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The Right Way to Respond to a Negative Airbnb Review

When you own a rental property on Airbnb, you want to offer the best service. A perfectly normal feeling, but you might be faced with a negative Airbnb review. Unfortunately, many hosts have already found themselves in this situation and it is important to respond to it in the right way. Even if nervousness is your main feeling, do not let yourself be overwhelmed by emotions and take the opportunity to turn the comment to your advantage.

Using negative reviews as a chance to showcase your dedication to guest satisfaction
Turning negative reviews into opportunities for improvement.

Respond to a negative review without taking it as a personal attack

Before rushing to your keyboard in response to a negative review, take a step back and don't see this comment as a personal attack. This criticism is certainly present to improve the rental of your accommodation and you must take the time necessary to analyze it. Put yourself in the tenant's shoes to understand their remarks and do what is necessary to improve your rental.

Indeed, a negative opinion must be constructive and it is a basis that will be of great use to you in order to improve. Even if the review is hard, it will definitely get you a better rating next time. It is by learning from your mistakes that you correct the elements that are not in line with the expectations of the tenants. So, as a template for responding to a negative review, start by thanking the person for taking the time to leave that review. Then, you tell him that you take him into consideration to offer the best hosting experience.

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Never send a response to a negative Airbnb review in anger

In the face of a less than glowing review, it is often difficult to maintain your composure. A difficult situation to live with when criticism appears in the first reviews of your vacation rental. Before rushing into responding to a negative review, let your anger cool down. If you reply immediately, your comment will certainly come across as cold.

This is why the platform gives you time to respond within 14 days. Wait 24-48 hours to think about the right formulation. However, don't wait too long either, as your tenants may feel left out.

Imagine the need to respond to a positive comment. You will certainly find different and complimentary formulations. So why not use exactly the same base. If you don't know how to respond to a negative review, it's a very interesting approach and above all one that will bear fruit.

Being able to recognize your mistakes

On Airbnb as in the majority of cases, it is better to admit your wrongs. In your comment, it is useless to multiply the excuses, it is enough to do it only once. But with respect and by putting the forms in it. Even if the comment seems absurd to you, be understanding, because your answer will have a direct impact on your reputation as a host.

An example of a negative review could result in a derogatory remark about the noise in your neighborhood. For your part, here is an Airbnb negative opinion response as an example: “I am sorry to hear that the neighborhood is not to your liking, because it is too noisy. I also regret that your overnight stay did not take place in optimal conditions. However, my apartment is in a central area with plenty of bars nearby as advertised. For future bookings, I will clearly state the vibe of the neighborhood to avoid disappointment. Thanks again for your constructive feedback.

The response to a negative review with an example of resolution

It's always easier to respond on Airbnb with a positive review. Unfortunately, you can't always choose the feedback you receive. As seen above, don't simply reply that you're sorry, but offer concrete solutions in order to solve the problem. Let your interviewer know that you understand this and that you will do what is necessary for the next guests.

That way, they won't have the same problem, because you've taken care of it. For example, if a tenant complains about a possible malfunction preventing them from using hot water, let them know that you immediately corrected the problem and that the hot water is now operational. You could also go further by indicating that a professional made the trip, resulting in the replacement of a defective part.

Providing reassurance and demonstrating professionalism
Taking immediate action to address guest concerns

Be precise and polite in all circumstances

If you are looking for an example of a response from a positive or negative customer review, you will systematically find the same expressions of politeness. Otherwise, the situation is likely to get worse and unfortunately to have a bad reputation. Keep in mind that all your answers will be visible to the whole world and therefore to potential tenants.

Admittedly, it is a business, but seasonal rental management requires discipline and restraint. So be professional and respectful. In this way, you convey a positive image, that is to say that of a host who listens to his tenants.

Conclude your answer systematically with a positive note

Once you have taken the time to reply to the comment, do not forget the traditional polite formula. You thank the renter for their feedback and let them know that you respect their honest feedback. Finally, specify that everything necessary has been done to make the experience unique and pleasant.

Even if the experience of a negative opinion is not to your liking, it is often a compulsory passage so that you can improve. On the other hand, if you accumulate bad grades, it is certainly not the result of chance. On the contrary, these are worrying signs that should alert you. With the accumulation of negative remarks, your ranking will be directly affected and therefore your property will not appear in the first search results.

Rather than suffer the situation, take all negative comments into consideration and do what is necessary. You will get better grades afterwards in order to optimize your occupancy rate on the Airbnb platform.

How do I delegate the management of negative reviews on Airbnb?

If you find that you have many shortcomings in the seasonal rental or if you do not have the time to answer your tenants, why not entrust this work directly to a concierge. UpperKey is at your side and all situations will be handled with professionalism and speed.

It all starts at the time of setting up your ad and in its overall management to satisfy all customers. With a better rating and a better experience, you increase your profitability and your occupancy rate.

From the outset, the support is absolutely complete so that you can benefit from efficient management. You will regularly receive your rental income, without any intervention on your part. If ever negative reviews are left by tenants, the UpperKey Concierge does what is necessary to take them into consideration.

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