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How to Correctly Set Up Your Airbnb Host Account

Listing your home on Airbnb is a great way to generate additional income. Although the platform is ergonomic, there are many rules to follow. Not only to comply with legislation, but also to optimize your ad. Your attention is then required, because the slightest erroneous criterion will waste your time in making reservations.

Complying with the rules on Airbnb hosting
Following the rules on property management will help you enjoy positive outcomes in your business.

How to put your accommodation on Airbnb?

To register on the platform, you must have an account. Rest assured, the procedure is extremely simple and in a few minutes you will get a profile. For Airbnb host login, you use a valid email address and set your password. All these operations can be done from the owner space on Airbnb my account.

You just have to let yourself be guided by the procedure and then you focus on publishing your ad. But for success to be there, systematically use professional photos. If necessary, translate your advertisement into several languages, indicating with great precision the equipment of your property. Also pay attention to the conditions of the rental, to avoid being penalized after the departure of the travelers.

An attractive advertisement with successful photos will allow you to capture the attention of potential tenants.

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How do Airbnb guests make an installment payment?

Since Airbnb, paying in installments has remained possible since the introduction of this new feature in 2018. An initiative particularly welcomed by travelers with a more limited budget. But it is also an interesting solution for the hosts, by favoring the reservation in advance.

A first payment is made at the time of booking and the second will take place when the tenants arrive on site. But there are certain immutable criteria specific to the Airbnb platform. First of all, the minimum amount of the reservation must be 200 €. In addition, a period of 14 days must be respected between your arrival and the reservation. Then, the method of payment is important, because you will use Airbnb credits, a credit card, PayPal or Google Pay.

In addition, it is impossible to pay in installments when the reservation exceeds the 28-day limit.

As the owner, you receive 50% of the amount of the reservation when it is confirmed. The next direct debit will arrive on the same day of entry into the rental. Rest assured, the procedure remains automatic and you are kept informed with the automatic sending of an e-mail. To set up this option, go to Airbnb in booking my account. Then you activate this option in the payment settings.

How do I retrieve an Airbnb invoice for hosts?

Also known as a receipt, the Airbnb invoice is of course available on the platform. This contains various legal information such as the dates of stay, the address of the accommodation, the name of the host, along the travelers and the amount of the reservation.

The amount of the invoice is calculated in relation to the price of the night, including cleaning costs, any costs when there are additional travelers and of course Airbnb VAT.

If you own real estate, you may want to know where to retrieve your Airbnb bill. First of all, you access your reservation page once you are identified. The reservation remains visible and you click on “the three dots” to obtain additional information. You will then see the “invoice with VAT” menu appear.

If, on the other hand, you need to download several invoices, there is no need to repeat the operation, otherwise you will lose time. In the “reservations” page, you click on the “export” button. Thus, you download all the invoices with VAT and you define the export format yourself. For a finer configuration, you determine the months that interest you and you just have to validate your choice by downloading the invoice.

Vigilance on the declaration of Airbnb income

When you generate income from seasonal rentals, you are automatically subject to the income tax system. Whether on a furnished rental or not, the tax declaration remains a necessity.

If your income exceeds the ceiling of €70,000, you operate with the real regime. Thus, you deduct the expenses specific to the rental of the accommodation, but you do not benefit from any tax deduction. The processing of VAT remains mandatory when your seasonal rental brings you income greater than €82,200.

If, on the other hand, your seasonal rental activity does not exceed €70,000 per year, you are subject to the micro BIC regime. Either you keep this plan or you opt for the real plan. For simplicity, we recommend the micro BIC regime, because you benefit from a tax reduction of 50%.

Finally, if your income is less than €305 per year, you benefit from a total exemption from taxes.

Calculating the correct amount of tax to be paid
Proper declaration of income made from Airbnb will help you pay the right amount of taxes, or be exempted from it.

How to optimize your Airbnb host account?

First, you determine the type of accommodation. Then the space available for guests. It can be an entire place, a shared room or a private room. The next step is to define the location of your rental property.

Then focus on the characteristics of the property by determining the number of beds available. Consider notable gear, customer favorite gear, and safety items. When your seasonal rental has a complete description, you benefit from better visibility.

Adding photos is a necessity to showcase your accommodation, we recommend professional photos. About twenty photos are still preferable to highlight it and to see the accommodation from all angles. As the main photo, you only select the one that best represents your vacation rental.

The next step is to define a title for your advertisement and know that it is important to choose it sparingly. Emphasize the most important elements by playing on the location. You will go into detail thanks to the description by determining whether it is an elegant, family or unique space. Please note that you are limited to 500 characters. So, no need to repeat the advantages of housing, go straight to the point. To be comfortable in the description of the ad, put yourself in the shoes of a potential tenant.

Determining pricing is another must-do step and leaning on the competition to help you out. If you determine the price of an overnight stay at a lower level, you are not optimizing the profitability of your accommodation. Conversely, excessive pricing will drive tenants away from the competition.

Beware of Airbnb hosting fees. You determine if you enable split charges and therefore they are split between you and the guest. Otherwise, you choose the host fee. It is up to you to pay the full costs and they are deducted from the payment with an average of 14 to 16%.

Finally, you will retain your ad by taking the time to reread everything to avoid the slightest error. If necessary, ask someone you know to reread you, an outside opinion is always appreciated.

How to save time managing an Airbnb account?

If you have a property to rent out on Airbnb, why embark on the adventure alone. Being accompanied by experts remains particularly beneficial, in particular by turning to the UpperKey concierge. So, no more worries about renting a property, the professionals take care of everything. So immediately request your quote for additional information.

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