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Top Bathroom Essentials for Airbnb Guests Revealed by The UpperKey

Updated: May 9

Do you own an Airbnb property that you're trying to boost interest in and ensure that it stays booked at all times? There are a bunch of factors that go into having a popular Airbnb property, such as location, rates, size of the property and amenities, so it’s not usually a matter of focusing on just one thing.

But what property owners sometimes forget about is the extra touches. These are what set your property apart from others in the same area, price range and category. They are the touches that guests will notice and appreciate, and will prompt them to tell friends about their stay and even book again.

One of these extras is making sure your property is well-stocked when it comes to toiletries for your guests so that they feel at home and comfortable, which is part of preparing the property. We’ve also made the process easier by revealing the best Airbnb toiletries that you’ll want to supply for your guests, so let’s take a look.

The importance of thoughtful extra touches for guests to feel comfortable and at home in an Airbnb property
Elevate your Airbnb with thoughtful extra touches! The best toiletries to make guests feel at home.


Shampoo is easily one of the most important toiletries to provide your guests with. Even if they are only staying for a short time, they will likely require it. It can be a real hassle to pack, so by providing it, you’re making their life much simpler.

Because everyone’s hair and scalp needs will be different, it’s best to opt for a gentle formulation that is safe for colour-treated hair. You want something that isn’t heavy and filled with silicones; it should have natural and/or organic ingredients and ideally little or no scent.

You may want to look into purchasing bulk shampoo and/or using refill pouches. This will cut down on costs and environmental waste.

The importance of providing high-quality and eco-friendly toiletries for guest convenience and comfort in an Airbnb property
High-quality shampoo for guest convenience! Opt for gentle, natural formulations.

Body soap, essential oils and new shampoo should be always on place


Conditioner goes hand-in-hand with shampoo and many of the same stipulations apply. Choose a lightweight conditioner that rinses clean without build-up and is safe for colour-treated hair. Again, go easy on the scent as not everyone wants heavily scented products. Purchasing shampoo and conditioner within the same brand/line will ensure the products work well together.

The importance of providing a quality and complementary conditioner to enhance the guest experience in an Airbnb property
Complete the guest experience with a quality conditioner! Gentle and complementary to the shampoo.

Shampoo conditioner is a good extra with basic toiletries for vacation rental

Body Wash

Body wash can be a bit tricky in that it’s nice to provide guests with a scented body wash, but you don’t want to pick one that is loaded with chemicals and harsh ingredients. These can be skin irritants. You can look for a sensitive skin formulation and ensure that it’s free of artificial colour and instead uses clean ingredients.

As you sort through all the options, choose one with hydrating or moisturising properties so it doesn't dry out the skin.

The importance of providing a skin-friendly and luxurious experience for guests in an Airbnb property
Skin-friendly body wash for a luxurious guest experience! Hydrating and chemical-free formulation.

Shower caps or body wash | Short term rentals must be

Hand Soap

Hand soap can be a bit more fun, as you can choose liquids, bars or both. This is also an opportunity to pick an item with a heavier, more noticeable scent in it. Choose scents that are clean, refreshing, uplifting and universally pleasing such as lemon, sage, cranberry, apple, vanilla, sandalwood and so forth. It doesn’t need to match up with the other products, but it should still feel luxe and elegant.

As you choose the toiletries for Airbnb guests, you're creating an experience, so think about how the scents play off each other.

The importance of providing a luxurious and delightful experience for guests in an Airbnb property through thoughtful toiletry choices
Elevate the guest experience with luxurious hand soap! Choose refreshing scents for a delightful stay.

Hand soap - small things are always very important

Body Lotion

It doesn’t matter where your property is located, the environment can be harsh on skin which causes it to dry out, and feel tight, itchy and uncomfortable. If your property is located in a sunny destination, then guests may also be dealing with too much sun which will be even more uncomfortable on the skin. Providing your guests with a lightweight, non-greasy and fast-absorbing body lotion should be seen as essential.

The importance of providing essential skincare for guests in any environment, whether sunny or harsh on the skin, in an Airbnb property
Essential body lotion for a skin-loving stay! Hydrate and soothe guests in any environment.

