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Why an Airbnb Dubai Is Ideal for Your Next Holiday

If you are hoping to jet off to Dubai for your next holiday, it is well worth searching for some Airbnb accommodation for your stay there. If you are wondering whether Airbnb is available in Dubai, since 2016 it is now legal to rent out property through Airbnb in Dubai, making it an ideal way to stay in and explore a city that has so much to offer. Find one that is managed through UpperKey and you will feel like you are in safe hands.

Dubai is a beautiful tourist destination for travellers.

Variety of Accommodation

There is a wide variety of accommodation available in Dubai through Airbnb, with properties ranging from luxury condos with shared pools, gyms and rooftop terraces, to beachfront pads on the shimmering shores. Even the minimalist Airbnb Dubai apartments are big enough to fit the whole family. So, whatever it is you are looking for out of a holiday, or whoever you are travelling with, there is something for everyone. If you are travelling as a couple, perhaps a luxury apartment is more your thing, but if you are travelling with younger children you may want to be closer to the beach. But by choosing a Dubai Airbnb you are gaining more privacy over staying in a hotel, and if you have younger children with you on holiday then you are also benefitting from having more space.

It is possible to find something to suit all budgets too. If you are staying with extended family, then renting out a larger house or apartment together is going to work out cheaper than staying in a hotel. By being in self-catering accommodation, you can also save by not having to eat out at a restaurant for every meal. You can shop at local markets and try your hand at cooking up some of the local cuisine yourself.

Live Like a Local

There are lots of areas to stay in when holidaying in Dubai. You could even choose to do a multi-stay, picking a couple of Airbnb’s in different areas to try, especially if you are there for a while. This is easy to do if you are renting an Airbnb through UpperKey as you can stay in more than one property all under the same agreement. By choosing an Airbnb over a hotel, you are really getting the opportunity to live more like a local than a tourist. Look for an Airbnb with a superhost and you know you are going to be getting outstanding accommodation and excellent service — something a bit above and beyond a regular Airbnb.

There are a few different areas of Dubai that you can stay in, each offering up something unique depending on what you are looking for. Jumeirah Beach is one of the most popular places to stay in Dubai and it is easy to see why. You are close to the beach, and a lot of the Airbnbs here will have sea views and shared pools. But it won’t just be the sea view that you are admiring, as you will also have the immense view of the famous skyscrapers of Dubai.

If you choose to stay in Old Dubai, you will have culture right on your doorstep, with the colourful souq markets and shops to browse and purchase from. It’s home to the oldest building in the metropolis, and by getting an Airbnb here in Old Dubai you can get a glimpse of everyday Dubai living. Dubai Design District has a lot going on and the streets are lined with European style coffee shops. Downtown Dubai is where you will find the iconic landmarks associated with Dubai. There is a mix of culture available along with plenty of shopping. Here you will find the expansive shopping malls that Dubai is famous for.

Dubai is home to a variety of beautiful locations, like the Palm Jumeirah.

Dubai Marina is a great spot for a holiday as a family. It’s the perfect location to find an Airbnb as it is both near the beach and the city. It is very family friendly and has plenty of spots for dining out.

The Palm Jumeirah, an iconic area of Dubai, is where you will find stylish Airbnbs, high class dining and plenty of beaches. It is definitely a spot to pick if you are going for a luxury getaway.


Choosing a Dubai Airbnb over a hotel can offer you greater flexibility in your holiday. As mentioned previously, you could choose to stay in more than one Airbnb over the course of a couple of weeks in order to explore different areas. As you will have direct contact with the owner or with UpperKey if you rent through them, it’s possible to ask for those extras that you might not get with a hotel.

If you need to be flexible on your checking in or checking out times, then you can ask. If you want personal recommendations for things to do in the local area and which restaurants to visit, then they can be recommended. If your circumstances change and you need to extend your holiday, this can easily be arranged if booked through UpperKey, all within the same agreement. When travelling with young children on holiday you may have specific requirements for certain facilities being available in the accommodation such as highchairs, and this can easily be arranged.

Perhaps you may want to holiday for a longer period of time, maybe for a couple of months over the summer holidays. In this case, renting a Dubai Airbnb is going to be much cheaper than staying in a hotel for that length of time. When renting through UpperKey, prices tend to be half the rate of a hotel for that period. If you’re worried about not having the reception service that hotels have when abroad with your family, you can always find an Airbnb that offers 24 hour concierge support ensuring a smooth stay. You can feel reassured that they will be on hand to answer any queries you may have while on holiday.

High Standards

When renting a Dubai Airbnb through UpperKey you can be guaranteed of their high and exacting cleanliness standards. UpperKey have a team of specially trained housekeeping agents who follow a strict protocol in making sure properties are clean and professionally sanitised before your stay. You will also often find that properties have often been recently renovated in order to appeal more to the property management market. You can often find the comforts of home when staying in an Airbnb over a hotel. You are not confined to just one room, but instead you will have the luxury of sprawling over several rooms, which is especially welcome if you are travelling with children. Items such as coffee makers and high-speed Wi-Fi are commonplace in a Dubai Airbnb.

UpperKey have a team of well-trained professional housekeeping agents to ensure the best quality.

With so much to do in Dubai, it is definitely a holiday everyone should experience at some point. From shopping in the vast malls, to soaking up the sun on the beaches, there is something for every member of the family. Nowhere else will you get to see the tallest building in the world and experience some ancient Arabian culture at the same time. With plenty of Airbnbs available to rent in Dubai, you are bound to find the perfect one to suit your holiday needs, now all you have to do is pick an area to stay in!

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