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London Owners Looking for Rent Guarantee Property Management

Are you a London homeowner looking for a reliable and experienced property manager? Rent guarantee property management is an ideal option for landlords who want to ensure their rental income is secure and their property is well-maintained. At UpperKey, we understand the need for secure and stress-free renting, so we offer a range of services to help London owners find the best rent guarantee property management for their needs. In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of rent guarantee property management and how it can benefit London landlords.

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Guaranteed rent

A guaranteed rent scheme in London is a way of subletting a property. Landlords pass over the renting responsibilities to the renter. The renter can set their own rental prices for tenants, find and house tenants in the property, and will be responsible for property management. The guaranteed rent company London takes a lease of the property from the landlord. They can legally sub-let it out to other tenants rather than live in it.

Tenancy agreement

Renters are expected to comply with all the various issues and laws that would generally be covered by an agent or landlord. Landlords are opting for guaranteed rent for stress-free management. With guaranteed rent, landlords are no longer responsible for the property. The rental income that you will earn from guaranteed rent might be paid to you even if the property is empty, but it is often much lower. A guaranteed rent scheme involves getting into a contract with a third party.

Letting agency

This could be a private company, property management company, letting agent (letting agency) or local council. The renter pays you a fixed monthly rental income that has been pre-agreed by both parties. Landlords may have heard of rent guarantee insurance, but it isn't the same as guaranteed rent. Guarantee insurance is a type of insurance that landlords can claim on if tenants fail to pay their rent. It's different to loss of rent cover, which is for properties damaged due to damage to the property.


Taking the pressure off their responsibilities
Monthly Rental Payments Assured: Benefits of Guaranteed Rent.

Guaranteed rent scheme

A guaranteed rent scheme can be one of the best ways to take the pressure off yourself as a landlord. A company that offers guaranteed rent West London will take over the property and become responsible for it, while making a monthly rental payment to you. Rental payments are guaranteed each month, even if the property is empty. Before getting into a Denhan guaranteed rent scheme, it's worth considering how long the contract is going to last. A guaranteed rental contract can last anywhere from six months to longer-term contracts of between five and ten years.

Agency for private landlords

Short-term lets could mean that you earn more per month compared to long-term renting, say UpperKey. Even though you own the property, you might not have a say in who ends up living in it. Some landlords looking for a guaranteed rent company West London might be happy to pass all the responsibility on to the third-party renter if they do not pay their rent. Rent guarantee companies should be the first port of call for tenants in emergencies. If tenants don't pay rent, the whole eviction process can be a nightmare for landlords.

Before you sign a contract with a guaranteed rent company in London, be clear on their evictions policy. Since the property is your investment, it's worth finding out what insurance they use and what kind of coverings they have for it. Guaranteed rent offers peace of mind for landlords in London.


Letting to overcome buy-to-let profit challenges
Cost-Effectiveness: Short-Term Lettings vs. Long-Term Lettings.

London rental income

Landlords are struggling to make a profit on buy-to-let properties, especially in London. To manage financial issues, many landlords are turning to short-term letting. Short-term rentals are used for businesses and holidaymakers - but is it viable for long-term profit? If you compare the cost per day of short-term and long-term lettings, opting for the former will bring in more cash. Short-term lets are only allowed to be rented out for an accumulative total of 90 days.

To get an increase on this, you will need to apply for a special permit. These include using photography, marketing and other techniques to get more reviews on Airbnb and other platforms. Find a Property Management Partner to oversee the running of your property. Many households are looking for staycations, which let them experience life outside of their usual environment. Monthly apartment rentals London have risen in demand, as more people look for a taste of life on the other side.

Valuable time

Try Airbnb for short-term let brands out there. Managing a short-term let property can be time-consuming, so many owners outsource the task to a third party. UpperKey's expertise in London makes us the perfect business partner for investors. The 90-day cap on lets causes concern for many owners as to whether it's a viable business model.


Choosing the best luxury property management company for their rentals
Key Considerations: Selecting a Reliable Luxury Property Manager.

