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The Termination Of a Simple Mandate

You wish to take advantage of the cancellation of a simple real estate mandate, for your own reasons. But once again, it is impossible to do whatever you want, because there are specific rules for rental management, whether it is for renting, buying or selling.

The importance of understanding specific rules for rental management.
Understanding real estate mandate rules. Rental management made clear.

The different types of mandate you can sign with a real estate agency

By calling on a professional, you get a clarification concerning the different potential fees. But there are several cases of the real estate mandate, allowing you to entrust the sale to an experienced person. But this mandate takes the form of a contract and therefore it is interesting to read it in its entirety in order to avoid any bad surprises.

Therefore, the conclusion of a mandate is done in a mutual interest. For the owner, it is a question of benefiting from the expertise of the real estate agency so that it sells the property in the best possible conditions. For the agency, it will benefit from a remuneration in relation to the work it has been able to provide.

Therefore, it is an excellent opportunity to conclude a mandate of sale to separate yourself from an apartment or a house. But first of all, understand that there are different types of mandates and it is imperative to choose the one that suits you best.

Also, do not sign the contract until you have read the different clauses. Some of them can be very specific and you will find yourself in a situation that will not suit you. Also, find out what the costs may be.

  • If you decide to conclude a simple mandate, you are free to entrust the sale of your property to several agencies. On your side, you can also find a buyer by your own means.

  • The second solution is to choose a semi-exclusive mandate. This means that you are bound to a single real estate agency, but you can find a buyer if you have the opportunity.

  • Finally, the last solution is the exclusive mandate. This time, the sale will have to go through the real estate agent that you have selected beforehand.

  • It doesn't matter, each mandate has its own specificities to take into consideration. But it happens that you want to terminate a simple mandate and therefore you ask yourself some questions.

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How to terminate a simple mandate ?

The first case is based on the fact that you have concluded a simple mandate with the real estate agency. Therefore, it is perfectly possible to terminate it. First of all, at the time of the period of irrevocability. It is therefore imperative to send a letter of termination of the simple mandate to the real estate agency 15 days before the expiration of the mandate. It is imperative to respect this and if possible to send a letter with acknowledgement of receipt.

Finally, you can terminate a simple mandate during the withdrawal period. This period runs from the moment you sign the mandate and within 14 days. However, this period is only valid if the mandate was signed at the seller's home.

Whether you are in the first or the second case, always use a letter with acknowledgement of receipt to cancel the mandate.

In most cases, the period of irrevocability is three months. This is a period of time commonly used by real estate agencies. But before signing a simple mandate, once again, define precisely the conditions of termination.

Why terminate a simple mandate before three months?

When you wish to terminate your simple mandate, you should know that you are entitled to do so as long as you are not in exclusivity. Indeed, you do not want to pay additional fees because you have just found a buyer. So you are within your rights to contact your agency and tell them that you no longer wish to work with them.

In this case, the legislation is very clear, because you have signed a simple mandate. Therefore, you have every right to find a buyer on your own. But once you have succeeded in doing so, you will of course have to notify the real estate agency by sending a letter of termination by registered mail. This is how you will be able to break the contract during the irrevocability period.

Your right with a simple mandate
Terminating a simple mandate, your rights and obligations explained.

Other obligations are incumbent upon you, such as communicating the name of the purchaser to all the agencies you have commissioned. In this way, they will be able to verify that the sale that is likely to be carried out corresponds precisely to the various sales criteria that have been defined.

But you should know that you can also withdraw a simple sales mandate when you have decided to stop selling your property. On the other hand, you may have decided to sell your property on your own, without the need to go through a professional.

In fact, whatever the reason for the termination, it is imperative to respect all the conditions that may have been defined at the time of signing the simple mandate.

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Some additional details on the termination of a simple sales mandate

When you wish to terminate your simple mandate, you must take note of the different conditions of the real estate mandate, because it defines all the conditions of termination. But beyond the document that you have signed, you should know that the decree of July 20, 1972, namely 72 678, provides additional details. First of all, the fact that a 14-day withdrawal period applies to any owner. It is a valid clause as soon as the mandate is concluded without exclusivity.

The right for any owner with a simple mandate
The real estate mandate defines termination conditions.

Concerning the cancellation of a simple sales mandate before three months, this simply corresponds to the period of irrevocability. Often, this period is fixed at three months, but you should know that you have the possibility to negotiate it. In any case, the duration must be indicated on the simple sales mandate.

Another important element to take into consideration is that if you decide to stop the sale of your property, you will have to terminate the simple sales mandate with all the real estate professionals with whom you have contracted the document.


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