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What Can UpperKey Do For You in London?

For existing property owners or those with a desire to invest in a rental property in England’s capital, UpperKey is primed and ready to help maximise revenues and profitability with the least amount of effort from their clients. By providing the complete management and rental service, backed with our excellent, guaranteed rental income for London properties, we are committed to providing all of our clients with an exceptional level of assistance and return.

Representing UpperKey's dedication to simplifying rental property management in London
Commitment to simplifying rental property management in London.

London: A property market for investors and renters alike

Without a doubt, London is one of the most fascinating, multi-cultured, dynamic cities in the world.

A steady flow of footfall and visitor traffic

With a continual flow of property seekers, it’s one of the most sought after property locations for visitors and residents from all walks of life. Whatever the reason—vocation or vacation: students, tourists, professionals, day-trippers or adventurers—the London rental market is never satisfied and filling property is rarely a problem.

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Information for the potential London property investor

As with any property investment, it’s wise to consider affordability and demand. This is especially the case with London properties and rentals. Property prices in London are some of the highest in the country, and they don’t always reflect rental prices. Specific boroughs and London locations play such an important factor when considering the property’s most likely application and possible tenant.

The recent hikes in high property prices suggest investors are looking outside of London for higher yields and opportunities. Decreasing rental prices have led to less than enticing rental yields for existing owners, especially in the most central locations. But, this is no ordinary place to stay, nor is it any ordinary place to visit. The rental market in London is like no other in the world and remains a strongly sought after area of opportunity.

There’s no shortage of interest in the London rental and property markets

Whatever the market has shown recently, London remains a healthy prospect. With an abundance of available renters—a steady flow of fresh talent and holidaymakers alike—London endures as one of the busiest rental markets you’ll find.

The influence of transport and facilities

London’s transport links and the area’s local facilities play a big part in consumer decision-making. These 2 crucial components will regularly reflect how much a tenant is willing to pay. London residents have shown preference to locations within a 30-minute commute of central London. The London tourist wants to be as near to their preferred attractions as possible.

A property market built on an array of diverse smaller markets

With 32 London boroughs, there isn’t a typical market for London investment properties or rentals. So many people head for England’s capital for so many reasons. The range of culture and vogue within those markets, quite simply, provides something for everyone.

Property prices range from high to, well, not quite as high—to affordable and occasionally budget—from the most expensive in the heart of the city, outwards, into all the surrounding areas. Street-level rental yields range from 2.2–5.4%. Rental yields show that the nearer you are to the action, the less you’re likely to make from your rentals. However, with excellent transport links, areas offering easy access to the city can offer alternatives more advantageous to the investor than the typical city-centre premium properties.

Property & Rental Values in London

How much money do you need to buy an apartment in London?

You’ll need, given the averaged out pricing, around £13k per square meter (€15.4k) to buy into London’s property market. The lowest-priced properties currently stand at around £9k/m2 with the top end at £18k/m2. (€10.8k–€21.2k)

Typical rental prices in London

A single bedroom apartment in the city centre offers an average rent of around £2K /month. (€2,3K)

The bottom end of the market offers one-bed apartments at £1.6/month and top-end prices of around £2.6K/month. (€1.6K–€3K)

A three-bedroom apartment in the city centre will achieve an average rent of around £4,3K/ month. (€5,1K)

At the time of writing, London’s three-bed apartment rentals ranged from £2.8K to £5,2K per month. (€3,3K–€6,2K)

UpperKey works efficiently and effectively to provide great value, but also to maximise profit. By offering the generous guaranteed rent plan London apartment owners need, within current market prices, we’re confident that we’re the best you’ll find.

London’s favourite ‘work, rest and play’ districts

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The most popular areas in London to live

1. Isle of Dogs

A district with a real sense of community. Encapsulated by the Thames, the Isle of Dogs is home to both quiet, canal-side residential areas as well as the skyline towers of Canary Wharf.

2. Battersea

Battersea offers the wide-open space and greenery of a park, a children’s zoo and a Go Ape facility, making it an ideal location for young families. Not only great for the kids, but there are also a rising number of new restaurants and bistros—making it just as attractive for the ‘grown-ups’ too.

Symbolizing the blend of community and modern living in the district
Where community and skyline living meet in London.

3. Belgravia

With Underground links at Victoria, Sloane Square, Knightsbridge and Hyde Park Corner, it’s not only accessible it’s as grand as its name makes it sound. With Hyde Park just to the north, there’s plenty of open space and fresh air when you need an escape from the bustling streets and city life.

