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Rome Apartment Management Service & Guaranteed Rental Income

Investing in a property at home or overseas can provide an excellent return on your outlay. It can also mean a lot of hard work to be assured of the profit you’re hoping to achieve at the end of the day. That’s where we come in. UpperKey offers guaranteed rent programmes in Rome, Paris, London and a selection of other capital cities throughout Europe. And as fruitful as an assured guaranteed rental income is for our clients, it’s only half the story.

The full story outlines the full range of benefits that we bring to our clients.

Rental in Rome, Italy

Simply put: we take care of everything

From the upkeep, service, marketing and presentation of your apartment—to the meet and greet of your guests, changeovers, presentation of information, and resolution of issues. You don’t have to lift a finger. The only question left is: what are you going to do with all of your newly acquired spare time?

Rome, one of the most expensive cities? | Rome rent

Rome: Outstanding character and culture on every corner

Imagine it: Sipping a coffee and soaking up the sophisticated air of Europe’s most intimate of cities, presented over a beautifully constructed background of the Coliseum, Vatican City and the art of Michelangelo, Caravaggio, Raphael and Bernini. You’d be forgiven for thinking you’d slipped into a movie-set.

Everything from the impeccable design to the attitude, heritage and culture screams sophistication, nonchalance and style. Tourists and residents alike, clasp deep bags of designer clothing, hoping that they too can present the same attitude that the city exudes.

Italian restaurant and italian cuisine attract with unmistakable taste and style. Italy is a city of history. Of style. Of art. Of people. Vast numbers are drawn to magic italian culture and spirit year after year, each of them hoping to be immersed in it and changed by it somehow. To be a little more Italian, and little less ordinary. Rome - one of the most beautiful european city.

Moving to Rome? | Rent in Rome, Italy

Main course? Pizza | Average Rent in Rome

Property investment in Rome

Rome is the 3rd most visited city of Europe and the 14th worldwide. Buyer demand comes from both investors and those looking to relocate for good; such is the draw of its lifestyle and charm. There has been much economic and political change in recent years; all affecting the property market, but Rome is stabilising again. There are more residential transactions and price growth in central locations. With prices appreciably lower than those of London, 45% lower, and 30% lower than those of Paris, a Rome apartment offers higher value than many of its competitor locations. New developments are materialising to match the demand for new-build residences. International buyers are showing great interest, especially to those projects within shouting distance of the tourist landmarks. The past decade hasn’t been kind to Italy. High levels of debt and unemployment forced a recession, and the average income fell by around 12%. Property prices slumped, yet, the market continued to be operational, mostly domestic. However, in Rome, the top end of the market still holds plenty of international interest from buyers looking for exclusive and superior assets and something what will secure their bank account.

Historical center | Average Rent in Rome

There are restrictions when it comes to buying a property in Italy

EU nationals and holders of a valid resident permit should have little problem. Also, citizens from countries offering reciprocity to the Italian market should also be ok—but you should find out whether that includes you before delving too far into the process.

Renting an apartment in Rome

Given the low prices of the Italian property market and the reduction in the average income, it’s no surprise that the rents are also lower than those you’d expect from such incredible and outstanding location. City apartments are well priced, and if you choose to live a little further afield of the attractions, then the cost of living drops further still.

The majority of apartments are rented by their owners. Rarely will you find apartment blocks managed by one company or even full buildings of rented apartments.

You’ll deal with the owner’s agent for the most part, but be aware, there are scammers operating throughout the market. Make sure everything is carried out in an official capacity, leaving a digital trail of electronic payments in case of emergencies where you need to track your money. Rental contracts are commonly 6-months to a year for short-term lets, and 2–4 years for long-term rentals.

Rental costs in Rome

Property & Rental Values in Rome

How much money do you need to buy an apartment in Rome? Given average apartment prices, buyers will need around £5.4k per square meter (€6.4k) to buy into Rome’s property market. The lowest-priced properties currently stand at just over £3.4k/m2 with the top end at almost £8.5k/m2. (€4k–€10k). The average rent in Rome is about €20 per square meter - about €1200 per month.

