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Why Use a Concierge for Rental?

You've heard of the concierge concept, but you're wondering if the company has any real value when you're doing vacation rentals. Whether it's on the platform or another one, you're certainly looking for the best possible return. This is when the presence of the concierge remains essential, as you are going to be accompanied by experts in their field of expertise.

The benefits of concierge assistance in maximizing returns
Unlocking the value of concierge services in vacation rentals.

Understanding the role of a concierge for rental management

At the moment, you are wondering about the interest of a concierge service for short-term rentals. Then to understand its usefulness, it is imperative to return to its definition. The role of an Airbnb concierge service in Paris, Reims or Strasbourg is always the same. That is to say, to take care of the entire seasonal rental of your property.

On your side, you do not necessarily have the necessary availability to ensure the handing over of the keys, to welcome the tenants as it should be or to manage their departure. The same applies to cleaning. However, these tasks are absolutely essential when you rent out your property on a seasonal basis. If you do not have the time to manage this aspect or if you live far from your rental property, how will you optimize your return?

So to free you from these various constraints, a concierge service of seasonal rental really takes all its sense. On your side, you entrust directly the management of your property to experts and your presence will not be required anymore. This is a real relief, because you will save a lot of time. The Airbnb concierge service in Nice, Monaco or Tours will work on exactly the same principle. In other words, a set of services that you choose according to your need.

So, you can get a complete rental management or some much more targeted services. This way, you will get a better return on your investment.

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What services are available with a concierge service for vacation rentals?

If your primary objective is to make the best possible investment in Paris or any other French city, you will find it much easier to achieve this by approaching a concierge service.

That's why you will appreciate the multitude of services even if the operation of the concierge service remains specific to each one. But globally, you will find the publication of your ad, the management of the entry and exit of the tenants, the delivery of the keys, the cleaning, the linen, the collection of the rents and the various daily managements.

For example, solving a lighting problem, repairing a piece of kitchen furniture, etc. As you can see, the services of the concierge are multiple and particularly practical. This is what makes this type of establishment so successful, but don't forget to ask about the reputation of the concierge service before committing yourself.

The importance of promoting your property

An apartment concierge has a very special know-how to highlight your property. Indeed, if your ad is not attractive because of a succinct description or poor quality photos, many potential tenants will not linger on your ad. But thanks to the intervention of the concierge, you will benefit from a very attractive ad.

Moreover, a dedicated service will take care of the customers. It is thanks to the intervention of these professionals that you will be able to provide answers to each of the interrogations of your

your tenants. But that's not all, the concierge will also be present in order to optimize the decoration of the housing and more globally the optimization of the furnishing. The objective will always remain the same, to offer the best possible service to the tenant.

But it is also necessary to know that the management involves some small daily hassles. So to avoid bothering you with this kind of problem, let the professional act directly. By the way, the concierge does not only manage the postings on the platform, but also on other platforms that encourage seasonal rentals. In any case, you don't have to worry about this aspect, as it is fully managed by the agency.

Encouraging the choice of concierge excellence to elevate the rental experience
The agency's full support in worry-free rental management.

The presence of a concierge is necessary to make your accommodation profitable

When you rent a property on the Airbnb platform, you are practicing what is called seasonal rental. This is an excellent opportunity to obtain additional income. But for it to be successful, you need to get a regular clientele. This way, your income will be more than enough to offset your mortgage.

Once again, the concierge service will provide you with everything you need with a particularly well-stocked address book. It is a precious support when you are looking for regular customers, because its involvement will be total and you will be able to quickly make your investment profitable.

It is always nice to have a better annual income and thanks to the concierge, you may have more possibilities to take out another real estate or consumer loan.

Have you thought about the security of your property?

When you are not in your home for a longer or shorter period of time, you may not feel secure. This feeling can also be present when you have a second home. You don't want to be vandalized and the risk of burglary is very real. This is a perfectly understandable feeling and you should know that your peace of mind will quickly be swept away.

Once again, it is advisable to turn to a concierge service, as they will be perfectly capable of ensuring the security of your property. If it is an apartment or a house, your property will be in the hands of an expert concierge. This is another reason to consider using such a service.

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Which rental concierge should I choose?

When you have a property in the French capital or any other city, it is important to engage with the best concierge service. In this regard, there is no doubt when you choose UpperKey.

The concierge service is known for its expertise and affordability. There are a number of different packages available to you, and all you have to do is choose based on your needs. For example, you could opt for a complete rental management and in this case you do not need to intervene anymore. On a monthly basis, you receive your income.

UpperKey Concierge Services will help you avoid the hassles you face on a daily basis. From the moment you start renting, don't forget to get the support of an expert concierge with a remarkable quality of service.

The avoidance of daily hassles with UpperKey Concierge's support
No more daily hassles and embrace UpperKey's support.

Why is UpperKey the go-to concierge for vacation rentals?

Initially, you can go it alone in managing your vacation rental. But since you're not a marketing expert or a specialist in administrative matters, you may run into a lot of problems. Indeed, in spite of your good will, your advertisement lacks attractiveness and on your side you have difficulty in managing the tenants.

As a result, you lose a lot of time and you do not have the expected profitability. So why not entrust these specialized tasks to UpperKey Concierge?

Right from the start, the guidance will be beneficial in getting the best possible visibility for your listing. Then, all legal, technical and administrative matters will be handled directly by a dedicated service. In other words, the UpperKey concierge service is absolutely essential and will allow you to have total rental management. It's an opportunity to have peace of mind.


Determine your property's rental value with UpperKey as your tenant

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