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How to Rent a Commercial Space on Airbnb?

You have a commercial space and you plan to rent it out on the Airbnb platform. Indeed, seasonal rental remains particularly interesting, because it is a profitable rental investment. But to achieve your goal, it is necessary to scrupulously respect the legislation in force.

Need to understand and comply with the relevant legislation and regulations for successful and legal short-term rental of commercial properties
Legal considerations for renting your commercial space on Airbnb.

Why consider renting an Airbnb commercial space?

Short-term rental allows for better profitability. This observation can be explained by the fact that the price of the night is higher in seasonal rentals than in a traditional lease. On average, you generate two to three times more income than on a long-term rental.

But that's not all, seasonal rentals remain particularly supervised. By investing in commercial premises, you have an investment opportunity to circumvent the legislation in place. Moreover, it is only the only type of property that does not take into account the many Airbnb rental restrictions. The best known remains the ban on renting more than 120 days a year in large cities such as Paris, Lille or Lyon.

Is it necessary to undertake work to rent a commercial space in Airbnb?

It is imperative to carry out all the work necessary for the room to be transformed into a dwelling. Short-term travelers have specific needs and the accommodation must correspond exactly to expectations. Therefore, you must set up independent access, create an equipped kitchen, set up a bathroom and have specific bedrooms.

If the commercial premises do not have these elements, you will have no choice but to undertake major work. This is often the case when it came to an office. On average, the cost of renovation work is around €600 per square meter.

At first, you might be put off by the amount of work. But by intelligently using the available space, you optimize the profitability of your commercial premises. As a result, it benefits from greater attractiveness on rental platforms. If you have a high ceiling, take the opportunity to install a mezzanine to provide additional sleeping arrangements. A flexible is an opportunity for the development of a living room or a kitchen.

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Learn about the procedures for transforming a commercial space into a seasonal rental on Airbnb

To proceed with the rental of commercial premises on the Airbnb platform, you do not have the obligation to request a change of use of the property. Indeed, it is essential to make the distinction between a property for residential use and for commercial use. To rent without the constraint of housing restrictions, commercial use is essential.

By this status, you own the commerciality of the building and therefore you are in your right to proceed with its rental on Airbnb. No need to embark on a change of use, which is often expensive. This once again proves the value of investing in commercial space for seasonal rental.

When is it necessary to make a change of destination?

The rental of a property on Airbnb is carried out in different ways and under different names: hotel accommodation, housing, commerce, offices, warehouse, crafts, industry, constructions and installations necessary for public services or agricultural and forestry exploitation.

To launch yourself serenely into the rental of your commercial premises, you operate a change of destination by choosing hotel accommodation. However, strict control of the administration is necessary and it is necessary to obtain prior authorization. To do this, contact the planning department of your town hall.

Your request will be accompanied by various documents, in particular a building permit if you plan to develop an area greater than 20 m² on the floor. Same case if you touch the facade of the building or the supporting structures. Otherwise, a simple prior declaration is sufficient for development work or light work. If in doubt, obtain additional information from the town hall.

The importance of obtaining prior authorization and complying with administrative regulations
Changing the purpose of your commercial premises for Airbnb rental.

The steps to follow to transform your commercial premises in compliance with the legislation

Traditional furnished rentals do not require specific administrative procedures to be undertaken. But furnished tourist rentals do not work on the same principle. In the French capital, in Seine-Saint-Denis, in Hauts-de-Seine, in Val-de-Marne and in towns with more than 200,000 inhabitants, it is impossible to circumvent the regulations in force.

As explained in the previous paragraph, you take the necessary steps to be able to make the change of use and thus rent your accommodation on the Airbnb platform. If you disregard it, sanctions exist and you incur criminal and civil fines.

Vigilance at the level of the co-ownership regulations

You may not know it, but if your property is located in a condominium, the regulations in force may not allow you to rent your premises furnished with Airbnb. So to avoid receiving complaints from the neighborhood, approach the syndic of co-ownership to ask for additional information.

If you have no restrictions, check the legislation in place for the local urban plan. According to the Town Planning Code, it is a hotel destination. Therefore, a change of destination is required by completing a prior declaration in the form of a building permit application or a free declaration.

Rent a commercial space in Airbnb without forgetting the declaration to the town hall

Go to your town hall or on its website to register your furnished accommodation. Again, the penalties are heavy if you do not comply with the legislation, as the fine can reach €5000. On the advertisements that you post from the rental platforms, you indicate your 13-digit registration number.

The importance of complying with the legislation and obtaining a registration number to legally operate a short-term rental business
Complying with regulations. Registering your furnished accommodation with the town hall.

Read the subsequent declarations when you make a change of use and destination

As soon as you make a change of destination or generally a change of use of your premises, the tax authorities recalculate the cadastral rental value of your property. This value will then be used to determine the amount of property tax.

Within 90 days of making the change, you complete form 6704 to return it to the competent authority. Rest assured, you will find it directly on the tax site and if you need help, you can always send an e-mail or contact them by phone.

How does UpperKey assist you in carrying out the administrative procedures to rent commercial space on Airbnb?

On average, it takes 30 days for a change of destination to take place. This is the average time, without any particular complication on your file. But for many homeowners, paperwork is a real bane. However, they are mandatory.

To avoid any inconvenience and proceed with the rental of your commercial premises in Airbnb, trust the UpperKey concierge. From the start, you will discuss with a knowledgeable person who will take the time to give you all the explanations.

With total rental management, the UpperKey concierge takes care of the administrative procedures for you. For your part, you freely enjoy your free time, without the slightest annoyance.

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