Due to the data average salary in Rome is around €1450 per month.

Average salary | Average Rent

Typical rental prices in Rome

A single bedroom apartment in the city center offers an average rent of around £924/month. (€1100). The bottom end of the market offers one-bed apartments at £635/month and top-end prices of around £1.1k/month. (€750–€1.3k). A three-bedroom apartment in the city center will achieve an average rent of around £1.5k/month. (€1.8k). At the time of writing, Rome’s three-bed apartment rentals ranged from £2.1k to £3,2K per month. (€2,5K–€3.8K)

And ofcourse, nearer the city center you are, average rent will be higher.

UpperKey works efficiently and effectively to provide great value, but also to maximise profit. By offering the generous guaranteed rent plan Rome apartment owners need, within current market prices, we’re confident that we’re the best you’ll find.

House rent in Rome

The best districts or Rome to live and work or stay and play

Packed to the brim with stunning scenery and a fascinating culture all of its own, Rome displays a diversity of character true to the reputation of this sprawling city. Choosing between neighbourhoods in Rome depends on what you need from the city. The Italians in Rome have a very laid back attitude to life. The work and social culture, so attractive to young expat professionals, suggests a different ideal to that of the quieter family life where schools and wide-open space are of a premium. Do you need city center or suburbs? What can the visitor or those relocating to Rome expect? It all depends on which corner of this wonderful world you choose to delve into first.

Street artists

Life at the heart of the city

The historical centre of Rome

This is the only place for artists and art lovers; the historic city center of Rome offers pure inspiration and amazement to all who visit. Don’t even try to drive around most of the centre, as vehicle access is often limited to residents and finding somewhere to park is inconceivable. The very centre is better suited for visitors and adventurers rather than those wishing to relocate, but what you get back is the sense of living in the most picturesque of postcards. Packed with 17th century townhouses, marble fountains and striking ruins wherever you turn, the sights are all on your doorstep. The Spanish Steps, Piazza Navona, Campo de’ Fiori, Trastevere, Vatican and Villa Borghese, the Colosseum and Termini; they are all waiting for you to be wowed by what they offer, in the most stylish city in the world.

Apartments and flats are modern and elegant—and expensive. As you’d expect for accommodation at the very heart of the city, you’ll pay premium rates almost everywhere.

Public transportation

Rome public transportation is very well organised. Its urban network is dense with lot of bus lines and contains of buses, trams, rapid transit lines, light rail lines and suburban railways. It is not very costly and doesn`t rise the cost of living that much in terms of rent in Rome. It`s the best idea to travel around the City because of traffic and driving restrictions to some parts of city. Parking space can also be a problem. If you plan on driving in Italy, you must obtain an International Driving Permit, which you should carry with your driver's license.

Public transportation | cost of living

Monthly costs | Average Rome Rent

Where are the best places in Rome for the young and single?


Trastevere is incredibly popular with the young professional and the students of Rome. Its less than 1 hour walking distance from the center. It’s one of the city’s most beautiful neighbourhoods, and due to the amount of busy and buzzing bars it holds, it’s an area that comes into its own at night. Similar to some of the other areas of Rome, given the occasionally less than ideal public transport, it can be tricky to access. However, there are plenty of tram stops, which is probably a better option than driving, as finding somewhere to park is another adventure in itself. You will be rewarded, though. There are restaurants, bars and grocery stores at every turn, so you’ll find everything you need, right at your fingertips. There’s always something going on at Trastevere; its cobbled streets, hanging flowers and traditional atmosphere offer a traditional Italy mixed with a vibrancy that the Europeans are renowned for.

Less than 1 hour from the center


Northeast of the Vatican, Prati is within easy reach of the heart of the city—either by foot or public transport. The nightlife isn’t quite as energetic and spirited as Trastevere, but there are still plenty of excellent restaurants, and the shopping is some of the finest in Rome.

Despite being exceptionally touristy, it offers a wealth of things to do and see, and being so close to the historic centre, it makes another exceptionally popular base for travellers and active, lively residents.


