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How to Rent Out Your Primary Home on Airbnb: A Comprehensive Guide

If you own a main residence, you might be interested in renting it out on a platform specializing in seasonal rentals such as Airbnb. It is a possibility to obtain additional income, but do not forget to take into account the conditions and regulations. An obligation, whether your property is located in Paris or in another French urban area.

The possibility of generating extra income by renting out your main residence
Maximizing your property's earning potential on Airbnb.

What is the definition of a principal residence?

You can only have one primary residence. So if you have other real estate, they are considered second homes. In the eyes of the law, the principal residence is defined as the accommodation in which you spend at least eight months per year. Certain exceptions remain, allowing you to spend less than eight months per year in your main residence, in particular if you have professional obligations or for health reasons.

The rental of a main residence with the limitation of 120 days

This is another specificity to take into consideration when renting your main residence. This is absolutely not specific to the Airbnb platform, but it concerns any seasonal rental. The 120-day regulation has applied since the introduction of the ELAN law. Over a calendar year, it is impossible to go beyond this limit.

However, not all cities are affected. These are mainly sensitive areas or large cities such as Paris, Lyon and Bordeaux. To find out if you are affected by this regulation, do not take the slightest risk and contact your town hall immediately.

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Is it possible to rent out your main residence beyond the limit of 120 days per year?

In order not to be subject to the regulations, while remaining within the law, there is a solution which consists in renting part of your main residence. In other words, you make available to tenants spaces in your home and at least one bedroom. However, you still live in the same apartment.

From a seasonal rental point of view, it is not a question of renting a complete residence, but a private room and you will share common spaces such as the bathroom, the living room or the kitchen. If you have several rooms in your accommodation, you will receive several tenants simultaneously. But of course, it is important to include this specificity in the description of your ad when you want to rent part of the house.

If, on the other hand, you choose the “entire accommodation” category on the platform, you are not present when the rental is in place. Therefore, you are imperatively subject to the limit of 120 calendar days. If you ignore this regulation, a civil fine applies and it remains strictly governed by the ELAN law. You incur a fine of €10,000 for each advertisement you have published on the rental platforms. The same fine applies to all owners who have not made their declaration concerning the number of overnight stays with the municipality.

Is it possible to sublet your main residence?

This time, you are not the owner of your main residence, but a tenant. However, you are interested in a short-term rental. Before embarking on this process, contact your landlord to obtain a written agreement from him. You clearly indicate your objective and your desire to host travelers. The other condition concerns the amount of rent. Under no circumstances should it be higher than your current rent.

On the same principle, it is perfectly possible to embark on the seasonal rental of part of your main residence. The important thing is to be aware of the regulations in force in order to know if you are in your right to sublet it. If your property is part of a co-ownership, a regulation has been put in place. Contact the trustee in charge of the building for more information.

Why entrust the rental of your main residence to a concierge?

If you plan to get started on rental platforms, it is in your best interest to get closer to a concierge. It remains specialized in the field and in particular in rental management. Its objective will be to maximize your income and on your side you have no concern about administrative constraints. But also on its overall management concerning the reception of tenants, the realization of an inventory, the handing over of the keys, the establishment of internal regulations, cleaning and any repairs.

UpperKey manages the seasonal rental for you, starting with the creation of an advertisement, the taking of professional photos and the communication with the travelers. Thanks to this optimization work, the vacancy rate decreases and you obtain comfortable income. Highly efficient 24/7 management. So, we immediately invite you to discover our services in more detail by going to our contact page.

Symbolizing the advantages of collaborating with a rental management service
Benefits of partnering with a rental management concierge.

How to easily rent your main residence on Airbnb?

Once you have created your account on Airbnb, get down to creating your listing. First, indicate if it is a total rental of the property only of certain spaces. These indications must be specified in your advertisement and do not forget to include bright photos with many angles. It is best to entrust this work to a professional photographer, because he will have the ability to easily highlight your property.

But before receiving it, check that you have a harmonious and neutral decoration. Since this is your primary residence, you've probably accumulated vacation memories and family photos. As a result, too much decoration risks harming the well-being of travelers. We recommend that you remove your valuables and personal effects. Thus, potential tenants will project themselves more easily.

Who better than you to talk about your main residence? So if you are embarking on the seasonal rental alone, take the time to write a guide on the specifics of your accommodation, but also to talk about your neighborhood. For example, restaurants, cafes or museums that you recommend. Provide additional details regarding the operation of your equipment. This is a significant gesture and appreciated by travelers. But as you notice, preparing housing and putting it online involves time and skill.

Hence the interest of going through a concierge like UpperKey to gain peace of mind.

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