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Why Use a Luxury Concierge in Paris?

If you are interested in seasonal rental, this is a very good initiative on your part to generate excellent profitability. Unfortunately, this is a time-consuming and often difficult operation if you have no experience in the field. Between the management of advertisements, maintenance, welcoming tenants and promotion, you are very quickly overwhelmed. So rather than leaving your project aside, there is a very simple solution by approaching a luxury concierge in Paris.

Engaging the services of a luxury concierge in Paris offers a simple solution
Seasonal rentals can be highly profitable but also time-consuming.

What is the use of a concierge?

To better understand its interest, it is necessary to distinguish between the sole management of a prestige property or to be assisted by a professional. Truth be told, both are possible, but it all depends on how much time you have and your skill level. On paper, the management seems simple, but in reality a significant investment in time remains essential.

Indeed, you must manage the general maintenance of your luxury property and more particularly the cleaning after each reservation. You take the time necessary to change towels and bed linen. Without forgetting the administrative and tax obligations by preparing invoices and considering all legal issues.

Permanently, you ensure a constant follow-up of reservations, you answer customer questions and you manage payments. Not to mention the marketing necessary to publicize your prestigious property through specialized platforms such as Airbnb or by using social networks. In case of an emergency, you are also available to answer the question tenants.

As you can see, the tasks are numerous and you better understand why many owners prefer to rely on an Airbnb concierge service in Paris. You too, consider this possibility in order to lighten your responsibilities.

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What are the specific services of a luxury concierge in Paris?

By engaging the services of a professional, you become aware of the many services included in the contract. In other words, all the procedures and services are very useful to ensure long-term and peaceful management of your prestigious property:

  • No more need to worry about tax declarations, because the balance sheets are drawn up automatically by the luxury concierge. In addition, it offers you appropriate insurance to avoid finding yourself in a difficult situation in the event of damage.

  • You will also receive valuable help with administrative procedures. That is to say for renovation bills, management as well as telephone operators and rental costs in general.

  • In addition, the concierge can also use surveillance cameras as well as connected cameras to increase the level of security of the property.

  • The cleanliness of the premises remains another immutable criterion. The clientele wants to be demanding and therefore the slightest error will not be tolerated. The conciergerie only employs adequate staff to meet these very specific requirements.

  • The reception of tenants is done with a smile and in the best conditions and know that the same methodology applies to carry out the exit inventory.

The luxury concierge service in Paris will save you time

When you are a landlord wishing to move towards short-term rental, you cannot imagine the time needed to manage tenants. With your already busy schedule, you do not necessarily want to dive into rental management. This is a valid reason to enlist the services of a luxury concierge in Paris.

No more worries about meeting the requests of your guests, the concierge takes care of everything. In addition, how to manage a property remotely? If you live nearby, location won't be an issue. But this situation is not valid if you live at the other end of France. Rest assured, the luxury concierge is available even when you are remote.

Better profitability

To define the price of the night, many parameters come into play. But there are still tips to increase your profitability. For example, by modifying certain layouts, adjusting the decoration or adding a bed. Thanks to its peculiarities, you are able to earn regular income and increase good reviews.

In your ad, you could specify that the experience of your customers is in the spotlight with a luxury concierge that takes care of everything. It's a way to reassure an elitist clientele and on your side to increase your income and the value of your home.

Indeed, you are not necessarily able to know exactly what your customers are looking for. Moreover, the needs are not always the same and adaptation remains an essential quality. Since your prestigious property is located in Paris, there are also many tourists. To welcome them in the best conditions, it is preferable to speak the same language.

Hence the interest of going through a luxury concierge who will take care of your Airbnb. Instantly, tourists are put in touch with an expert who will provide them with all the information necessary to discover the local sites. Both in the neighborhood, but more generally in the French capital. We must therefore see the concierge as an agency specializing in the reception of temporary tenants. This is an undeniable asset, as the experience of your guests will be greatly improved.

Full management services can significantly increase your income by improving visibility and customer satisfaction.
Engaging the services of an Airbnb concierge in Paris offers flexibility, allowing you to choose between partial or full management of your property.

A complete service at your disposal

The services of an Airbnb concierge are above all flexible. So, you could opt for partial management or on the contrary for full management of your property in Paris. From the start, it is necessary to gather information to know exactly in which direction to orient yourself. If you are interested in a full rental management service, just engage with the right partner and you won't regret your choice, because you will be able to significantly increase your income .

Your property benefits from better visibility and impeccable quality, which will also increase your customer satisfaction. In the end, it is an affordable and practical service and therefore an asset that should not be overlooked. No more concerns about buying supplies as well as housekeeping. You no longer waste time and you stay focused on your daily activities.

As soon as they arrive, your guests will rely on extra help that is very useful. So, if you want to offer the best experience to your temporary tenants, while generating a comfortable income, it is impossible to miss the usefulness of a luxury concierge service in Paris.

Are you looking for an Airbnb concierge service in Paris?

No doubt possible by immediately putting you in touch with the UpperKey concierge. An expert agency in the field with solid knowledge of the Parisian real estate market. Thanks to its know-how, guests will appreciate the French art of living and they will live an unforgettable experience.

The UpperKey Concierge answers all your questions with affordable pricing. To find out more about the services available, we invite you to contact us immediately by email or telephone.

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