What was once a working-class district famous for its slaughterhouses, Testaccio is now a mecca for young professionals and expats. The slaughterhouse is now a modern art museum, and the area is renowned as the primary nightclubbing district. It’s slightly less picturesque appearance yet grittier vibe offers its residents a more authentic Rome experience. There’s a renowned food market here and masses of truly Italian eateries.

Rents are slightly cheaper here too, given the slightly further distance from the city centre. So as well as the young professionals, you’ll also find a share of younger families choosing to make their home here.

The ideal areas of Rome for families


Aventino is the only genuinely tranquil area in the historic centre. For those families looking for a central location, yet without the major hustle and bustle it brings, then they should look no further. Visitors will find some of the most beautiful churches and views Rome has to offer here, as well as several international schools. There is a good selection of museums, married to a lack of restaurants and bars, so you can see how the draw of family life is associated to this affluent, attractive area.


Tucked away behind Trastevere, Montverde is another sought after location for families in Rome. A leafy neighbourhood of parks and public spaces, easy parking and a selection of

schools. The neighbourhood splits into the Montverde Vecchio and Nuovo areas, with their opposing styles of traditional and modern architecture. Prices are a little more affordable than downtown, and it’s the tram this time that will offer transport links to other locations, as Montverde still lacks a Metro of its own.


Also rather peaceful, and a short walk from the Vatican or Prati, it’s easier to find more spacious and modern apartments here than in the other areas of town. Many will offer large terraces—somewhere to enjoy the incredible far-reaching views. This area is quiet, making it more suitable to families; there are fewer restaurants, shops and typical tourist haunts, keeping the bustle of the city centre at bay. Other areas well-worthy of a mention


Monti is an up and coming area of Rome. It is both hip and elegant, and right on the doorstep of the Termini station. It’s a great place to drop into Rome, dump your bags and jump straight into the city. There are plenty of places to stay around the station, an abundance of shopping and eating, and it’s ideal for exploring by foot. You’ll find plenty of boutiques and antique shops; the area is very central and therefore quite safe.

There’s also a mix of nightlife throughout Monti, so you should look into each neighbourhood, depending on whether you’re a night owl or expecting a little peace and quiet during your stay.


More quiet than other areas, EUR still has a lot of atmosphere, but also some large parks for those demanding a little more peace from their visit. Many multinationals have offices here, so a professional, older public is attracted by what this area has to offer. It’s an excellent base for tranquillity and escape.

Right course | Rental in Rome, Italy

Number of tourists in the city

Rome is the top tourist location in Italy, with over 15 million tourists and over 36 million overnight stays each year. These statistics are on the rise, including those of foreign visitors making up for well over half of the numbers. Over half of the foreign tourists were European visitors, and the remainder from the Americas, South East Asia and the Middle East.

The most popular tourist attractions are the Vatican museums and the Colosseum, with 4.2 and 4 million visitors respectively.

One way ticket to Rome?

How long do visitors stay in Rome

The average stay lasts only 2 or 3 days, making the city a perfect mini-break or short-stay getaway.

Maximising property investments with guaranteed rent in Rome

By accessing the tools and services UpperKey bring to every apartment we manage, our clients stand to gain more from their Rome investments than they’d ever hoped.

Our standard policy offers one of the most competitive guaranteed rent practices in Rome. Not only does this remove risk, it adds the certainty of income every investor hopes for. Our guaranteed property rental practises are working for apartment owners all over the capital. Just read our testimonials to find out how they’re working out for apartment owners just like you. Decided to rent in Rome? Rome rental never been that easy.

The additional bonus experienced by our clients, is the amount of time they recover when passing the physical duties over to our team. Whether you choose to reinvest the time you’ll gain into additional business or investment practice, or whether you’d prefer to utilised it for more leisurely pursuits, that’s entirely up to you. We’re confident that we’re the best choice of the guaranteed rent companies and agents in Rome. We’ve proved it time and time again, for apartment owners in Trastevere to Montverde.

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