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Abritel Concierge Services: Essential Information You Need to Know

Abritel is an essential platform for vacation rentals, but also when you are looking for short-term accommodation. As an owner, you probably want to benefit from this service to rent your property. But rather than wasting time on daily management, you could delegate to an Abritel concierge service. We will explain in detail all the information you need to know.

Abritel is a leading platform for short-term rentals

What is the Abritel website?

Abritel is a company that was founded in 1996. It was a pioneering company in seasonal rentals. Today, the entity belongs to the Expedia group which you should probably know, because it is quite simply one of the largest travel structures in the world. On the Abritel website, property owners can choose this solution to offer their accommodation for short stays. You will find all types of accommodation such as chalets, villas, houses or even apartments.

On Abritel, the traveler carries out his research very simply to book his accommodation online. He defines the duration himself, generally from a few days to a few weeks. Abritel remains popular with many owners, because there are a multitude of accommodation options. It is also a platform with an international dimension and travelers will easily find what they need there according to their budget and their needs. Booking becomes very simple thanks to directly included features and tools.


Is the Abritel site reliable?

Have no doubt about the Abritel platform, because it is considered reliable. It is one of the first companies in online vacation rentals. Over the years, Abritel has built a solid reputation and has incorporated thousands of accommodations. Besides, you could form your own opinion by consulting traveler reviews. Security is also there for all transactions. This way, you enjoy a reliable booking experience as a traveler. But the situation remains the same for owners. Besides, nothing stops you from using an Abritel concierge service to have peace of mind.

What commission does Abritel take on a rental?

Abritel applies a percentage to each reservation, a completely natural process that you also find among competitors. Basically, the commission rate reaches 8% of the reservation amount, while adding the fees and the commission. The percentage always remains the same, but it will necessarily be higher if you use an Abritel concierge service.

What is the difference between Abritel and Airbnb?

Airbnb and Abritel are essential online platforms for vacation rental rentals. The operating principle remains relatively similar with ergonomic interfaces for travelers and owners. However, you will notice variations, in particular on the commission rate and on the general policy of the site.

Airbnb promotes interactions between owners and travelers. For its part, Abritel places more emphasis on the rental of entire accommodations. Before committing to one platform over another, do not hesitate to define your preferences and needs so as not to regret your choice.

Conversation between host and traveler
Although similar to its competitor Airbnb, Abritel offers different advantages to owners.

How to contact Abritel in France?

Abritel recommends that guests make contact within 24 hours once the reservation has been made. Simply go to the “reservations” section to find the contact details of the person concerned. If for any reason you need to get in touch with the Abritel platform, you can always use the contact form that you find on the application or on the website. The telephone also remains an option by dialing 04 13 68 02 88. However, do not forget to use the appropriate suffix depending on the country in which you are.

Is Abritel chargeable? Who pays the fees on Abritel?

Abritel offers free advertising with commission, which saves you from having to resort to a subscription. As a result, you pay absolutely nothing and a percentage will be taken each time someone books your accommodation. Pricing breaks down as follows: 5% is charged for Abritel service fees and 3% for Vrbo credit card processing fees.

Another solution is to take out a subscription for owners. For the rents received, you no longer have to worry about the 5% of the commission formula. For the moment, the subscription price has been set at €299 for a period of 12 months.

When do you get paid on Abritel?

In the majority of cases, you will receive your payment 24 hours after guests' arrival when it is a business day. So, the funds will be available directly in your bank account within five to seven business days. To find out more, log in to your Abritel account and go to the “reservation manager” section to view the financial reports and more specifically the payments.

How not to pay rental agency fees?

Agency fees are paid directly by the owners and not by the travelers. If for your part, you do not want to be impacted by this tax, because you are renting your property, you could add additional costs to the total rental cost. You are actually increasing service charges or cleaning fees. You define them yourself, but be careful to keep prices competitive, otherwise your accommodation will become unoccupied.

To avoid worrying about this management, do not hesitate to use an Abritel concierge service, operating on exactly the same principle as a Vrbo concierge service.

A concierge service can help you avoid risks and manage your property in the best possible way.

How does the reservation work on Abritel?

Reserving on Abritel is very simple. Firstly, the traveler searches for goods corresponding to his needs and his destination. He makes a rigorous selection based on the description and photographs. When the property suits him, he requests a reservation and the owner has the right to accept or refuse. If accepted, payment is always made through the Abritel platform. Then, communication is established between the owner and the traveler to best organize the terms of the stay.

How to stop an ad on Abritel?

You want to stop the broadcast of your ad, log in to your Abritel account to access the management page for your ad. You locate the corresponding ad and deactivate it by clicking on the “manage ad” option. So, the deactivation option appears and you just have to follow the instructions to stop the broadcast.

How to modify a comment on Abritel?

When the notices have been sent to the Abritel platform, it is impossible to modify them. If you ever change your mind for any reason, you will have no choice but to contact customer service to find out more. Notices must systematically be given within 180 days. A rule that applies to both travelers and owners.

How to change the email address of your Abritel account?

To create your Abritel account, you use a specific email address. Don't worry, you can modify it by logging into your account. Go to the “settings” section to update your email address. From your profile, you also have the possibility to modify your password and generally all the basic information.

How do I post an ad on Abritel?

A Premium host on Abritel will have the possibility of using the Boost program to give more visibility to their ad. We advise you to use this option to promote your future availability or when you are in an off-peak period. From your Abritel account, you will find the “Boost” option in the sidebar. Then, let yourself be guided by the interface to configure your new visibility as required.

How to become an Abritel host?

In order to become an Abritel host, you simply create your account and start distributing your real estate. But you could become a Premium Host to enjoy a multitude of benefits. To be eligible for the program, you must have a booking acceptance rate of at least 90% and have an average review score of 4.3. Among the other criteria, you find a minimum of 60 nights reserved or five reservations and a cancellation rate which does not exceed 5%.

In all cases, the optimization of the rental of your property is carried out with an Abritel concierge service, because it is a company specialized in the field which will help you increase your profitability.



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