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Why Choose the Airbnb Mobility Lease?

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

The mobility lease appeared in 2018 as part of the Airbnb law. This is a monthly rental contract with a minimum duration of 30 days and a maximum duration of 10 months. The objective is based on the ease of access to housing for people on the move.

The concept of the mobility lease, a monthly rental contract offering flexibility for people on the move, as part of the Airbnb law
he mobility lease, introduced in 2018, offers a monthly rental contract with flexibility for people on the move.

What is the definition of an Airbnb mobility lease?

The Airbnb mobility lease remains particularly interesting for owners and tenants in a very specific situation. In other words, it is a rental contract, but with a limited duration. Society is changing and the needs of tenants are not always the same. As a result, temporary rentals are becoming essential and particularly popular with travelers and millennials.

This is why adjustments to the rental have been made on French territory and in particular on Airbnb and rental long-term. Of course, you are obliged to specify this specificity in your ad.

Which travelers are affected by a month-to-month Airbnb?

If you're looking for an Airbnb with monthly rental, the mobility lease will certainly meet your needs. By definition, it is a temporary contract, binding two people. That is, the landlord and the tenant. Ideal for an average rental over the duration of an apartment, provided that the tenant meets very specific requirements.

For example, he will have to prove that he is in professional training at the time of signing the lease, is in higher education, is on an apprenticeship contract, is on an internship, is undergoing a professional transfer or is following a voluntary commitment as part of a a civic service.

An Airbnb mobility lease will be valid for at least one month, without the possibility of exceeding the 10-month limit. In addition, the lease remains renewable, but unfortunately not renewable. In other words, when you reach 10 months of rental, you have no choice but to find another tenant.

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Some additional specifics to know for an Airbnb monthly rental

The Airbnb monthly rental is mainly aimed at temporary workers, professionals in the process of transfer, seasonal workers and of course professionals on professional mobility. But that's not all, medium-term apartment rental remains very advantageous for students in training, internships, apprenticeship contracts or engaging in civic service. In all cases, the tenant must be in one of the conditions mentioned above at the time of setting up the mobility lease.

Please note, there are no particular restrictions for an Airbnb secondary residence or main residence. But it is imperatively a furnished and obviously decent accommodation. The mobility lease automatically excludes HLMs. In order to welcome tenants in the best conditions for long-term Airbnb accommodation, it will be necessary to invest in minimal equipment.

Namely bedding with suitable duvets, a hob, microwave or oven, refrigerator, appropriate crockery and all kitchen utensils. Without forgetting the installation of a curtain or a shutter in the rooms, a table with seats, all the storage shelves, household maintenance equipment as well as the light fixtures.

The mobility lease also evokes the decency of the apartment or house. Thus, the tenant will be in the best conditions to properly appreciate his property during the rental period.

Suitable for Airbnb monthly rentals for temporary workers and students
Airbnb's mobility lease is ideal for temporary workers, professionals on the move, and students in training or internships.

Why is the mobility lease interesting for Airbnb owners?

If you own a property geared towards rentals with a mobility lease, you benefit from an exemption from housing tax. To use this device, contact the tax authorities immediately to complete all the appropriate documents.

The contract remains synonymous with flexibility, because the accommodation remains in personal use. It is a real opposition with the classic lease and therefore you will be able to dispose of your accommodation according to the defined periods.

As explained in the previous paragraph, you cannot go beyond the 10-month limit. But there is a specific case allowing the renewal of the mobility lease. Imagine that the initial contract is for a period of six months. At the time of signing, the tenant thought he had sufficient time of five months. But in this very specific context, a renewal of one month will be granted. An obviously appreciable flexibility.

Is the mobility lease concerned by the limit of 120 days per year?

You've probably heard of the 120 day per year limit. Quite restrictive legislation, especially in large cities. However, you are obliged to respect it, whether in the context of a seasonal rental on your own or by using the services of the Airbnb platform.

But with the mobility lease, you are not affected by this restrictive legislation. As a result, you generate a higher rental return over the long term. Of course, you respect the specific conditions of the mobility lease, namely a minimum of 30 nights, without the possibility of exceeding 10 consecutive months. But over a year, you are within your rights to set up two leases for a period of six months.

You determine the rental price yourself

When you are in an area that is not subject to rent control, you define the rental amount. However, tense areas must respect a price range in line with the prefectural decree put in place. Even if the rental is done through the mobility lease, it is impossible to ignore this legislative measure.

Therefore, if you have an apartment in the French capital, you respect this measure, implemented since July 1, 2019. If you are not necessarily comfortable with the legislative restrictions and the many administrative measures, why not entrust your property to a specialist? Specifically at UpperKey Concierge, able to manage the mobility lease, without any intervention on your part.

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