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Mastering Airbnb: Key Strategies for Earning Positive Reviews in Japan

Updated: May 16

As you probably know, Airbnb traveler rating is particularly important. Accumulating positive reviews will give you a better reputation and therefore optimize your investment. It is therefore essential to provide the best possible service to your seasonal tenants, but also by being vigilant about the reviews you may receive.

Provide exceptional service to seasonal tenants for glowing feedback
Accumulate positive reviews to enhance your reputation and optimize your property investment.

How to write a positive Airbnb review?

You've embraced the right rental rules, but now you're looking at how to write a positive review. First, it's important to be honest and friendly. Also, don't hesitate to mention your name and describe the arrival at the Airbnb property. Calmly and accurately, you describe what you liked and why not suggest some improvements. Be concise in your sentences, to avoid writing a novel.

In any case, it is essential to be respectful and polite. If you have ever encountered a problem, even a small one, give clear explanations, because in some cases the owner may have nothing to do with it.

An example of a positive Airbnb host review

As a host, you should be interested in the rules of renting, but also post a positive review when a traveler reviews you. Always start your sentence by addressing the person you're talking to. It's a form of personalization that's especially appreciated. Thank them for their feedback, regardless of whether it is positive or negative. If they took the time to leave you a message, it is a sign of respect and you should do the same.

Regarding the positive points of the comment, insist on them by thanking them once again. If they suggest any improvements, don't hesitate to take them into account, because these remarks are certainly judicious and by applying them, you reinforce the positive experience of your accommodation. If the comment is negative, there is no need to be insulting or disrespectful.

On the contrary, it is important to raise the bar and make your case based on facts. Be aware that a bad review is always a possibility, but this should not affect your qualities, especially if you have already accumulated a lot of positive reviews., The seasonal tenant may have had a bad experience because of some unwelcome circumstances. If this is the case, don't hesitate to explain the situation and resolve it quickly.

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The right way to respond to a negative review on Airbnb

If you have an offensive message or one that points a finger directly at your accommodation, it's important not to escalate the situation. Take the time to respond calmly even if it's a harsh comment. Sometimes a traveler may not be satisfied with your stay because of certain rules that may have been overlooked. In any case, don't leave the negative comment without any response from you.

If you are angry or emotional, give yourself a few hours to think it over. This way, you will avoid going overboard and you will be able to put forward concrete arguments.

Don't start your commentary by questioning the seasonal renter's comments without a single argument. Use concrete facts, such as a recent renovation with a good cleaning service.

Avoid taking out your frustration in the comments, even if the comment is very negative.

If the negative comments are recurrent and systematically insist on the same elements, you will have to question yourself, because it is possible that the criticism is constructive. In this case, take a look at your property to see if it is constructive.

In the event of a negative comment, here's what you can say in response:

"Hello Sir or Madam, we thank you for your experience in our apartment. You are right to draw my attention to this element and I will work to improve it for future rentals. It is with pleasure that I will welcome you again, I wish you a good continuation on the platform."

As you have just seen, this is a fairly neutral comment, which will not aggravate the situation and will allow you to move forward serenely on the subject. Furthermore, the simple fact of providing a response shows that you are a responsive person.

Example of a positive comment you could receive on the Airbnb platform

Rest assured, if you are a thorough person, you will accumulate more positive feedback. You are a thoughtful person and you have taken the time to mature your real estate investment. Again, you will need to focus on excellent communication by being responsive, reliable and professional. If you're looking for an example of a positive host review, here's what you might say:

"Thank you sir or madam for your review. We appreciate your positive feedback on our accommodation. It is true that our ideal location, the quietness of the neighborhood and the cleanliness of our apartment are excellent arguments."

No need to elaborate further, you have done the necessary by responding to the comments and being respectful.

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What is the advantage of using a concierge service?

You want to get the best possible return on your vacation rentals. Therefore, it is imperative to have an excellent reputation and this is achieved by accumulating positive comments. However, a lack of knowledge on your part could lead to a deterioration of the situation.

It is in this sense that a concierge service makes sense and you will be able to choose the Upperkey provider. Indeed, they are professionals who are used to seasonal rentals and who have a perfect knowledge of the importance of online reputation both in the accommodation and tourism sectors.

As a result, Upperkey Concierge will make sure to establish the best possible relationship with your travelers. This way, your stay will be as smooth as possible, because everything will have been organized by the professional agency, but so will the management of the comments.

For you, it's one less thing to worry about by relying solely on a trusted concierge.

Experience worry-free success with a trusted concierge service
Enhance your vacation rental journey with Upperkey Concierge!

Never overlook the importance of Airbnb reviews

Many people regularly check reviews of an accommodation before booking it. If unfortunately negative reviews pile up, it's a bad signal you're sending to your potential renters. They will gladly switch to the competition, especially if the reviews are positive.

So to put all the chances on your side, without wasting time, delegate the management of your Airbnb property directly to a concierge service worthy of the name.


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