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Why Should You Consider Renting Your Property on Airbnb in Bordeaux?

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

An Airbnb Bordeaux in France will allow you to generate income extremely easily. Indeed, the city benefits from a strong tourist attraction, but it is also a popular place at any time of the year. So, if you want to generate rental income without the slightest effort, go to a concierge capable of managing your property in Bordeaux.

View of Bordeaux
Bordeaux is a growing French city with lots of Airbnb rental potential

Why is Bordeaux a favorite destination?

Bordeaux enjoys a very special appeal to students, Parisians and senior executives alike. The capital of Aquitaine regularly tops the real estate rankings and more particularly on the rental market. The rental demand is particularly strong there and therefore it is in your interest to make an investment in the sector.

Not in traditional real estate, but by choosing the Airbnb platform. Indeed, Bordeaux is a real tertiary and financial center bringing together many companies from New Aquitaine. As a result, there are always occasional employees who need accommodation for a night or for a few days. Local authorities carry out numerous fundraisers to develop infrastructure and encourage the growth of innovative businesses.

It is a real pool of occasional travelers looking for temporary accommodation. It is also a student city and thousands of people are expected each year in this context. Faced with this potential, Airbnb rentals offering good value for money are immediately popular with temporary travelers. Especially small surfaces when the property is located in the city center.


How to rent your main residence in Airbnb in Bordeaux?

When you occupy a home for at least eight months a year, it is then considered a main residence. Whether you own or rent, you have every right to rent your accommodation. Of course, specific legislation exists and it is imperative to respect it to the letter. If you're a landlord, make sure the condo rules allow Airbnb rentals.

When you are a tenant, you must ask your landlord for permission in writing. In addition, the amount of the sub-rent cannot exceed your current amount for rent. Finally, remember that it is forbidden to rent social housing.

Some specificities concerning the regulations of accommodation in Bordeaux

Renting an Airbnb in Bordeaux tells you that renting a main residence is still possible, provided you do not exceed the ceiling of 120 days per year. Moreover, the rule has been tightened since January 1, 2019. When you exceed this limit, the platform automatically suspends the ad, without any intervention on your part. Once you reach the limit, travelers no longer have the option of renting your property. Each calendar year, the counter is reset and the rental continues.

Do not forget to take the steps with the town hall of Bordeaux

As in many other French cities, a prior declaration is required at the town hall. Bordeaux is no exception to this exception and you must take this step before starting the seasonal rental. Rest assured, the process remains simple, but it is important not to neglect it. A declaration is made by creating a host account from the site of the town hall of Bordeaux.

Then, you will receive a registration number that must be indicated on your Airbnb ad. If in doubt, contact the municipality for additional information.

Woman writing on paper
If you want to start renting on Airbnb, you need to consider the paperwork

How to rent a second home in Airbnb in Bordeaux?

Using the definition of a main dwelling, it is enough to have a property that you occupy less than eight months a year for your dwelling to be transformed into a secondary residence. Once again, particular specificities exist on the seasonal rental of this type of residence.

Once again, it is impossible to ignore the declaration of housing with the Bordeaux municipality. It is a question of being in total adequacy with the legislation in force. So, you create your hosting account from the site of the town hall of Bordeaux.

But a request for authorization must also be made for a change of use. This is another specificity of seasonal rental on Airbnb. Once again, the right approach is to get closer to the town hall of Bordeaux. Your second home must be declared from residential to commercial use.

This change is not without consequences, because it means that it will be impossible for you to sign a traditional lease. Compensation applies to maintain the housing supply. According to Bordeaux regulations, when you modify an accommodation into furnished accommodation, a concomitant transformation of a second room must take place when the latter was not initially an accommodation. In addition, the compensation must be done in a similar area.

Set up a mobility lease in Bordeaux for an Airbnb.

The ELAN law was implemented in 2019 and it offers the possibility of using the mobility lease. A particularly interesting feature for the seasonal rental of a second home. The particularity is based on being subject to Airbnb regulations. To put it simply, you avoid many administrative procedures in relation to the locality of the property.

As a result, there is no need to waste time managing the change of use of the accommodation. In return, you meet certain criteria such as the ceiling on rents. The reception of travelers remains only possible within the framework of professional mobility. For example, employees on the move or students on internships. Impossible to rent for less than a month and you cannot keep the same tenant for more than 10 months.

Bordeaux: an attractive city

The seasonal rental will be much more profitable than the traditional rental. Indeed, Bordeaux enjoys an excellent reputation and many holidaymakers will be interested in your property when it is sufficiently highlighted.

Of course, competition is fierce and it is necessary to define an attractive price and provide additional equipment for the satisfaction of occasional travelers. Do not neglect the decoration and the general layout either to put the odds on your side.

People dining at a restaurant
Bordeaux is a very attractive destination for travelers which creates a strong demand

How to easily manage the seasonal rental of an Airbnb in Bordeaux?

As you have just seen, certain administrative procedures are absolutely mandatory. But these are specificities to respect if you wish to move towards seasonal rental in Bordeaux. But do not forget that there are other constraints to highlight your property. Not only should you post professional photos, but also a perfectly coherent description. Never neglect interactions with potential tenants, as it is a time-consuming task.

However, there is no need to give up on your project, but rather to consider collaborating with a seasonal rental specialist. UpperKey is a concierge service offering you an all-in-one management service. All you have to do is hand over the keys to your property and all the administrative, technical, legal and tax procedures will be handled with absolutely remarkable meticulousness.

UpperKey takes the time necessary to create your rental ad with optimization based on its experience. The distribution is obviously carried out on the Airbnb platform, but also on other specialized media in the field. No need to intervene for communication with travelers, UpperKey takes care of everything. This is also the same observation for the reception and departure of travelers. Between each passage, the complete cleaning will of course be carried out.

A seven-day-a-week maintenance service is available and it is a great help in satisfying tenants. In case of degradation, UpperKey once again does what is necessary. For your peace of mind, contact this service and immediately request your quote, as well as additional information.



Determine your property's rental value with UpperKey as your tenant

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