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Our company becomes your primary tenant and guarantees your rent.

One of our expert property managers will contact you to discuss your property's rent potential.

UpperKey Real Estate Management for Properties in Zurich

For those fortunate enough to be real estate property owners in Zurich, we’d like to help you to reap more of the rewards that you deserve. As experts in real estate management, we make your life easier—freeing up precious time to spend on more valuable pursuits. And, by utilising our guaranteed rental income for Zurich properties, you’ll receive a competitive income without the associated stress. Why have a dog, and bark yourself?

Why would you choose to do so much of the hard work when you don’t have to? Are you still trying to locate tenants, arrange advertising, organise changeovers and keep the décor in tiptop condition? Leave all of that to us, and you can finally get on with the things you’d rather be doing. UpperKey provides a complete service and additional services. Utilising only the most professional partners, you’ll be confident of the effort and efficiency of our fabulously adept team—entirely dependable in every task.