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Why the PropTech Sector is Growing Fast

As the sector continues to further grow and mature, investment into property technology or PropTech reached record levels last year and has more than quadrupled since 2020. There was a huge £1.6bn poured into PropTech in 2021, a huge 360 percent rise from the year before.

PropTech investment is seeing some significant growth each year, with the real estate sector becoming more and more aware of operational performance gaps and the changes that are required to reach increasingly closer net-zero targets. Property developers, investors, landlords, and occupiers are all coming to realise that technological adaption is key to future-proofing property assets and ensuring that sustainability promises are upheld in the coming years.

What are PropTech Startups Focused On?

There are several areas for startups to focus on when it comes to PropTech 2022, giving the sector lots of opportunities to grow as the PropTech industry becomes more important in the real estate industry as a whole.