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Essential Guide to Managing Furnished Tourist Rentals Successfully

First of all, it is important to know what we are talking about. Renting a furnished tourist accommodation corresponds to a furnished living space that you put up for seasonal rental on a regular basis, but only for short-term reservations.

It is a niche market directly dependent on tourism. Certainly more complex than traditional real estate, but it will offer you many advantages, especially in terms of profitability. Nowadays, it is common to see the term Airbnb furnished tourist rental, because this type of property is ideal for seasonal rental.

Close relationship and dependency of this niche market on the tourism industry
Understanding the niche market of furnished tourist rentals.

How does tourist rental work with a second home?

First of all, it is imperative to arrange the accommodation to perfectly meet the expectations of travelers. Basically, you use essential equipment such as a hair dryer, a coffee machine or a kettle. But it is also necessary to take care of the visual identity of your accommodation in order to make it attractive.

Then, work on optimizing sleeping arrangements. If you offer enough, you welcome more travelers and therefore you optimize your income. The same consideration applies when you have not yet purchased your property. But do not neglect the importance of the location, because it is an absolutely essential criterion in the success of a furnished tourist accommodation. For example, a seasonal rental in Paris in the center will be rented with the price of a much higher night compared to an outlying area.

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How to rent your main residence furnished?

Simply put, the requirements for a primary residence rental are exactly the same as for a secondary residence. However, additional administrative procedures are necessary to be legal. We advise you immediately to approach the town hall.

Other precautions, the protection of your personal belongings. If possible, remove them from the housing or put them on both sides to reduce the risk of theft or damage. So, never leave valuables in appearance, especially if they are easily transportable. If you have personal belongings that you hold dear, apply the exact same approach.

But do not store your belongings in the rental accommodation, because the clutter effect will be directly palpable by travelers. You need to think about their comfort and the layout of the space so that they can fully flourish.

Is there a specific procedure for declaring furnished tourist accommodation?

Unfortunately, there is no ready-made answer, because the legislation differs according to the agglomeration. If you are considering the seasonal rental of your property in Paris, prior registration is essential. As a result, you declare your accommodation as furnished accommodation and you obtain a registration number. A process to be undertaken independently if it is a secondary or main residence.

The number you get will be communicated to the Airbnb platform. If you live in Bordeaux, the declaration takes the form of a CERFA to be returned to the municipality. However, the declaration remains only compulsory for secondary residences. So, if you want to rent your main accommodation seasonally, you are not affected by this administrative obligation in Bordeaux. Same observation in Strasbourg, Marseille, Nice or Lyon. On the other hand, you will appreciate the absence of mandatory declarations in Montpellier, Toulouse and Biarritz.

Is there a difference between a furnished tourist accommodation and a furnished rental?

A furnished rental is a property that you rent out and it is equipped with enough furniture and equipment for a tenant to live in it properly. It is also possible for a furnished rental to be a primary or secondary residence.

According to the Tourism Code, furnished accommodation does not obey the same rules. It is certainly a furnished property, but only intended for short-term rental. In other words, for temporary tenants, i.e. travelers. Once again, furnished accommodation can also be considered as a secondary or main residence.

Difference in purpose and duration of rental between the two
Differentiating between furnished tourist accommodation and furnished rental

Are there tax differences between a furnished rental and a furnished tourist accommodation?

On this point, be reassured, because there is no distinction between the two types of accommodation. But, as soon as you generate income from your rental, you are automatically subject to the category of industrial and commercial profits.

Nevertheless, there are two different tax regimes, i.e. the real regime and the micro BIC regime.

The micro BIC scheme for a furnished tourist accommodation or for a furnished rental is possible as long as you do not exceed the ceiling of €72,600. Under such conditions, you will benefit from a flat-rate allowance of 50%. The other half remains taxable according to your income tax schedule.

If you exceed the ceiling of €72,600, you will have no choice but to opt for the actual plan.

The standard allowance disappears, but you deduct depreciation and charges. Nevertheless, the administrative management remains more complex and therefore it is preferable to rely on an accountant to avoid finding yourself in default vis-à-vis the legislation. In addition, you will imperatively keep a purchase and recipe book.

How to opt for an efficient management of a tourist rental?

No matter what type of property you want to rent, there are many administrative rules. They are dependent on the location of the accommodation, but also on overall taxation. So, to have peace of mind and not waste time in its many steps, immediately contact an Airbnb concierge.

UpperKey remains an agency specialized in the field and you can rely on its services for the rental of a property in France or elsewhere in Europe. An expert remains at your disposal and a dedicated team takes care of the overall management of your seasonal rental. No need to intervene, no action on your part will be required once the mandate is in place. Then you will benefit from efficient management and you collect your income monthly.

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