Go the Extra Mile with These Toiletries

If you want to make your property feel luxurious and be mindful of your guests’ needs, an Airbnb premium property if you will, then there are a few other toiletries you can add to the list. These include:

  • Toothbrush

  • Toothpaste

  • Dental floss

  • Mouthwash

  • Makeup remover wipes

  • Disposable razors

  • High-quality tissues

  • Hand sanitiser

  • Tampons and menstrual pads

  • Disposable shower cap

  • Sunscreen

  • After sun lotion, cream or spray

  • Travel-sized sewing kit

These simple items can take your listing from a standard one to an elegant property that feels like a resort. It shows care and thought, and guests will feel that much more comfortable in the space. The odds of you getting a glowing review and repeat guests can then increase drastically.

the importance of providing essential skincare for guests in any environment, whether sunny or harsh on the skin, in an Airbnb property.

The importance of creating a spa-like atmosphere in an Airbnb property to provide guests with an exceptional and relaxing stay
Create a spa-like atmosphere for an exceptional stay.

Short term rental should be as clean as hotel rooms | Airbnb host responsibilities

Opt for Quality When Choosing the Brands

Another tip for Airbnb property owners is to make quality a top priority. You want to pick products with high-quality and natural ingredients to create a spa-like atmosphere. Rather than pick a bunch of different brands, look for brands that offer full lines so it looks and performs great together. This is what hotels and resorts do, so you can create that same vibe in your property.

It’s Not Just About Which Toiletries You Choose but Also the Presentation

Something that may come as a surprise is the fact that it’s not only important to choose the best Airbnb toiletries, but they also need to be displayed/presented properly. The proper presentation helps to set the vibe in the space, making it feel more luxurious, elegant and comfortable. Toiletries should be easy to spot, neatly presented with everything lined up and labels facing outwards, and backups provided so guests can replenish stock as needed.

You may want to do some online research on how to create the ultimate elegant and sophisticated bathroom space so that you can see visuals of how the toiletries should be arranged. Things such as shower caddies, soap dishes, shelves in the shower/bath and so forth will all help with the presentation. If you're trying to improve the appeal of your vacation rental, you'll want to take beautiful pictures so think about how those toiletries will appear in photos.

There needs to be consistency from guest to guest as well so that they always know what to expect.

The importance of proper presentation to create an elegant and consistent experience for guests in an Airbnb property
Create an elegant and consistent experience for guests.Create an elegant and consistent experience for guests.

Airbnb is very important - take care of every detail for great rave rewievs

Try Out the Products Before You Present Them to Guests

To ensure the Airbnb guest toiletries are of the best quality and they create the kind of atmosphere you are aiming for, it would be wise to try them in your home for a few days or weeks. How do they perform? Do you experience any reactions or irritation from them?

UpperKey property management blue banner

Consider a Property Management Company

It's also worth noting that even with all the right steps and creating the kind of property you think should lease/rent without issue, it can still be a difficult road. This is why you may want to consider a property management company such as UpperKey. UpperKey will act as your tenant, which means you will have guaranteed income from the rent. It's then up to UpperKey to put the work in and ensure the property doesn't sit vacantly. They even take care of the cleaning, maintenance and more.

Owning an Airbnb property can be a highly profitable undertaking and can act as a great investment for your future, as long as you get that steady stream of rental income. Learning how to rent your property on UpperKey can prove to be a very smart decision.

The benefits of guaranteed income and hassle-free rental for Airbnb property owners, making it a smart decision for investment and future profitability
Unlock the potential of Airbnb with UpperKey property management! Guaranteed income and hassle-free rental.

Setting the Right Tone in Your Airbnb Property

Using these tips to choose the best toiletries for your Airbnb guests means you’ll be helping to create the kind of environment people feel comfortable in and are happy to return to. It’s wise to think of your property as more than a place to sleep; it should be an entire experience.

The idea of creating a welcoming and memorable experience for Airbnb guests through thoughtful choices of products and amenities in the property
Creating a welcoming Airbnb experience with thoughtful toiletries! Turning your property into a memorable stay.

Hand sanitizer, toilet paper and hair dryer - all the best accesories from our guide

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