4. Bermondsey

East of London Bridge, Bermondsey has so much to offer. Packed with trendy cafés and restaurants—plus its mix of industrial and modern architecture—Bermondsey is continuing to advocate the SE1 profile as one of London’s most vibrant areas to live.

5. Blackheath

Blackheath is a charming and delightful small village in South East London, with a varied selection of independent shops, pubs and restaurants. The area offers plenty of breathing space as well as the necessary links to Central London.

The most popular areas in London to stay on holiday

1. Clerkenwell

With easy access to the exclusive Michelin-starred restaurants and buzzing markets, Clerkenwell is renowned for its fabulous social stops, history and hotels. With its winding streets and character, it’s a fabulous find for any visitor’s exploration.

2. Covent Garden

The ultimate in London tourist traps. Covent Garden offers everything you could wish for—from every type of shopping, entertainment, clubbing, street-culture, theatre and dining.

Quirky or mainstream, budget or high-end, Covent Garden has something for everyone. And with so many central attractions so close by, it makes the ideal base for any stay.

3. Soho

What was once a celebration of hedonism and rock and roll, Soho now offers a much more family-friendly feel. With its many theatres, bars and shopping right on its doorstep, London visitors will be spoilt for choice. With an abundance of spirit, Soho still exudes the same buzz it always has to make it a great place to stop and stay, on every budget.

4. Hampstead

Littered with quaint shops and cafés, stunning scenery and equally impressive views of the city, Hampstead is a wonderful village for the sophisticated stay in London. It offers a mix of cosmopolitan and countryside, with historical buildings and of course, Hampstead Heath provides a centre for fresh air and rejuvenation.

5. Peckham

For the tourist or traveller with alternative and trendy tastes, Peckham offers visitors to South London easy access to Westminster, Tower Bridge, the London Eye, the Tate Modern, Borough Market and The Shard. There is also a stunning selection of independent art hubs, parks and multicultural eateries to sample.

The most popular areas in London to work

1. Shoreditch

Once rundown, Shoreditch is now one of the finest sectors of the East End. It’s a hotspot for creatives, evident in both the street art and the style of the upmarket cafés and eateries situated at every corner.

2. London Bridge

London Bridge is now one of the busiest developing business hubs in London, where the business community outnumbers the residential populous 10:1. There are hundreds of cafés and restaurants to feed the mass of workers, as well as the many additional venues for after work socials.

3. Waterloo

Home to Waterloo Station, and the largest transport hub in London, around a quarter of a million people enter and exit Waterloo every day. Waterloo is emerging as a major business district, consistently growing in the capacity to feed and entertain its rise in industry and entertainment alike.

4. Farringdon

One of the finest areas in London, Farringdon is vibrant and alive with trendy and hipster bars. It’s growing into an exceptional hub for creative and tech companies alike. With plans for expansion into new business areas and opportunities, the industrial ingredient of this area is only set to grow.

5. Soho

Soho was one of the first business locations in London. Today, it’s still an essential player in creative arts, media and TV industries—and is home to some of London’s most iconic film production companies, media and advertising companies.

Tourist numbers for the city

With around 20 million international visitors heading to London every year, it’s no wonder that the rental market is such a thriving arena. These international visitors bring a total yearly spend to the capital of over £12 billion.

How long international visitors stay in London

The length of each visit is wide-ranging across the board. From a few days to a month, the duration of visitors’ stays is varied. There were only slightly more weekly rentals as there were for those staying for periods over a fortnight.

An ideal location for young families in London
Exploring the range of visitor stays in London.

Local and national visitors only add to the tally

Considering the totals exceed 100 million nights spent in London solely by international visitors, that’s a massive amount of available rent. Adding to that, the figures for day-trippers and those taking a mini-break from all over the country, it only shows what a thriving market it holds.

Maximising property investments with guaranteed rent in London

By accessing the tools and services UpperKey bring to every apartment we manage, our clients stand to gain more from their London investments than they’d ever hoped. Our standard policy offers one of the most competitive guaranteed rent practices in London. Not only does this remove risk, it adds the certainty of income every investor hopes for.

Our guaranteed property rental programmes are working for apartment owners all over the capital. Just read our testimonials to find out how they’re working out for apartment owners just like you.

The additional bonus experienced by our clients, is the amount of time they recover when passing the physical duties over to our team. Whether you choose to reinvest the time you’ll gain into additional business or investment practice, or whether you’d prefer to utilised it for more leisurely pursuits, that’s entirely up to you.

We’re confident that we’re the best choice of the guaranteed rent companies and agents in London. We’ve proved it time and time again, for owners in every postcode of north, west, east and south London


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