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Everything you Need to Know About the Abritel Homeaway Service

The Abritel site is absolutely essential when it comes to seasonal rentals between individuals. In France, it is the leader in the vacation rental sector. This success can be explained by the experience of the HomeAway group, which gave birth to the French subsidiary Abritel. continues to be recognized globally as the world's leading vacation rental company.

Indeed, the platform remains present in 190 countries with an offer of more than 2 million accommodations ranging from villas with swimming pools to traditional studios. So, by using an Abritel account, you benefit from optimal visibility and the reputation of the brand.

Benefit from using an Abritel account to gain visibility and leverage the reputable brand's credibility
Global recognition and diverse offerings.

How does Abritel work for a landlord?

Before you start opening an Abritel customer account, some information is crucial. The billing system is radically different compared to other specialized rental platforms like Airbnb. Indeed, you will be asked to choose a formula in order to put your property online.

That is to say a flat-rate subscription whose pricing will be directly dependent on the duration of publication of your ad. At a minimum, it will be visible for three months and in this case you must pay 99 € including tax. Otherwise, you choose a publication period of 12 months and in this case you are billed 249 € including tax.

However, HomeAway owners will be able to post an ad for free. If you choose this option, a commission will be taken directly when a booking takes place on your ad. Finally, you will find a billing method similar to the Airbnb platform.

If you want to optimize your occupancy rate, it is sometimes wise to multiply seasonal rental platforms. However, it is a job that requires more time and a schedule that is necessarily adapted.

How to register on Abritel as an owner?

Now you know how the platform works and therefore if you want to generate income through your property, it is imperative to register. To do this, you need an Abritel owner space that you will create for free. You will be asked to choose a valid email address and password.

Then, let yourself be guided by the ergonomic interface by adding your property, being specific about the benefits of it. That is to say the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, but also the address. It is important to confirm the location and take the time necessary to write an attractive ad. Photos are also crucial, as they are the first visual elements that potential tenants will see.

The main photo should give an overview of the accommodation, but also create interest. If you have an original property, it is important that this characteristic is highlighted. If necessary, hire a specialized photographer. If, on the other hand, you provide poor quality images, the trust of potential customers will be called into question.

Abritel insists on the importance of the description with this time a highlighting of the amenities and particularities. Long paragraphs are not helpful, go straight to the point so that the potential tenant easily identifies the key elements.

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How is a reservation made on Abritel?

When the tenant wishes to make the reservation of your accommodation, he will ensure that the reservation is in line with his schedule. When the dates match, he selects his arrival and departure date. But it also specifies the number of adults and children.

Then, he makes his reservation by indicating his contact details and leaving you a message. The interested renter registers this payment information and the reservation is made.

As you can see, the process remains extremely simple and the platform acts as an intermediary between you and the tenant. Sometimes, the person asks for additional information on the specifics of the accommodation. In this context, be responsive to avoid losing the reservation.

How do I receive a HomeAway payment?

You have created your owner account on the Abritel fr website. You have taken the time to write an ad and you find your first tenants. To receive payments, it is important to configure the conditions. For example, you choose to receive payment in full or at the time of booking.

Another possibility is to pay for the reservation in two or three instalments. Depending on the methodology chosen, the payment configuration will not be the same. Let’s take the example of the full payment of the reservation. Log in to your account and click on the corresponding ad. At the top left you will find the calendar icon and you select the rates using the drop-down menu. In the price settings, go to the “payment terms” section.

Then you select full payment. If, on the other hand, you prefer payment in several instalments, all you have to do is select this option. As you can see, the Abritel owner payment remains flexible according to your preferences.

The importance of HomeAway reviews

To increase your occupancy rate, it is important to accumulate positive reviews. This way, your ad gets better visibility and you are likely to find customers more easily. Each tenant has the possibility to rate the property within 365 days after payment.

This is a notable difference compared to its competitors like Airbnb which only allows 14 days to leave a comment. A negative Abritel review is still possible, but if you accumulate them, you will get a bad reputation. As a result, you will experience the greatest difficulties in renting your property.

The importance of positive reviews for increasing occupancy
Accumulate positive reviews on Abritel for better visibility and increased chances of finding customers easily.

Why choose Abritel for vacation rentals?

Abritel has an excellent reputation and it is a secure platform like Airbnb. However, its audience is intended to be slightly older, consisting of both professionals and families. These are people who regularly make reservations in advance and for longer stays.

By choosing the Abritel platform, you benefit from worldwide visibility. A situation explained by the international reputation of HomeAway. In addition, many partner sites exist through the platform, once again guaranteeing you optimal visibility.

Flexibility is still required by adjusting the dates during which you wish to rent out your property. Taxes and service charges are directly included in the formula and you have no additional costs when you multiply the reservations.

Why entrust the rental of your Abritel course to our UpperKey concierge?

If you own a property, it is interesting to rent it out on multiple platforms and in particular on Abritel. It is very easy to publish an ad, but its optimization remains the work of professionals. It is in this sense that our UpperKey concierge service is absolutely essential, because we have solid experience in the field.

Thanks to our presence, you benefit from tailor-made support. In addition, no worries about reservations and tenants. We manage all aspects of seasonal rental and therefore your participation is no longer required. We make sure to optimize your occupancy rate and you will receive your generated income at regular intervals.

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