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Airbnb: How Do I Manage my Tenants?

If you decide to get into seasonal rental, it is impossible to ignore the Airbnb platform. Indeed, it is essential on a global scale and millions of travelers use it every year. It's an easy solution to take in hand, provided you follow some obvious rules.

How to get started on Airbnb?

First, it will be necessary to open a Airbnb account using the Website or App. Rest assured, the procedure remains extremely simple by indicating a valid e-mail address and a password. Another solution is to use your Apple ID, Google or Facebook account.

The next step is to verify your identity to complete the registration process. No need to take Airbnb training to achieve this, everything has been thought out so that ergonomics is present. You fill in your address, your legal name, you provide a photo of your ID and in some cases you will be asked for a selfie.

Upload photos of your property to showcase its features and attract potential guests
Providing all necessary information for potential tenants.

Once the validation is complete, your account is active and you can publish an ad to present your property. It is through this that you indicate the technical characteristics, you attach photos and all additional information. Put yourself in the shoes of the temporary tenant by providing them with all the appropriate information.

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How to become a Superhost on Airbnb?

When you get the Superhost badge, you are considered a quality person and therefore this special badge will be displayed directly on your ad. This is of course an important element, because the seasonal tenants will be more likely to trust you.

The assessment is carried out quarterly, taking into account your activity over the past 12 months. That is to say, all the ads you have registered on your account Airbnb. When you fully meet the criteria against the program, you automatically get the valuable status. Therefore, it is useless to send any request to obtain it. When the trial period ends, you are automatically notified to find out if you are eligible for the Superhost badge.

Be patient, because once obtained, a delay of up to a week is sometimes observable. Among the immutable criteria for its allocation, you must accumulate at least 10 stays or three reservations for a minimum of 100 nights. At the same time, you must display a response rate of 90%. The cancellation rate must not exceed the 1% cap.

Finally, a last criterion comes into play, namely the general evaluation with a minimum score of 4.8. Remember that the recognition of a comment for obtaining the famous status is made when both parties have sent it within a period of 14 days after the stay has ended.

Set up a digital welcome booklet

For your seasonal rental, do not hesitate to invest in a free digital welcome booklet. The creation remains much easier than a physical version, as does its distribution by favoring a more attractive pricing. Today, digital occupies a prominent place and therefore we advise you to orient yourself in this direction by transmitting the precious information in PDF format or by email.

The presence of the welcome booklet is still recommended when you practice seasonal rental. You enter all the details in relation to the specificities of the property and in relation to your expectations. As soon as the tenant has a question, he refers to the document to find additional information.

Representing the benefits of investing in new technologies for Airbnb hosts.
Embracing new technologies for a better Airbnb experience.

In the end, it saves time for the temporary traveler, but also for yourself. In addition, it is a crucial element to improve the tenant's experience and on your side you could modify the information in real time. According to your preferences, you adapt the design of the document according to your tastes. Without forgetting the ecological concept, because there is no waste of paper.

With this support, you provide the essential information to answer any questions the traveler may have. You certainly don't want to be bothered with basic questions like how induction cooktops work. If this is a recurring question, we advise you to devote a chapter to it in your digital booklet. For its distribution, the PDF format remains perfectly appropriate, but you could also use a dedicated application or provide an address by SMS or email.

How to easily manage Airbnb check-in time?

With Airbnb, an arrival time will be defined to welcome your tenants. Without the use of specific technology, you are present to receive travelers. For some, it is a real pleasure, but a constraint for others. If you are in the second situation, it is possible to plan an Airbnb with an autonomous arrival by investing in a connected lock.

You provide a code with a unique identifier and the traveler has complete freedom to take the accommodation at their ease. On your side, there is no need to be present and this is a very appreciable specificity. The technological advantage remains palpable for everyone, so do not hesitate to invest in these new technologies.

Easily manage your tenants with a concierge

To avoid being overburdened by the many technical and administrative obligations of a seasonal rental, entrust your project directly to a concierge like UpperKey. You will discover an agency specializing in the field with a integral management and therefore you no longer need to register on the Airbnb platform. Also forget interactions with tenants, furnished rental professionals take care of everything.

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