Luxury tenancy agreement

Luxury rental properties have become a popular investment for real estate investors. With the help of experienced property managers, you can ensure that your property is bringing in as much revenue as possible. Keep reading for some tips on what to look out for when choosing the best luxury property management company. It's important to look out for a management company that takes maintenance of the property seriously. A good property management London company should offer flexible contracts.

Most will offer a one year contract to start with, giving you the chance to change the terms or cease the agreement if you are unhappy. Not all property managers are going to have a good understanding of the luxury housing market. Interview and research the company and the property managers before you decide whether or not to hire them. Ask about their fees and marketing strategies, and how many properties they currently manage. Knowing what to expect from a luxury property manager is key to choosing the right company.

A good company like UpperKey will use major listing sites to promote your property, along with working with professionals to create appealing marketing content in the form of copy, photos, and videos. A good property manager will usually be transparent about their education and any relevant qualifications that enable them to offer a great service. Ask about the properties that they have managed in the past and how often they do essential maintenance including cleaning, decorating and other essential jobs.


Impacting traditional accommodations like B&Bs and hotels
The Magic Number: 90 Days for Letting an Entire Property in London.

Local autorithies

A short-term let is generally considered a residential stay of a few days to a few months. Long-term lets are generally unfurnished, and the tenant becomes responsible for all utilities and council tax. In London, the magic number is 90 in terms of letting an entire property. The City of London Local Plan and City Plan 2036 outline how planning decisions will be made. If you're thinking of applying for planning permission change in London, you'd be advised to give both a thorough read.

The short-term let has gathered much momentum, and the trusty B&B and hotel room have taken a pounding. The short-term let regulation only applies to those letting out the entire property. There is no limit to the number of days each year or amount of rooms they are permitted to let. If you've reached your 90-day limit, a planning application can take several weeks to be processed. Mixing long-term and mid-term lets with short-term lettings is a good way to avoid red tape.

Rent guarantee insurance

Landlords/hosts must have their properties inspected each year for fire safety and gas safety. Making a profit from short-term lets in London can create an incredible amount of hard work. Failing to pay the correct amount of income tax can result in heavy fines and backdated taxes. Why not leave all the hard work to the professionals? Contact us today to start reaping the benefits.


Giving notice to tenants in London
Navigating End of Tenancy: A Guide for London Landlords.

Taking care of tenancy ending

Tenants in London can be served with an end of tenancy letter by their landlord. There's a right and a wrong way to carry out proceedings, so here's a guide on how to choose the best route for your property. Giving Your Tenant Notice in London – Sample Letter from UpperKey. The standard amount of due notice that a landlord must deliver to their tenant is 2 months. If a tenant chooses not to vacate the property, this can lead to court action.

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The following sample includes all the required elements as approved by the National Landlords Association of the UK. If tenant or licensee does not leave the dwelling, the landlord must get an order for possession from the court before the tenant can lawfully be evicted. The landlord cannot apply for such an order before the tenancy ends. A tenant's tenancy resignation letter follows the same format in London as it would in the rest of the country. This time, however, it will be signed and dated by the tenant as opposed to the landlord. Ending a tenancy with no obviously problematic issues should be a simple process.


Property investors explore areas beyond London for higher yields
Vibrant Districts: Shoreditch, Farringdon, and Waterloo.

The rental market in London is like no other in the world. Property prices in London are some of the highest in the country. The recent hikes in property prices suggest investors are looking outside of London for higher yields. UpperKey offers a complete management and rental service backed with our excellent, guaranteed rental income for London properties. With 32 London boroughs, there isn't a typical market for London investment properties or rentals.

Property prices range from high to affordable and budget. Street-level rental yields range from 2.2–5.4%. Rental yields show that the nearer you are to the action, the less you're likely to make. Isle of Dogs, Battersea and Clerkenwell are some of the most popular areas in London to stay on holiday. Hampstead Heath provides a centre for fresh air and rejuvenation.

Shoreditch is now one of the finest sectors of the East End. Farringdon is vibrant and alive with trendy and hipster bars. Waterloo is emerging as a major business district. UpperKey's standard policy offers one of the most competitive guaranteed rent practices in London. The length of each visit is wide-ranging across the board.

From a few days to a month, the duration of visitors' stays is varied. Just read our testimonials to find out how they're working out for apartment owners.

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