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10 Reasons to Rent Out Your Property in Rome

No matter where you own property, there will always be reasons why renting it out is a great opportunity for earning an income apart from your salary at work. In fact, many new real estate investors begin by buying one property at a time to rent it out so that the collective income brought in will help to finance another property, and so forth. With this in mind, let’s look at some of the most important reasons you might be wanting to rent out your property in Rome.

The lucrative opportunity of renting out property in Rome for passive income
Owning property opens doors to earning passive income.

1. Rental Demand Is High Among Italian Residents

Living and working in Italy is pretty much the same as anywhere else around the world. Most jobs can be found in big cities and as Rome is the capital of Italy, jobs are numerous there. Rental demand is high among Italians looking for jobs with a future. With that being the case, there are so many corporations represented in Rome, there is always work to be found. This means that the real estate market for rentals is a booming industry.

2. Ability to Charge Higher-Than-Average Rents

As a landlord, the one thing you want to be assured of is a high enough ROI when renting properties of any kind. Residential rents are usually higher in major cities and in Rome, the capital, landlords can ask more for an equivalent unit located in another city simply because the demand is higher here.

3. Choice of Short- or Long-Term Rental Agreements

While some smaller areas only seek long-term rental agreements, residential properties in Rome do well with short-term agreements as well. This is because of the culture of the city. Some people come to stay only a matter of months while on sabbatical from churches and universities around the world, and others simply want to steep themselves in thousands of years of culture represented here. A short-term lease would work well for them.

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4. Property Managers Willing to Rent Directly From You

One of the main reasons why so many property owners are unwilling to rent out their homes is because of all the responsibilities that go along with it. Not only do they need to set up a marketing plan for prospective tenants, but they also need to collect rent, see to repairs, and do inspections as needed. Our property management team at Upper Key can take that burden off you. We will inspect the property and if suitable, make an offer to rent directly from you for a period of up to three years. We would then be responsible for all of the above. You usually can’t find an easier way to rent out a property in Rome than that!

5. Number of Multinational Corporations in Rome

Large multinational corporations are always looking for major cities around the globe as expansion sites. This helps them to cater to people and businesses within those cultures and provides opportunities for residents to grow within their professions. Not only will the corporation prosper, but so too will locals, and this also presents an opportunity for landlords to rent properties faster than average. Economic growth is always a contributing factor in the demand for residential properties.

The rental opportunities in major cities catering to expanding corporations and economic growth
Expanding corporations attract professionals, driving demand for residential properties.

6. Growing Number of Businesses Opening Branches in Italy

In a similar manner to those corporations mentioned above, many SMEs are also opening branches in Italy. What better place to launch a branch office than in a city where there is a huge amount of traffic. From restaurants to marketing teams, there is always room for growth in a city like Rome. This will lead to a spike in the demand for housing, which is why landlords should seriously consider renting out their unoccupied homes. They can realise a higher ROI on residual rents over time. The team at UpperKey can explain this to you in greater detail.

7. American and British Expats in Rome Looking for Rentals

There is a huge number of American and British expats living in Rome. Some are here because of their faith and others for their taste buds. There is no denying that Italian cuisine is among the most favourites around the world, and for foodies, living in Rome equates to living in paradise. These are often work-from-home types of professionals who are web developers or content creators up for a change.

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8. Jubilee Year 2025 Will Draw Tens of Thousands of International Visitors

Speaking of the faithful seeking a sabbatical year in Rome, it’s good to know that in just a couple of years the Vatican will be celebrating a holy year, a Jubilee year. The last one was celebrated in 2000 and before that 1975. They only come around once every 25 years and the next Jubilee has the theme of “Hope.” After coming out of a major pandemic that saw millions of souls lost to the illness and the events currently taking place in Ukraine, there is much room for hope. Watch as a growing number of pilgrims want to take up residence in Rome to be centrally located for this Jubilee of Hope.

9. A Huge Number of International Students and Professors

With several of the world’s top-rated universities in Rome, there is always an influx of international students seeking residence in the city. Sometimes universities also have guest lecturers on staff for a year from other countries. This is more common than you might think, so if you have a rental property, these might be some of the best prospects for short to long-term lease agreements that can be easily managed by UpperKey.

The rental opportunities for landlords with properties near top-rated universities in Rome, managed by UpperKey
Short to long-term lease agreements managed by UpperKey make it hassle-free for landlords. Explore the potential of renting to academic professionals in Rome.

10. Last But Not Least – The Food!

Need we say more? As mentioned above, Rome is a foodie’s paradise but beyond that, there are several renowned culinary arts schools in the capital city. Graduates of these academies can find positions as master chefs in some of the world’s most renowned restaurants and hotels. As an example, the Italian Chef Academy is featured as one of the best culinary arts institutes in the entire world. Each of their modules can last several months, so why study at this amazing institute if only taking a single module? Be prepared for a long-term lease if renting to a student of this culinary arts institution.

As you can clearly see, there are many reasons why renting out your property in Rome can be a lucrative venture. Whether you want to handle the headaches of dealing directly with tenants or lease your residential property to UpperKey, you can be assured that your home won’t be vacant long. It’s really all about finding the right marketing campaign to reach a targeted audience, and that’s a big part of what we do at UpperKey. There is always a demand and that’s the bottom line.


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