. Finances are becoming more and more complicated and they are desperately looking for a solution to keep their accommodation.

Symbolizing the start of the adventure
The Birth of Airbnb: Chance Meets Opportunity in 2007.

Alternative for hotel industry | Home sharing

At the same time, San Francisco is preparing to host a very large conference on industrial design. Faced with an event of such magnitude, the hotels are all full . Hotel industry is not ready? The two accomplices then decide to offer their modest accommodation for rent. It is a bed for one night with an inflatable mattress and includes breakfast.

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At first glance, the formula seems sketchy, but the success is there. Quickly, the accommodation accommodates three people and they manage to collect $1,000, allowing them to live much more easily and to make ends meet without too much worry. This in just a few weeks after launching this idea.

Nevertheless, the Airbnb creation is still far from the international octopus that you know today. One of their small business clients suggests that they develop this idea and improve the interface of their website.

Symbolizing financial relief for Bryan and Joe
From Sketchy Start to Instant Success: Airbnb's Early Triumph.

Rewiev system is one of the most important Airbnb features

The client knows what she is talking about, because she remains specialized in the Web. He therefore decides to call on Nathan Blecharczyk, a person recognized for his notoriety having graduated from Harvard University.

His speciality ? Web usability, but he's also a former roommate of Bryan's. Seduced by the idea, the specialist decides to join the adventure and bring his specialization and skills.

The official creation of Airbnb in August 2008

Gradually, the company specialized and was officially born in August 2008. From now on, when you wish to rent a room, a house or an apartment to an individual, it will be very easy for you to do so through the Airbnb platform.

Representing the official establishment of the platform in August 2008
Airbnb: Officially Established in August 2008, Your Go-To Platform for Individual Rentals.

Vacation rentals | Short term rentals

In this period, Bryan takes care of the financial part and he is responsible for the strategy of the company. Nathan is concerned with the technological part and Joe with the design. The objective is then very clear, to offer an interesting alternative to hotels by developing a competitive platform.

But it is true that on paper, this implementation is not easy, because the big hotel chains do not intend to let it go.

Many criticisms emerge, but that does not discourage the friends who decide to continue in the same direction.

Representing their determination
Strategy, Technology, and Design: Airbnb's Focused Approach for Hotel Alternatives.

Extra money as airbnb hosts | hotel rooms alternatives

But very quickly, they will come up against an economic reality and they decide to sell cereals boxes. However, it is not a question of coming to compete with the behemoths of the sector nor of making it a primary activity. These are cereals with the effigies of important political figures of the time, namely John McCain and Barack Obama. As the cereal rolls around, both politicians are still campaign candidates.

Success is there and in just two months, no less than 800 boxes have been sold for a value of $40 each.

This allows them to meet Paul Graham, co-founder of the Y-Combinator incubator. Initially, he did not seem attracted by their seasonal rental offer and he did not wish to give a favorable response. But faced with the perspicacity of the young entrepreneurs and seeing that they had managed to sell cereal boxes of cereal at $40, he decided to trust them and offered them $20,000 in financing.

This financial assistance will be welcome, allowing the founders of Airbnb to improve their offer and become much more competitive with the large hotel chains. They therefore had the idea of calling on professional photographers so that the properties offered were clearly highlighted and to inspire.

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The name

Although initially the platform was called airbeandbreakfast, it radically changed to be known by the same name as today, namely Airbnb.

The various modifications made and the change of name paid off, because at that time the turnover literally exploded.

Symbolizing its explosive turnover growth
The Transformational Success: How Airbnb's Changes Sparked Explosive Growth.

The Incredible Success of Airbnb

In 2011, the platform has experienced rapid development since its creation. But it does not yet cover all the continents and although it initially focused on the city of San Francisco, it is gradually arriving in major American cities.

Representing its expanding presence
Rapid Growth: Airbnb's Journey to Expansion Since 2011.

1 billion success | short term rents

Creation of Airbnb

It was during this same year that the creation of Airbnb was born in New York, then in Hamburg and London. New York is considered one of the largest airbnb markets. A major event, because Airbnb is beginning to benefit from international notoriety. His development continued in Paris, Milan and then arrived in Barcelona the following year.

Representing its significance in the company's growth
New York: A Pivotal Market in Airbnb's Worldwide Journey.

Biggest airbnb listings | Shared spaces in NY

Even Cuba entered the Airbnb platform in 2015.


The milestone of 10 million overnight stays was exceeded in June 2018. In order to maintain its lead in seasonal rentals, Airbnb is developing specific insurance to further cover owners against possible damage.

Today, it is an international platform on which you can rely when looking for one or more nights , or even several months .

The figures are staggering with a market capitalization reaching 100 billion dollars. Dizzying and dazzling growth when you know how Airbnb was created and how its value has exploded in just 15 years.

A diversified offer

Since the creation of Airbnb, the offer has constantly evolved in order to meet the needs of both owners and renters. Nowadays, it is a very attractive alternative to traditional hotels. But this does not mean that Airbnb is resting on its laurels, because the company wants to evolve and take advantage of its notoriety.

Consequently, it plans to develop its offer both on the Internet and through its Smartphone application.

Representing its appeal as an alternative
Evolving with You: Airbnb's Constantly Expanding Offer.

Airbnb community | hospitality industry

The experiences tab

From now on, you can find the "experiences" tab allowing you to share plans to carry out sports activities such as surfing, hiking or even paragliding.

Thanks to the "restaurants" tab, you have a selection of establishments in which you will be able to treat yourself. For the next few years, additional features should also emerge, offering a unique experience to each user.

What is behind the Airbnb success

So since the creation of Airbnb and its advent a few years later, innovations have always been placed in such a way as to promote the user experience and this is certainly what explains the success of the platform.

So if you are looking to rent your main residence or your secondary residence, do not hesitate to immediately test the Airbnb platform. Same scenario if you want to move to another city and you are looking for a property for a few nights.

Is there an alternative to Airbnb?

UpperKey - unique support, unlimited freedom

Although Airbnb is essential, it is not the only solution to rent a property or to find one. Other competing sites have also emerged, including concierge services. This is the case with the UpperKey company, offering great freedom to its users thanks to unique support.

In this case, you do not have to worry about the various administrative procedures, writing an ad or managing the tenant, because the UpperKey platform takes care of everything . It is therefore a particularly interesting service that will use the best seasonal rental sites, in complete transparency and in complete peace of mind.

Emphasizing UpperKey's unique rental management approach
All-In-One Solution: UpperKey's Comprehensive Support for Property Owners.

Air bed and breakfast alternatives? UpperKey

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