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Making Money on Airbnb By Renting Out Your Property All Year Round

Have you ever considered renting out your property, becoming a host and having more money per month without a business license or real estate investing, like a full time job in order to make money on Airbnb?

If so, you're not alone. Over the past few years, most landlords with their hard work have been using Airbnb to rent out their homes - and in some cases, even their apartments - to earn extra income and gaining Airbnb experience.

But what if we told you that you could make money with Airbnb and earn a full-time income by renting out your property on Airbnb after doing property inspections and gaining Airbnb experience with a business model about sharing economy? In this blog post, we'll show you the earning potential and becoming an Airbnb new host with your own house rules.

In recent years, Airbnb has become a source of additional income for many hosts.

120 Airbnb nights, what is that?

Maybe you've heard of the Airbnb platform, but you don't know what it is exactly and how it is becoming an Airbnb host and start making money with Airbnb not working hours. Or maybe you're already an Airbnb host, but you're wondering what exactly "120 nights" means. In this article, we'll find out together what Airbnb is and why the platform is so popular today with their short term rental per month.

Airbnb is an online platform that allows property owners to rent out their homes or apartments to travelers from around the world. Airbnb was founded in 2008, San Francisco, and officially launched in 2009. Today, it has over 2 million Airbnb listings in over 190 countries. Airbnb makes many travelers use Airbnb to find unique short term rental accommodations that are cheaper than traditional hotels instead of other platforms in most cities. Homeowners association and not use Airbnb to monetize their investment or to increase their income by making their entire home or apartment available to travelers around the world, sometimes with the help of a real estate agent.

In February 2017, Airbnb launched its "120 nights" program. Airbnb offers homeowners the opportunity to earn up to €10,000 per year by making their home or apartment available to travelers on the Airbnb platform. To participate in the "120 Nights" program, Airbnb hosts must book their home on Airbnb for at least 120 nights per year. Homeowners and other hosts can choose to participate in the 120-night program for a period of 12 months or for the duration of their contract with Airbnb.

Airbnb's "120 Nights" program offers Airbnb new hosts the opportunity to earn up to €10,000 per year by making their home or apartment available to travelers on the Airbnb platform. To participate in the "120 Nights" program, homeowners must book their own home on Airbnb for at least 120 nights per year. Homeowners can choose to participate in the 120-night program for a period of 12 months or for the duration of their contract with Airbnb.

If you own a property - whether it's a house, an apartment or even a spare room - you can rent it out on Airbnb for extra income. And if you do it right, you can actually make a full-time income by renting out your rental property on Airbnb year-round. Here's how:

There are many different other ways to ensure your property is regularly booked. Look at the local laws as well.

How to rent Airbnb properties on Airbnb 24 hours all year round

1. Choose the right location.

One of the most important ways to make money on Airbnb by renting out your Airbnb property is choosing the right location. Therefore, if you want to invest in a property for year-round Airbnb rentals, ask yourself this question before you buy and consider your personal finance and if you want to have short term rentals, vacation rentals or long term stays!

Ideally, choose a location popular with tourists and/or Airbnb business travelers and get your property insurance. This will give you the best chance of renting your property year-round.

2. Advertise the same property correctly. You can ask for an Airbnb copywriter

Once you've chosen the right location for your property, it's time required to start advertising your Airbnb business properly in order to start immediatly to earn money. The best way to do this is to create a Airbnb listing and other listings that includes Airbnb photographer 's high-quality photos and accurate descriptions of your property and its amenities such as Airbnb cleaning service and the cleaning fee. The best part is that you can make a good deal without having any marketing skills.

3. Set the right price and the check in process for the guest's arrival.

Another important factor in order to make money on Airbnb renting out your property is setting the right price for your rental. Again, you want to strike a balance between generating enough income for most hosts to cover your costs and making your Airbnb rental arbitrage attractive to potential guests. Because a guest checks everything. Don't hesitate to shop around to make sure your desired rent is in the right price range. For example, if you're investing in the Paris area, follow these tips for estimating rent.

host an airbnb data experience

4. Offer additional services and amenities.

One way to make your side hustle rental more attractive to potential customers is to offer additional services like cleaning services with knowing cleaning fees and amenities ( e.g. toilet paper) . For example, you could offer airport pick-up/drop-off or daily maid and cleaning service for an additional fee.

5. Provide excellent customer service.

Finally, one of the most important keys to make money as an Airbnb host by renting your property on Airbnb year-round is to provide excellent customer service. This means listening to guests' needs and questions, start making sure what they might need and that their stay is enjoyable.

Making money by renting out your property on Airbnb year-round is a great way to earn extra income, or even replace your current average income if you play your cards right. By following the tips in this blog post, you can maximize your chances of success. And who knows? You may end up quitting your day job!

Here are some tips on how to make the most of your Airbnb and keep it rented out year-round!

1. Use high quality photos

One of the first things potential renters will see when they look at Airbnb is the photos. Use high quality, well-lit photos that show the best features of your rental. Airbnb several properties with professional photos are more likely to be booked than those with amateur photos, so it's worth investing in a good camera or hiring a professional photographer to get the most out of your shots.

High-quality photos could increase your property's successand gain a property manager's license.

2. Write a compelling listing description

Then, other things can be that your rental description is an important factor in renting. Be sure to highlight all the features that make your rental special, including unique amenities or proximity to attractions. A compelling description will help potential renters visualize themselves staying at your rental and increase the likelihood that they will book it.

3. Set a competitive price

When setting your rental price, research other Airbnbs in the area. You want to price your rental competitively so that it is attractive to potential renters while generating revenue for you. Once you've set a price, be sure to mention any special price discounts or promotions in your listing description so that potential renters are aware of them.

Renting out your property on Airbnb can be a great another way to generate Airbnb income, but it takes work to make sure it's rented out year-round. By using high-quality photos, writing a compelling listing description with the help of a freelance writer, and setting a competitive price, you can maximize your chances of hosting an Airbnb all year-round! Also be sure to read our 12 tips for a small business owner co hosting renting on Airbnb.

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