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Best Alternative to Cozycozy for Holiday Rental Listings: Explore Top Options

Updated: May 17

Everyone who has ever tried to book accommodation when travelling has done the same thing; they have gone online to try to find the properties they are looking for and then opened up a bunch of tabs to compare what the different online services provide. This is a tedious and inefficient way of finding the properties they are looking for. Things would be easier if they had a search engine like CozyCozy that helped them do this. It makes things much simpler for those looking for accommodation and for property owners on various platforms who want these people to find their properties. For property owners who want people to find their properties easily, some alternatives work as well or slightly differently.

The efficient accommodation search engine
Simplify your property search with CozyCozy, making it easier for travelers and property owners.


UpperKey is a property management company providing both property management and Airbnb concierge services. It caters to an international clientele, helping them find the types of properties they need for different lengths of stay, whether they are visiting for work, pleasure or other reasons.

Providing a full property management suite or services, UpperKey becomes your primary tenant and then leases the property to those looking for somewhere to stay. It can list your property on Airbnb through their Airbnb management service so it can be found using search engines like CozyCozy.

How Does UpperKey Work?

Property owners who have properties they would like managed can get in touch with with details about their property. When the property meets certain criteria, UpperKey will arrange a viewing that the company’s representative will use to review the property. If it passes their inspection, they will provide an offer of tenancy or property management.

As a tenant, they will lease your whole building and then pay you a guaranteed income whether the property is occupied or not. They can also opt to manage the property for you. Property owners can also opt into their guaranteed income scheme where they receive six months of rent upfront and regular monthly rent after that.

Their service ensures that you never have to deal with agents or tenants ever again and only wait for the regular income at the end of the month. UpperKey also takes care of the servicing and maintenance of the property, including when a tenant leaves.

They do this to ensure that each of the tenants who occupy your property is comfortable and has a great experience. This guarantees longer tenancies that make your property more desirable even after the end of your contract, and more valuable if you ever decide to sell.

Getting You Listed

Despite what the name sounds like, UpperKey lists your property on various platforms including Airbnb, Homelike, SpotaHome and others to ensure it is picked up by search engines like CozyCozy.

UpperKey property management blue banner

Why UpperKey?

UpperKey will save you a lot of time, effort, and headache. Managing your property can be challenging especially if you use it for Airbnb services. UpperKey will take all this effort out of your hand thereby saving you lots of time and money. Their guaranteed income arrangement means you get paid, regardless of the season and whether your property is occupied or not.


Even though its original function was to help people find cheap accommodation, Airbnb has grown to become one of the most popular ways for people to find different types of accommodation no matter the cost.

Airbnb's diverse accommodation options
Airbnb has evolved to offer various types of accommodations catering to different budgets.

Finding properties on the platform is relatively straightforward, and booking is the same too. Property owners will also find it very easy to have their property listed on the platform. If you wish to do this, you have to do some preparations. Start by thinking about the property’s name and description and preparing some photographs to go on the platform.

Airbnb will take a cut of whatever your client pays so this is something property managers need to think about when pricing their properties. Despite this, Airbnb remains an amazing CozyCozy alternative because of how easy it makes leasing your property.

While both help people find your property or properties, Airbnb makes things easier for people as they can lease the property on their platform. CozyCozy redirects people to the relevant website and this additional step can be a turn-off for some people.

That said, listing your property on Airbnb ensures it can be found by those looking for it or a similar one on CozyCozy.

Vrbo is part of the Expedia Group and is a similar search engine to CozyCozy, although it is less established. It focuses on helping people find holiday rentals and different types of accommodation through Expedia’s vast network, although many people will not realise this is what is happening due to the tight integration between all parties involved.

On the one hand, Vrbo acts like CozyCozy by being a search engine for property discoverability, as well as Airbnb by helping people book the property they need on the platform. Vrbo also allows property owners to list their property on the platform, and this helps it reach the millions of people who use the different Expedia online properties.

Vrbo also lets property owners choose the types of guests they would like on their property so they can ensure the ideal clients they would like to serve. Serving the ideal customer can help property owners earn more income through repeat visits.

Vrbo expects a homeowner to do most of the work promoting and managing their property which is different from UpperKey and similar to other CozyCozy alternatives. This includes crunching data, ensuring bookings are done right and talking to customers and resolving issues if and when they arise.

UpperKey property management blue banner


Homestay is very similar to both Airbnb and CozyCozy. First, it helps you find a room to share with a local for work, study, or travel. Next, it lets property and homeowners list their rooms or properties for occupation.

Landlords who live on their properties can treat the rest of the flats on the property as spare rooms and, in that way, rent them out to those who are looking for local places to stay. Homestay expects that the host – who can also be a landlord – is available to help their guests settle in. They also expect that their host is open to sharing things in their homes like the kitchen or other spaces.

While their platform is not as sophisticated as others we have seen, they still have a useful platform that works as a search engine for those looking for local stays and hosts.


Spareroom is a great platform for those looking to find a flatmate to live with. Those who need a room can look through what is available and the areas where different properties are available. They can then either wait for the people already living in those rooms or flats to get in touch with them or ask if there is space available.

Find your perfect flatmate with SpareRoom
Easily browse available rooms and flats, connect with potential flatmates, and find the perfect living situation.

The posted ads also extend to property managers who can post shared spaces that people looking for some space can rent. Property managers can also turn over their buildings to their services like they would with UpperKey for full property management.

This arrangement only works if the building is not occupied, otherwise, the property manager would have to list only the free space available.

To find a property, you will need to provide the area or postcode you are interested in and then choose the type of property you are looking for. Property managers need to go to the appropriate section of the website to list the property they have.

Finding the right accommodation where you are travelling for work, business, or leisure can be a lot of work. However, different platforms including CozyCozy and the others discussed above make this a lot easier. They also make it easy for property managers and owners to list their properties so they can be found by those looking for accommodation. For an alternative to YallaRent in Dubai, check out our article about Airbnb regulations in Dubai.

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