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What Are Alternatives to VRBO for Property Owners?

Many people do not like living in a hotel when holidaying or travelling because they do not like to occupy this space with someone else. They may also like the exclusivity of occupying a whole property on their own including the different amenities the property has to offer. If this sounds like you then VRBO could be for you. It is a platform that helps guests find accommodation from their assortment of over two million listed properties. If VRBO does not suit your needs, though, here are some alternatives that you can try out.

Consider these alternatives if VRBO doesn't meet your needs
VRBO offers exclusive property rentals for travelers seeking privacy and amenities.


UpperKey is a property management company that helps property owners and managers better manage their properties. They cater to an international clientele looking for exclusive accommodation options. They do this by becoming a property’s primary tenant and then connecting the property to the clients they have already lined up.

Because they manage entire properties, they are perfectly suited for the same guests who would use VRBO. The apartments they rent out have all the security, privacy, and amenities someone looking for an exclusive stay could need.

How does this benefit property managers? Managers who want these types of clients could list their properties on VRBO and put in the effort, time, and money it takes to manage their properties or guests. They could, on the other hand, let UpperKey be the primary tenant, get guaranteed rental income and not have to worry about managing the property or its occupants.

The property occupants also win because UpperKey takes care of any issues that come up, resolving them as soon as possible. They also ensure the property is always clean and ready for the next occupant, especially in the case of Airbnb concierge management and services.

How UpperKey Property Management Works

If you would like UpperKey to manage your property and ensure you a guaranteed rental income, the first thing you need to do is get in touch with them with a brief of your property. If impressed, they will send someone to do a thorough evaluation. Once the thorough assessment is done, UpperKey will give you an offer for complete tenant occupation where they become the primary tenant and property manager. They will handle leasing, maintenance, customer complaints, legal compliance and everything else that goes into managing the property.

Listing Your Property

UpperKey will also list your property on various platforms to ensure occupancy and increase income. They will also take care of any taxes and similar issues that might come up in different cities such as London.

UpperKey property management blue banner


Airbnb is an online accommodation marketplace that is very similar to VRBO but with a key difference. While VRBO only lets you lease property that you are the only occupant of, sometimes Airbnb will let you lease some part of a house that the host is staying in. Although it is likely that you will never meet in such instances except if something profound happens, it is still a possibility.

That said, Airbnb will also let you lease properties where you are the only occupant. You can bring your family along if there is enough space, but you can be assured that the property owner will not be there.

The conveniences of private holiday rentals still apply here including additional space, additional privacy, full access to property amenities and pet friendliness.

Airbnb is also a viable option for property owners and managers who want to maximise their incomes. Airbnb lets them put their property in front of millions of people from around the world for unprecedented marketing value.

Remember that you, as the host, will have to deal with the management of the property, including issues that arise concerning your property and guests. Fortunately, Airbnb gives you a simple way to do this so you can deal with these issues and ensure continued customer satisfaction and support.

 Benefits of Airbnb for property owners and managers
Airbnb offers various accommodation options, including staying with the host or having the entire property to yourself.

While VRBO lets you find private holiday rentals on one website, CozyCozy takes it to the next level by being a search engine that lets you do the same across multiple accommodation marketplaces. Once you perform a search for what you need on the search engine, you will be provided with different options matching what you are looking for.

Clicking on one of these results will take you to the parent website of the property you clicked on. There you can find more details about it, if available, and book the property. Guests can also search for private vocational rentals like they would on VRBO and will likely land on the website by clicking on one of the results.

The convenience provided by CozyCozy by allowing you to search numerous platforms makes it a top accommodation marketplace, although it integrates results from numerous sources. The comparisons it enables you to make will save you time and money by seeing which properties have the best rates and deals attached to them.

Property managers who want to be listed on the search results have to be listed on primary accommodations marketplaces such as Airbnb and VRBO. This means you will need to improve your listings on these marketplaces first before your listing can be shown on this platform.

UpperKey property management blue banner


Just like VRBO, HomeToGo allows guests to search for and find rental properties. Even though it is primarily meant to help with holiday property comparisons, many people use it as a comparison-shopping website. Guests can see the prices of different properties in different categories and are thus better able to compare their prices.

One thing that differentiates this meta-searching platform is that it doesn't let advertisers influence its search rankings. This makes it miss out on some properties from larger services, but it makes up for it from the services that trust it enough to keep sending them listings.

It also provides an optional service that lets visitors book properties on the platform instead of being redirected to the main platform. This removes a step that annoys many people while allowing the platform to earn from these bookings much easier.

Another critical service is their VRBO listing service. HomeToGo is very similar to VRBO, but they still have a service that helps property managers who list properties on both websites manage them on the latter.


Homestay is slightly different from VRBO in that it does not let you rent whole houses and private properties but instead a room or space in a property. The host will list the room or space they have to rent, and guests will book it if they are interested.

The host is expected to be there to welcome the guest and to show them around. However, some hosts lease their rooms or spaces for the long term and will only come occasionally to check on you. Landlords who live on a property might also have several properties to lease where they are the host and everyone leasing the other rooms becomes their guest.

All these arrangements allow you to not only find a local home to stay in if you are a guest but a viable way to make money if you become a host.

Symbolizing the difference between Homestay and VRBO
Long-term homestay arrangements for guests.


SpareRoom is another service that lets people find spare rooms being rented out. These are affordable options for students and people looking for budget-friendly and shorter stays. The platform allows you to search from a list of over 1000 rooms that you can share with a flatmate.

VRBO is an amazing platform for those looking for private holiday rentals. Those looking for other types of private rental can check on UpperKey while those looking for less similar rental options can go with the alternatives discussed above.

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