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Maximise your rental income!

Maximize Your Vacation Rental Success with Concierge Services: Key Strategies

Updated: May 9

To optimize your Airbnb rental, collaboration with a specialized agency remains the solution. More particularly a concierge service in order to highlight your property and thus generate the best potential income.

Maximize income potential through partnership with a concierge service.
Collaborate with a concierge service to elevate your property's potential income.

What is a concierge?

A concierge service for individuals is an independent agency specializing in seasonal rental management. It acts on your behalf with many services such as reception, cleaning, reception of travellers, placing your ad online, publication of photographs and of course communication with travellers.

We often use the term concierge services by associating it with the Airbnb platform. As a result, you instantly understand its primary mission. However, it would be too simplistic to think that the conciergerie only takes care of the management service. In fact, she takes care of all the seasonal rentals.

Indeed, there are many online media to offer accommodation to holidaymakers. To ensure the best possible visibility, the concierge uses its experience and know-how. So, this is a very efficient Airbnb rental manager.

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Why is it worth using an online concierge?

You know how to answer the question “what is a conciergerie”. But, you are probably wondering about the benefits of the benefit. When you practice seasonal rental, you want to generate comfortable income. It is a way to earn money when you do not occupy the property.

Thanks to this rental, you finance other projects such as the repayment of a loan, the acquisition of a car or your future holidays. This is why the approach remains particularly popular for all owners wishing to quickly make their investment profitable.

The other advantage concerns the absence of intervention on your part. Indeed, renting is not always easy, and even if the Airbnb platform remains ergonomic, there are many options to know. In addition, many administrative imperatives are also present. So to play the card of serenity, there is a very simple solution with the concierge.

Above all, do not underestimate the often substantial work. Communication with tenants remains essential and is often a time-consuming operation. You must also be present to ensure the delivery of the keys, to carry out an exit report and to adapt to the variability of the schedules. Other necessary services include the change of linens, the management of all disputes and the general maintenance of the property.

Certainly, it will be possible for you to carry out these different requests, provided you have the necessary time and are close to your rental property. But if this is not the case, the concierge remains unquestionably the best solution for efficient management of your accommodation.

Concierge: what is it?

Currently, many online services are emerging that avoid physical contact. Moreover, the Airbnb platform is the perfect example. Although the online concierge service is above all a digital service, the services are very physical. Your apartment will be clean and properly maintained thanks to the movement of a team specialized in this area.

The service is at your disposal if you have any questions and it will also be available to travelers. Thus, all digital imperatives and physical needs will be directly provided by the concierge.

Trust in the expertise of rental professionals and their ability to optimize booking rates.
Trust online concierge services managed by rental professionals for optimized booking rates.

Is it profitable to go through an online concierge?

Of course, the service is not free and a percentage will be deducted from your income from seasonal rentals. The rates are free and therefore vary from one agency to another. Some concierges will guarantee you income regardless of whether your home is available for rent. But the majority will offer payment on commission.

The rates for a concierge service operating on commission are around 20%. Initially, you might have some doubts about its usefulness, because you don't want to lose 20% of your income.

Nevertheless, the service will ensure excellent profitability, especially when you cannot be present to ensure the seasonal management of your property. In addition, you fully delegate the management of the property both on the Airbnb platform, but also from a physical point of view with the change of linen, the maintenance of the accommodation, the cleaning of it and of course the discounts of keys.

The cost of the service is perfectly justified given the amount of work to be done. In addition, the online concierge services are managed by real seasonal rental professionals. They have a perfect knowledge of the current market to optimize the booking rate. If you manage your property yourself with a reservation rate of 60% with the price of one night at €100, you will generate much less income than with a rate of 90% and the price of one night at €120. Such a result is still possible if you decide to trust an online concierge.

Why should you approach the UpperKey Concierge?

If you want to rent your property on an ad hoc or regular basis, the UpperKey concierge will be at your side. You will discover an integral management of your accommodation, without the slightest intervention on your part. A very interesting initiative to generate additional income, without worrying about communication with travellers.

At UpperKey, rigor remains the rule with a tailor-made service dealing with both rental on Airbnb and on another specialized site such as At your disposal, you will have real experts who will help you in the steps to be taken. In addition, all the logistical tasks will be taken care of and it is a job relatively similar to that of a real estate agency.

So for more information about our UpperKey concierge, we invite you to contact us immediately.

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