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How Do I get Reimbursed on Airbnb?

Very specific conditions have been established by the platform regarding refunds. As a host, you must be able to manage any conflict situation, in particular concerning the cancellation of a reservation.

Airbnb introduces new reservation and refund policies, impacting guests, hosts, and property managers.
Accommodation replacement and refund policy.

How to get reimbursed on Airbnb with the application of the new conditions?

Since April 29, 2022, Airbnb has introduced new conditions concerning reservations and therefore their refunds. These are significant changes that guests, hosts, and property managers are going to need to consider.

Of course, all reservations since April 29, 2022 are affected by these changes. They focus mainly on the management of refunds when a problem disrupts the smooth running of the stay or when a host decides to cancel the reservation. As a result, the "Accommodation Replacement and Refund Policy" page has also undergone some changes.

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How does the Airbnb platform and the refund work when a host cancels the reservation before check-in?

No need to use the Airbnb service for a refund claim, because all the conditions are clearly specified from the outset. When a host decides to cancel a reservation before check-in, the renter receives a full refund, regardless of the reason for the cancellation. The Airbnb platform also goes further by offering help to the guest to find comparable accommodation when the reservation is canceled 30 days before.

The implementation of this policy makes it possible to dissuade the owners from making a cancellation for various reasons, in particular by going through a reservation channel at a better price.

There are, however, some exceptions that may fall within the scope of the extenuating circumstances policy. For example, in the event of a natural disaster or a pandemic. These are obviously reasons that the owner suffered and beyond his control.

What happens to an Airbnb refund due to a problem occurring during the stay?

A significant change has taken place regarding this condition. Indeed, Airbnb received a lot of negative comments from guests who felt that the 24-hour period was far too short to assess the general condition of the accommodation. In other words, tenants only had 24 hours to indicate the presence of a problem to the Airbnb platform and thus request a refund.

But Airbnb's refund timeframe was deemed far too short and so a new condition was introduced, allowing guests to take advantage of the 72-hour refund timeframe. If the problem cannot be resolved, a request for reimbursement remains legitimate with the possibility of being relocated.

This additional 24 to 72 hours was welcomed and then Airbnb decides to issue a full refund and they may also ask the owner to take financial responsibility for finding a relocation or upgrade solution.

However, no refunds will be issued if the Host demonstrates good faith in finding a solution to resolve the issue. In addition, the full refund only concerns the nights that could not take place in the property. So if the guest decides to stay, a partial refund applies depending on the severity of the situation.

Are there any travel issues that qualify for a refund?

Airbnb's new refund replacement policy covers cancellation of the reservation by the host when this occurs before check-in. But also when the host does not authorize access to the accommodation or if no mention has been made concerning the presence of a pet in the accommodation.

The last reason concerns the impossibility of renting the property, because it presents health risks, risks for health, for safety or because of the presence of parasites due to poor cleaning.

The reassurance and peace of mind that comes with knowing that Airbnb covers host cancellations and unexpected issues
Airbnb's commitment to guest experience and safety.

But that's not all, it is also important to consider material inaccuracy. A situation that can occur when the property does not match its description. The host indicates that it is a full house rental, but in reality it is only a private room. Same case when the number of parts is incorrect.

Let’s not forget a location problem or the absence of characteristics yet specified in the ad.

Be careful, because the consequences of a proven complaint by a guest may compromise your Superhost status. Also, if the guest has made multiple reservations, they may be canceled until you take action to correct the problem.

When does a guest decide to request a refund?

In fact, there are many reasons for requesting a refund. For example, if the guest is experiencing health issues or family issues. At the last minute, a business trip can also be canceled. When the guest contacts you before their arrival date, you can request a refund as the owner. You access the overview of reservations and all you have to do is go to the “issue a refund” tab.

But the procedure remains a little more complex after check-in. It is best to get closer to your guest to start the discussion in order to understand his problem. To do this, go to the "resolution center" section and all you have to do is select the reservation concerned. Below the reason, click on "offer a partial refund". Indicate the amount you want, fill in the currency, but also a message for your guest.

What's the best way to handle refunds from the Airbnb platform?

Your objective is to generate additional income through seasonal rentals. Unfortunately, careful management applies and you may not be aware of all the rules in force. In the event of a dispute, it is preferable to be accompanied by a concierge with solid experience in short-term rentals.

This is obviously the case with our UpperKey agency and we invite you to contact us immediately. Without any problem, we manage all disputes and reimbursement conditions, but we also offer global management of your property. On your side, you will find an attentive ear and experts who will provide you with all the necessary advice. Moreover, you can also count on us for an effective integral rental management and that

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