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Emphasizing the benefits of experienced Piazza Navona property or hotel management
Investing in Piazza Navona properties and the importance of professional management.

Short Term Lets and Hotels in Piazza Navona: How a Management Company Can Help

Piazza Navona is a gorgeous public square located in the historic centre of Rome, Italy. It’s one of the most iconic and famous squares in the city, known for beautiful Baroque architecture, picturesque foundations, and a lively atmosphere.

Originally built as a stadium for chariot races and athletic contests in the 1st century AD, Piazza Navona was transformed to a public square in the 15th Century. Today, it has become a popular destination for both locals and tourists who come to admire the stunning monuments and buildings lining the square or enjoy the various restaurants, shops, and cafes in the area.

The Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi or Fountain of the Four Rivers is one of the most famous landmarks of the Piazza Navona. Designed by the famous Baroque sculptor Gian Lorenzo Bernini in the 17th century, it features four large statues representing the Danube, the Nile, the Rio de la Plata, and the Ganges, along with smaller sculptures and decorative elements.

The Baroque church of Sant’Agnese in Agone, built in the 17th century on the site of an earlier church, is another notable feature of Piazza Navona. It’s famous for gorgeous interior decoration including marble sculptures, frescoes, and elaborate altarpieces.

Overall, Piazza Navona is a must-see destination in the Italian capital, making it a popular place to stay for locals and tourists alike. If you are considering investing in property here for short-term lets or to use as a hotel, there are many reasons to consider hiring an experienced company offering Piazza Navona property management or Piazza Navona hotel management.

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Why Work with Piazza Navona Property Management Companies?

If you’re considering investing or have invested in Piazza Navona property to rent on a short-term basis or run as a hotel for the many tourists to the area, there are plenty of ways that property management companies Piazza Navona can help. Some of the main benefits include:

Time Savings

Managing a property can be time consuming, especially if you have multiple properties or do not live in the same area as your rental or hotel. This is where property management Piazza Navona or a hotel management company Piazza Navona comes in. A good company can handle a range of tasks like marketing the property or hotel, screening tenants and guests, taking care of maintenance and repairs, collecting booking or rent payments, and more. Overall, this frees up your time to focus on other things.


A good Piazza Navona property management and protection company will have a lot of experience and expertise when it comes to handing rental properties in the area. Similarly, if you are considering running a Piazza Navona hotel, a Piazza Navona boutique hotel management firm knows what it takes to ensure that hotels succeed in this area. They can help you make sure that the property or hotel complies with local laws and regulations, provide guidance and advice on rent or booking pricing, and help you navigate any issues that may arise with your tenants or guests.

Tenant Screening

Even if you are renting an apartment or room on a short-term basis, finding good tenants is key to running a successful property in Piazza Navona. A good property management company can help with screening any potential tenants, verifying their identity, creditworthiness, criminal background and more to help you make sure that you are handing over the keys to people who are reliable and responsible.

Maintenance and Repairs

Whether you’re investing in one property or a hotel, a good property management or boutique hotel management company Piazza Navona can handle all maintenance and repair issues. This can include overseeing regular maintenance of the property or responding to any requests from tenants or guests. They will ensure that the property is kept in good condition and that any issues are addressed promptly. Upperkey have relationships with local contractors and service providers, to help keep your maintenance costs down.

Financial Management

A good property or hotel management company can help you keep track of expenses, handle booking payments and rent collections, and provide financial reports that you can use to better understand how well your rental property or hotel is performing financially.

The reliable maintenance and repair services provided in Piazza Navona.
Comprehensive maintenance and repair services in Piazza Navona.

What to Look for in a Piazza Navona Property or Hotel Management Company

When looking for a company to manage your rental property or hotel in Piazza Navona, there are several factors to consider to help ensure that you find the right fit for your needs. Some of the key things to look out for include:

  • Experience: Look for a property management company that has experience managing similar properties to yours. Ask questions about their track record and how long they have been in business. It might be worth asking for further information on similar properties in the area that they have managed or are currently managing.

  • Reputation: Look for a property or hotel management company that has a good reputation. Ask for references from current or past clients and spend some time reading online reviews.

  • Services offered: Make a list of the main services that you will need from a property or hotel management company and ensure that you choose one that offers what you need. This could include booking or rent payment management, employee training, cleaning services, maintenance and repairs, financial management, renovations and more.

  • Communication: Always choose a property or hotel management company that you can rely on to be communicative with you about the property. Good communication is key when it comes to the successful management of a short-term let property or hotel. Ideally, the management company you use should be responsive, easy to contact, and reliable when it comes to regular communication with you and your tenants or guests.

  • Fees and contracts: Finally, understand the fees and terms of working with the company before you sign anything. Make sure that you understand what’s included for the fee, what additional fees may be charged, and the termination process.

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Are you investing in the stunning area of Piazza Navona? At Upperkey, we’re here to help. With years of experience working with landlords or hotel owners like you, we know what it takes to turn your investment into a thriving business. Get in touch today to find out more.


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