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Why Property Owners Should Consider a Hotel Management Company in 2023

Perhaps you have always dreamed of going into hotel management, as it is a job that offers many opportunities. However, being a hotel owner involves a particularly strict hotel management to carry out your project and thus taste success. Therefore, it is imperative to master a set of knowledge and skills. But due to lack of information or time, you may make some mistakes that are easily avoided if you decide to work with a specialist like our UpperKey agency.

Symbolizing how UpperKey can make hotel management easy and lead to success
Hotel management made easy. Partner with UpperKey for success.

Definition of the hotel industry

Broadly speaking, the hospitality industry includes any type of accommodation. That is, it does not only include overnight stays in hotels or resorts, but also in inns or guest houses. The main purpose of the establishment is to provide travelers with shelter, services, drinks and food when they are not close to home.

Because of this, hotel management is another concept to be quickly considered. Simply put, it is the management of establishments and it is important to be familiar with the various management techniques such as housekeeping, marketing, accounting, food and beverage management and hotel administration. In this way, you will be able to successfully manage your establishment by mastering all aspects.

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How does our agency help you with hotel management?

Whether you're an investor or an owner, UpperKey is an absolute must, as we are recognized as a specialist in hotel management. As a result, we will be able to increase the value of your asset, and that means optimizing pricing and pushing the performance of the property. Not only will you achieve greater profitability through adjusted pricing, but also an occupancy rate in line with your objectives.

In this context, our UpperKey agency will manage your hotel, and this will allow you to free up more time to focus on other projects. As you know, managing a hotel requires a certain reliability in the use of tools, as well as monitoring profitability. We are able to provide this real estate expertise with turnkey hotel management. In the field, we have over 60 years of experience in both hotel operations, but also in marketing, sales logistics and revenue management.

You'll quickly see an improvement in your reputation and no longer need to intervene to manage day-to-day operations. We will find the most appropriate solutions for you to increase your margins and in this way you will have a better long term vision. All key indicators will be used to optimize the management work, with the objective of increasing the turnover.

However, the expertise of our UpperKey agency does not stop there. We are also a must as an Airbnb concierge, to inform you about the various real estate rental schemes, how to estimate a rent and more generally about the rental management of any property, whether it is a furnished or empty apartment.

What are the different departments that our UpperKey agency handles?

In the hospitality industry, there are many departments to consider. It is important to consider all of them with similar value, because in this way you will be able to achieve your common goals and offer the best experience to your customers.

At first, you find the financial management department. This involves overseeing the day-to-day operations including managing hotel services, developing strategies, overseeing events, meeting with business partners and resolving issues. On the financial side, it is important to consider the completeness of the data with a rigorous follow-up of expenses and revenues. But also, to put in place an intelligent planning regarding financial strategies. As you can see, many skills are required in this department.

To delegate the operation, nothing better than to choose our UpperKey agency, which will provide you with a management and financial direction that meets your expectations.

But don't forget to consider the food and beverage department. Again, its role is absolutely crucial to your success, as many hotels make a sizable profit from food and beverage sales. In this context, our UpperKey agency will take note of the necessary stocks and will take care of the purchase of the ingredients, setting up a food and beverage service in line with the establishment's standing.

Underscoring the pursuit of excellence in every hotel department with the support of UpperKey
Excellence in every department and embrace UpperKey's support.

Are there any other services handled by our UpperKey agency?

The Front Office is, of course, a service that is fully understood and managed by our UpperKey agency. This time, our experts will assist you with any problem you may have with reservations, payment processing and customer services. Therefore, it is imperative to be in direct contact with the customers and to carry out the close cooperation with the hotel management.

Of course, the housekeeping department cannot be overlooked. His/her role is to provide a friendly environment for future guests, a comfortable and pleasant environment. Among the main tasks, it will obviously be necessary to take care of the cleaning of the rooms, but also the laundry service, the change of sheets and to ensure the quality of the service, while respecting the standards.

The maintenance service remains relatively similar and takes care of all the equipment and technologies present in the establishment. But its role does not stop there, because it will deal with any anomaly on the heating system, broken pipes, air conditioning in the rooms and common areas. Of course, you don't have to worry about this, because once again you will be supported by our UpperKey agency.

The importance of hotel revenue management

When it comes to hotel management, revenue management is often overlooked. However, it is absolutely essential to deploy an efficient revenue management strategy, because this way you will be able to generate many benefits. This means an increase in occupancy, but also a price per night that is systematically adapted to the events and the standing of the establishment.

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However, revenue management cannot be considered as a new practice in 2023, but rather in a continuity. However, you may see some evolution in booking patterns. So, to optimize hotel revenues, these patterns must be considered and the management strategy should not be put aside, on the contrary it is the focus of your concerns.

At the same time, our UpperKey agency will show you the latest trends in the hotel industry. In the past, services were fairly traditional for guests spending time away from home. But in order to provide a memorable guest experience, it is essential for the hotel to rely on technology. It's a way to differentiate from the competition and undeniably will have a direct influence on revenue.

Representing how revenue management with UpperKey paves the path to hotel success
The path to success revenue management with UpperKey.

Unlocking exciting opportunities in hotel management

Hotel operations are multifaceted and require many skills. Of course, it is impossible to manage these different aspects without having the right people assist you. So to save time and increase your business, why not entrust your hotel management directly to our UpperKey agency.

We'll be happy to provide you with tailored support, and we have a particularly strong track record in the industry. As a result, we will take into consideration all of the criteria that are important to you and provide you with a service that is tailored to your needs.

All aspects of management will of course be dealt with in a timely manner and this is an excellent way to increase your profit margins, while seeing your establishment's reputation grow. So to find out more, do not hesitate to approach our agency and we will show you our know-how.


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