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Ultimate Guide to Hosting Airbnb Properties in Edinburgh: Tips and Regulations

Edinburgh has been a popular city for tourists and people passing through due to its many touristic and cultural destinations. It attracts architecture fans, film aficionados, theatre fans, history fans, and many other types of people and so it is a popular destination for people from all over the world. Due to the number of people who visit this amazing city, there is a high demand for Airbnb properties and units.

Such demand has made Edinburgh a great destination for investors and has provided people with a spare room or property another source of income. If you are considering hosting an Airbnb in Edinburgh, this guide will tell you everything you need to know.

A comprehensive resource for property owners interested in becoming Airbnb hosts in the city
Your comprehensive guide to hosting on Airbnb in Edinburgh.

Changes in Legislation

Changes to regulations in Edinburgh affect all Airbnb property owners. The new regulations apply to property owners who have a second home that they use for Airbnb. They mandate that these property owners apply for planning permission going forward. The regulations apply to the city of Edinburgh and areas within its limits.

Homeowners who have used their second home as a let for more than 10 years are exempt from applying for planning permission. Since Airbnb is about 14 years old at the time of writing, most of the people using second homes for short-term letting in Edinburgh have not been doing this for more than 10 years and so the changes impact almost everyone who owns short-term let properties.

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Prepare The Property

Hosting an Airbnb revolves around the property and your customers. You must have a property that people will be interested to stay in and you must have a way of finding these people. Before we go there, it is important to prepare the property or unit first.

Start by thinking about what you would expect if you were the guest in that property. Perhaps you want modern fixtures and appliances or need an area to relax in as you watch the sunset. Also, think about the repairs and upgrades the property needs. Perhaps the door and windows are letting a draft in at night; fix that. Perhaps you have a creaking floor, so fix it.

If the home needs new furniture or decor, consider getting them an investment in your new business, especially if you want to let people use your Edinburgh Airbnb full-time.

It is also important to make the property unique. What you do to make the property unique and stand out will be your value proposition when you start marketing your Edinburgh Airbnb.

Understand Potential Guests

Your guests are the other component of having a successful Edinburgh air bnb. Start by thinking about who would be a great fit for the property. Perhaps the property would be a great fit for small families, couples, or even people who are just passing through. Having this information is crucial when you start marketing your property and finding tenants for your rental property.

Open an Airbnb Account

You cannot list your property on Airbnb if you do not have an account with them. The good news is that doing so is fairly easy as all you have to do is visit their website or download their mobile app. You will be required to provide some personal and business details, so check the website or app and prepare what you need.

Once you have these details, go through the signup process where you will also be asked to add details about the property.

Showcasing the user-friendly process of creating an Airbnb account
Listing your property on Airbnb. A step-by-step guide

Prepare Your Listing’s Photographs

It is very important to be prepared before creating a listing for your property. Take your time here to ensure you end up with a listing that attracts guests. Perhaps the most important part of your listing is your property’s photographs.

Since they are the first thing most people will look at when they come across your listing, it is important to ensure they are of very high quality. Start by ensuring the property, space, or unit you would like to rent is tidy and organised. It is best to avoid having personal belongings all over the place.

Next, ensure that either the sun is out or you have enough light. Well-lit rooms typically look better, i.e., warm, cosy, and more inviting. Avoid taking photographs when there is direct sunshine inside the property as that could result in poor photographs.

Take at least five photographs. Since most people do not take good photographs unless they are a professional, it is best to take as many as possible and then choose the best ones. Airbnb expects five images, but you can add up to twenty.

Lastly, ensure the photographs have a high enough resolution so they are not blurry.

Prepare Your Listing’s Copy

The next thing you need is a title and a description. The title should be catchy, but honest. Try to use descriptive and qualifying words to give the descriptions some weight but avoid embellishing as people do not like that. For the description, be honest about the features and attractions of the property.

It is also a good idea to talk about the attractions and amenities close to the property. Any Airbnb near Edinburgh or in the city is close to at least one tourist attraction as the city has so many. Highlight the ones closest to your property in your description. If events are coming up, add them too.

Set Your Price

The price can make or break your listing, so it is very important to think carefully about it. Edinburgh is home to numerous Airbnbs. Check the listing of an Airbnb Edinburgh UK that is similar to yours to get an idea of the price to set.

Setting the price is a balancing act because setting it too low means you will be competing with others on price and setting it too high means your guest might have expectations you are unable to meet.

Keep an eye on other listings to see how their prices change over different seasons and peak periods to know what price to set depending on the situation.

Consider Property Management Companies

You can do all the above by yourself and even market your property to the right people if you only own one property. However, if you own more than one Airbnb Edinburgh UK, it might get challenging. This is why it is a good idea to consider the services of an Airbnb property management company. Companies like UpperKey provide Airbnb concierge services which give you peace of mind and help you make even more money out of your Airbnb.

The guide above should get you to the point where you start marketing the property on social media or through other means. The process of hosting an Airbnb in Edinburgh is pretty straightforward, but you can talk to experts or property management companies like UpperKey if you encounter any difficulties getting started.

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