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Why Hire an Airbnb Property Management Company?

Airbnb has proven to be a successful business model in the last decade. It is a homely alternative to hotels and B&Bs for general travellers or businesspeople, and the platform has blossomed into a force to be reckoned with. It is no surprise, then, that new hosts and properties appear on a weekly basis. Yet, managing an Airbnb is time consuming and that is why owners are turning to property management companies to enable the process fully and eliminate some of the stress.

The convenience and stress reduction it provides
Owners turn to experts to fully enable the hosting process and focus on other aspects of their lives.

Management Companies Improve Your Profit Prospects

Deciding how much you should charge for your Airbnb is a multi-faceted process. It involves taking a deeper look into area statistics, rental prices on the housing market, competitor charges in the vacation context, and exactly what your property has to offer guests. When you chose to use a management company, they take care of this on your behalf. You will receive expert knowledge and advice about how much you are able to charge and the reasons behind the summations. Other things these businesses bring to the table with regard to profit prospects include:

  • Seasonal Pricing Advice: Summer vacations will naturally increase in price as opposed to winter ones. Yet, there are more trending market fluctuations to take into account such as major seasons (Christmas, Easter, etc) where your property will hold more value to consumers, and therefore, your prices can increase for an interim period.

  • Best Service Prices: Cleaning crews, maintenance workers, and gardeners are just three of the upkeep services an Airbnb may require. Management companies will not only have legitimate industry links, but they will also be able to procure the best price and ensure nothing is amiss.

  • Expert Area Knowledge: Therefore eliminating the need for you to undertake hours of research trawling through all the area statistics. While there is value in understanding the local area of your Airbnb property, a management company will know everything inside out.

Outsourcing is a Tried and Tested Method for Success

There are undeniable benefits to outsourcing this side of the Airbnb venture. It provides a much more streamlined service to guide the success potential of any business, expertise that you wouldn’t have access to elsewhere, and it takes the stress away of trying to juggle too many metaphorical balls.

UpperKey property management blue banner

Find Extra Security for Your Property

There are many pros and cons of short term letting, says Upper Key property management company. While every experience is different and unique, that doesn’t mean that you will find all the positives or all the negatives that can crop up. Sometimes, properties that are used solely for this intent and purpose are targeted by thieves and home invaders. This is one of the biggest downsides to this business model, and while every home is ultimately at risk of a burglary occurring, having an empty property sitting there feels like a bigger risk. Management companies counteract this by offering checks and regular intervals regarding the physical presence of people on the scene. They will also have helpful advice about remotely securing a building to be taken advantage of and fully embraced.

Symbolizing the professional assistance provided by property management companies in short-term letting security
rust property management companies to combat risks like theft with regular checks and practical security tips.

The Marketing Advantage

Owning a property that you wish to rent out on Airbnb does not make you an expert in marketing. Neither does reading up and scanning through an article on the internet. Marketing and advertising, the real impactful kind that boosts profits and drives traffic to your agenda, takes expertise, experience, and strategy. Agencies that specialise in property management in this context will be able to tick all three boxes. They will know:

  • What to say about your property on the listing

  • Which way to take professional photographs to represent your space

  • How to set a fair price that reflects the time of year, area, and property

  • The ways to drive traffic to your listing to gain more exposure

  • What to say and how to market niche property or buildings in less than common areas (i.e., not a major city like London)

If your profile has not been receiving much attention, it might be time to look into the professional option to gain optimal outputs all around.

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It Will Improve Your Listing and Host Status

Everyone on the Airbnb platform in the position of host will understand that your status guides the rates of booking. To become a positively rated host, you have to project professionalism, quality, and responsiveness. Guests want to know that you care and that you put effort into the property on your listing. They will check your profile and pick at every detail, including all the reviews from prior stays. This means that to find success and therefore boost your profits, you have to be professional in every aspect on offer.

Management companies are a valuable asset here. Why? Because they have the best links in the industry. Alongside this, they also know the most lucrative advice about how a property should be presented, what amenities need to exist, and which services to hire vs which to steer clear from. They will have local links close by to your property and even if you want it, be able to offer a key exchange or guest liaison service for that personal touch. This is useful if you live far away from your property and want some peace of mind that the guests are who they say they are, and the property is secure.

The importance of professionalism and quality for success on Airbnb
Guests scrutinize your profile and reviews, so professional presentation is key to boosting profits.

What to Look for in a Service

Choosing the right service is essential. What to look for varies depending on who you are, what you want, and the type of property you have. Upper Key experts suggest that there are actually many factors to consider when selecting the best fit for your rental model. Look for a company that includes the following management functions:

  • Ready and willing to communicate with guests. While some hosts prefer to take care of this themselves, there is a level of protection in outsourcing the task.

  • Manages the cleaning side of things. Replacing linen, taking dirty laundry, straightening up, and disinfecting everything are all jobs that need doing. You can’t be there to handle turnover after every single occupant, and professional service is the better choice anyway for short-term rentals like this.

  • Turnover taken care of. When one guest leaves, there are certain things that have to happen before another guest can get settled. These include cleaning, maintenance, safety checks, and key organisation.

  • Monitors and manages your listing. A good management branch should have helpful advice and guidance on how to boost ratings, bring new clients to your door, and improve your profile. This should be in a regular review. This includes advertising and marketing too.

  • General security, maintenance, and upkeep so the property does not fall into dilapidation.

So, in fact, there are many reasons to support hiring a property management company for an Airbnb property. It is more than just simply finding peace of mind, management companies can guide the process from start to finish and take care of everything in between as well. They are useful allies to have in this business and it is always beneficial to have an expert on your side when dealing with a profit-making venture for the optimum lucrative trajectory. Airbnb owners are bound to see value rise in their properties if they follow the rules and are guided by those with the best knowledge.


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