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The Best Areas of Paris to Live According to UpperKey

Paris: The most romantic city in the world

Sipping a coffee and soaking up the sophisticated air of this, the most metropolitan of cities, presented over a stunning backdrop of the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe or Notre Dame—you’d be forgiven for believing you’d slipped into a movie-set.

Everything from the cuisine to the accent, to the museums and culture, screams romance, nonchalance and glamour. Tourists and residents alike, clasp deep bags of designer labels, hoping that they too are emanating the same chic the city exudes. You’ll never be far from vintage and flea markets, bookshops and antique dealers; ideal for taking a break from the city’s grandeur, and soaking up some of its slower, sleeker paced traditions. Paris is a city of history. Of style. Of art. Of people. Vast numbers are drawn to its magic and romance year after year, wishing to be immersed in a love affair with the city, and just maybe, with someone else along the way.