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Why and How to Rent a Secondary Residence on Airbnb?

When you own a second home, you might consider renting it out to generate additional income. Nevertheless, some questions remain regarding the steps to be taken on the Airbnb platform. Rest assured, the process remains extremely simple and we will provide you with all the necessary information.

Assures simple steps for renting a second home on Airbnb
Generate additional income with ease by following these simple steps on the Airbnb platform.

A reminder about the definition of a secondary residence

According to the legislation, the secondary residence is in direct opposition to the main residence. The latter constitutes your place of residence in which you spend at least eight months a year. So you can only have one main residence. If you have other properties, they will necessarily be considered as secondary residences.

It is a dwelling in which you live occasionally and at least four months a year. The other months of the year, you don't use it, so why not rent your second home on Airbnb? The digital platform remains specialized in connecting property owners with tenants looking for a short-term rental.

However, the long-term rental of a second home cannot be done in the same way as a rental of furnished tourist accommodation. Once the administrative requirements have been met, there is no contraindication to using the Airbnb platform in the context of a seasonal rental.

Why is it interesting to make the Airbnb rental of a second home?

Renting an Airbnb second home brings you many advantages. Since you do not live permanently in your property, it is a way to generate additional income. But also to optimize the profitability of your accommodation, while limiting damage, because the accommodation will be occupied in your absence.

In addition, you define the periods of occupation yourself and therefore when you want to find your secondary accommodation, it will be enough to make the reservation of the accommodation available during this period. In addition, you have no constraint on the number of annual nights when you rent your second home on the Airbnb platform.

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What are the mandatory steps for renting a second home on Airbnb?

Barring exceptions, the rental of a second home on Airbnb is carried out without time limit and in total freedom. You have probably heard of the 120 day limit per year in many French cities. But be aware that this specificity only concerns main residences.

But on French territory, it is impossible to escape the declaration at the town hall. An imperative to respect to promote the control of secondary residence rentals. The procedure is carried out online and you should know that it remains simple and free. Some town halls will assign you a registration number that you must indicate on your ad.

Sometimes you will find an additional constraint corresponding to a change of use. Once again, this is a process to be carried out with the town hall, indicating that the property is no longer for residential use, but for commercial use. These regulations apply to agglomerations of more than 200,000 inhabitants, to the French capital and the departments of the inner suburbs as well as to tense areas of more than 50,000 inhabitants.

To circumvent this legislation, while remaining within the law, the solution is to direct you to a mobility lease. Thus, the rentals will be made within a period of 1 month to 10 months. It is an interesting alternative to find a tenant for a longer period, thus avoiding you having to comply with the regulations for second homes on seasonal rental platforms.

Vigilance on the compensation of large agglomerations. Some municipalities are even stricter and they will ask you to complete an additional formality. This is known as compensation. The lost square meters of housing must be compensated by the purchase of premises not having the initial use of housing. The number of square meters bought back must be equivalent to the number of square meters rented. This is a very special situation and in this case, renting a second home is not very advantageous.

Airbnb: second home and taxation

As soon as you receive income following the rental of your second home, you are subject to income tax. Basically, you have the status of LMNP, that is to say non-professional furnished rental company. In this context, you do not receive more than €23,000 in income from your second home and your rental income does not exceed the amount of your other income.

Thanks to this situation, you can defer land deficits to your overall income, allowing you to amortize many costs. Regarding tax, two assumptions are made based on your taxable income.

If you exceed the limit of €72,600, you are subject to the actual regime. Otherwise, you choose between the real benefit regime and the micro-BIC regime. In the first scenario, you deduct charges and fees from the actual amount. With the micro-BIC scheme, the deduction of charges is impossible, but you benefit from a reduction of up to 50% on your rental income.

If the income received from the rental does not reach the ceiling of €23,000, you are not concerned by social security contributions. Otherwise, contact URSSAF if you exceed the previous ceiling in order to pay your contributions.

Understanding income tax for second home rentals and the LMNP status
Learn about the LMNP status and how to handle taxes based on your rental income and taxable amount.

How does UpperKey support you in renting your second home?

If you are looking for an Airbnb concierge service, then consider our agency UpperKey. We will make sure to increase your income, while freeing you from the technical and administrative constraints of seasonal rental.

Your accommodation benefits from careful optimization so that you can obtain the best possible return. In addition, flexibility remains in place so that you can book your own property according to your preferences. With our presence, the time saving remains directly palpable, because you have no concerns regarding the management of reservations, cleaning, reception, maintenance and communication with potential tenants.

UpperKey takes care of everything and to achieve your goals, we will personalize our approach. We guarantee the best service and the best experience, so do not hesitate to ask us for advice.

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