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Paris Rent Regulations


Four justifications to let your Paris property

Paris is home to thousands of locals, ex-pats, students, and visitors. UpperKey explains why living in Paris is worth it and what people consider the top reasons to rent out your apartment. The extensive Paris Metro means that finding a tenant shouldn't be difficult. Tenants can easily get there using the Metro, which is the fastest and cheapest way to travel throughout Paris. The strong economy and excellent work-life balance mean more people are considering moving to live and work in Paris.

Whether you're renting out the property on a long-term or short-term basis is key. Long-term renting is ideal if you want a regular income with less property management work involved. Paris apartment rental agencies such as the UpperKey may be an ideal choice for you. What Tenants Look for in a Paris Apartment will depend on whether you are renting on a short- or long-term basis. A short-term apartment should be fully furnished and provide guests with everything that they need for a comfortable stay. Check out a home rental service Paris like the UpperKey to learn more.


How to Manage Rental Properties in Paris

The management of a property requires time and management costs. If you live far from your main residence, it can be difficult to manage a large property portfolio for seasonal rentals. Consult an agency specialized in rental management in Paris or hire a concierge service instead. UpperKey wilol take care of all the administatives for you. Whether you are in Paris or in another city, you will have a customer service.

The price defined from the start will be respected and the rental vacancy will be minimal. And you do not have to fear unpaid rents, which is an undeniable advantage. If you are looking for a short-term rental in Paris, don't hesitate to contact UpperKey.


The complete guide to Paris's rent control

Rent control in Paris is not the same as rent control in other cities. The agglomeration of Paris belongs to the tense zone. Rent for a furnished rental must take into consideration a new rule, because the rent for that accommodation will be determined according to the limit of an increased reference rent. The reference rent in Paris is established according to 80 districts. Each district has its own reference per square meter per month.

The monthly rent is calculated by multiplying the reference rent increased by the number of square meters of living space. But it is important to know that the calculation only concerns the rent. A concierge service is a good option if you are looking for a seasonal rental in Paris. A list of criteria that prevent you from requesting a rent supplement includes signs of moisture, poor insulation and carpentry with poor insulation. The rules of the Airbnb platform apply to all rentals signed since August 18, 2022.

The rules for renting in Paris are very strict. To avoid entering a market that you do not control, delegate the rental management to a concierge company like UpperKey. The latter will be happy to manage the entire management, by writing the ad, managing contacts and being vigilant on the maintenance.


What Is The Paris Rent Ceiling System?

In 2019 Paris introduced a law to fight with growing rent prices. The rent will be set according to the following double limit:. First, the rent that was applied for the previous tenant. Then, the increased reference rent. This is established per square meter of living space and of course per month.

The Île-de-France prefecture has published an interactive map showing the increased reference rents for Paris properties. The references are established in a precise manner, not according to the Parisian districts, but in relation to specific neighborhoods. Each year the reference price changes, so make sure to follow the most recent updates. It is impossible to exceed a specific rent amount. However, you may be granted a rent supplement if your property has exceptional characteristics.

A specialised agency can help you determine your rent and maximize your income. UpperKey will help you with the necessary calculations in the most correct way.


How to Calculate Your Rent in Paris with Rent Control in Paris

An estimation of rent will help you know your potential revenue in Paris. According to, the lowest rental price in Paris is 28 € per square meter. On average, however, you should expect to pay around €32 per sq meter for a rental property. Learning how to make a rental estimate is absolutely essential. If the rental price is not in line with the market, you may find it very difficult to find a tenant.

UpperKey is a recognized agency for property management in Paris and in many other French cities. Using a rent simulator, you can get your income in a regular way, without worrying about your tenant. The agency takes care of everything, i.e., estimating the amount of rent, while taking into consideration the Paris region's rent framework. These are public data that have been directly extracted from real estate ads. Rent control is a system that has been put in place by the government to define a maximum value per square meter. The rent control is then defined according to the geographical area in which the property is located, its date of construction, type of rental and the number of rooms.


Paris Reference Rent: Rent Requirements

After Covid the Paris rent control had to adapt to the new clientele. Rents are set each year before the summer, depending on type of accommodation (empty or furnished) and number of rooms. However, it is possible to agree on a rent supplement, in addition to the base rent. If it is your property, you may naturally tend to overestimate its price. An initial rental estimate is absolutely essential by taking note of the market prices.

You can use online tools or do your own research in order to estimate your rent. But be realistic and compare similar properties in terms of size and services. UpperKey is a property management agency in Paris and many other French cities. Estimate furnished or unfurnished rent can seem like a real headache when you're not in the business. Agency takes care of everything, i.e. the estimation of the rent amount, while taking into account the rent framework of the Paris region.

The amount of the rental fee is set according to the tenant's rented accommodation costs. The fees are calculated on the fee accounts transmitted by the trustee after validation of the accounting at the condominium meeting. Owners receive their account from the trustee at the end of the year, with the amount of recoverable tenant.


Utilizing a Paris Property Management Company Has Many Advantages

Paris is often listed as one of the top cities to invest in property. Property managers can provide a wide range of services including finding tenants and repairs and maintenance. There are lots of reasons to consider also investing in the services of a property manager, especially if you are living outside of France. Working with a Parisian proper