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Ultimate Guide: Setting Up Netflix for Your Airbnb Guests

Updated: May 9

With the advent of streaming services like Netflix, your Airbnb guests can enjoy their favourite shows and films at the touch of a button. In fact, it’s become almost expected. But setting up Netflix for Airbnb can seem a little daunting. Here at UpperKey, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to ease your journey towards creating a seamless entertainment experience for your guests.


Airbnb in the Age of Streaming

Streaming services have transformed the way we consume entertainment. Gone are the days of cumbersome Freeview TV and DVDs; today, it’s all about having a variety of streaming platforms at our fingertips.

As an Airbnb host, offering Netflix access is a great way to enrich your guests’ experience. By providing this amenity, you’re not just providing entertainment, but you’re also sending a message of comfort and convenience that makes your space feel like a home away from home.

Should I have a TV in my Airbnb?

Having a TV in your Airbnb can enhance the guest experience. Many travelers appreciate the amenity, especially if they're looking for a night in or need some background noise while settling into the space. Furthermore, offering a TV can make your listing more competitive, especially if other properties in the area provide this feature. However, it's also essential to consider the cost of purchasing and maintaining the TV, as well as the potential for damages. If you decide to include one, ensure you set clear guidelines for its use and consider adding streaming options or local channels for added appeal.

Can I use my Netflix account in a hotel?

Yes, you can use your Netflix account in a hotel. Most modern hotels offer Wi-Fi and smart TVs with the capability to access streaming services. You'll just need to log into your Netflix account on the hotel's TV or your own device. However, always remember to log out of your account before checking out to prevent subsequent guests or anyone else from accessing your account.

Can I use my Netflix account at my vacation home?

Absolutely! If your vacation home has a stable internet connection and a device compatible with the Netflix app, such as a smart TV, tablet, or computer, you can use your Netflix account just like you would at your primary residence. Ensure you have a sufficient internet plan, especially if you plan on streaming in high definition or have multiple users.

Can I use my Netflix at an Airbnb?

Yes, you can use your Netflix account at an Airbnb. If the Airbnb has a smart TV or any streaming device, you can log in and enjoy your favorite shows and movies. However, for security reasons, always ensure you log out of your Netflix account before checking out of the Airbnb.

What is the best streaming service for Airbnb?

Disney, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video are among the most popular services worldwide. Offering a combination of popular services might be ideal. Some hosts provide a basic Netflix account as part of the accommodation. Alternatively, ensuring compatibility with guests' accounts by having a smart TV or streaming device is another great option.

How to use Netflix on your Airbnb TV?

If you want to allow guests to use Netflix on your Airbnb TV, make sure the TV is a smart TV with the Netflix app pre-installed or has a streaming device like a Roku, Fire Stick, or Chromecast. Guests can then log in with their own Netflix account or, if you provide an account, follow the instructions you leave for them. Always leave clear instructions either in your welcome guide or near the TV about how to access and log out of the app to ensure user privacy and security.

Should I Do Netflix For My Airbnb? And If Yes How?

Offering Netflix in your Airbnb can be an enticing amenity for guests, adding to their comfort and convenience. If you decide to provide this service, you can either use your own account with a guest profile or invest in a separate account specifically for the Airbnb. Ensure you have a compatible device (smart TV or streaming device) and provide clear instructions for guests on how to use it. Remember to mention this feature in your listing to attract potential renters looking for this amenity. Always remind guests to log out if they use their own accounts and check periodically to ensure your account hasn’t been tampered with.

Providing access to Netflix on Airbnb is an excellent method to enhance the experience of your guests.

The Netflix Advantage

At UpperKey, we recommend providing Netflix in your Airbnb. That’s because offering access to this streaming service has several advantages. Not only is it an attractive amenity for potential guests, but it can also increase your chances of getting positive reviews. Plus, it serves as a cost-effective alternative to expensive TV packages. By presenting your guests with a tailored, modern, and convenient entertainment solution, you’re adding a significant value proposition to your property.

The Power of Personalised Entertainment

One crucial aspect of offering Netflix in your Airbnb is the chance to deliver a personalised entertainment experience. With the plethora of genres available on this popular streaming platform, Netflix allows your guests to easily indulge in their preferred content. Whether it’s a cosy family film night or a solo binge-watching session, having Netflix access can make guests feel comfortable and right at home.

Granting access to Netflix can create a sense of comfort and familiarity for guests.

Levelling Up the Guest Experience

A Netflix-equipped Airbnb is all about the elevated guest experience. This isn’t just about providing guests with access to films and TV shows; it’s about going the extra mile to ensure their comfort. By offering Netflix, you show your commitment to an excellent, guest-focused approach.

An Environmentally Conscious Choice

Along with its entertainment value, choosing to provide Netflix is also a more environmentally conscious choice compared to physical DVDs and Blu-rays, which contribute to electronic waste. On the other hand, there is no waste involved with Netflix. As a host, this is just another way to reduce the environmental footprint of your property and align with the growing trend towards sustainable tourism.

Integration with Other Smart Home Amenities

Having Netflix in your Airbnb can be the beginning of creating a smart home experience for your guests. Integrating Netflix with other smart home devices like Google Home or Amazon Alexa can enable voice-controlled viewing for your guests. This smart home integration can further distinguish your listing in the ever-competitive Airbnb market.

Steps to Setting Up Netflix for Airbnb

Setting up Netflix in your Airbnb property may seem like a technical challenge. But the good news is that in reality, it’s relatively straightforward. Here are the steps you’ll need to follow:

1. Invest in a smart TV or streaming device: You need a device that supports Netflix. At UpperKey, we recommend investing in smart TVs for your Airbnb. Alternatively, you could connect a streaming device like Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Firestick, or Chromecast.

2. Create a guest Netflix account: If you’re going to provide a Netflix account, it’s important to have a separate one for your Airbnb property. This will protect your personal account from unauthorized access. A basic plan should suffice for this purpose. Alternatively, guests can log in to their own accounts.

3. Set the device up: Install the Netflix app on your device and sign in with your guest account credentials.

4. Provide clear instructions: Leave clear instructions for your guests on how to use Netflix. You could also include information about other streaming services you offer.

A comfy seating area, great sound, Netflix suggestions, and snacks can elevate the guest experience to a home cinema feel.

Protecting Your Netflix Account

While providing Netflix in your Airbnb, it’s essential to keep your account secure. To prevent misuse, it’s a good idea to sign out of your guest Netflix account after each guest’s stay and change your password. You can do this remotely via the Netflix website. This step will ensure your Airbnb Netflix account is not being used beyond your property, safeguarding you from potential issues.

Creating the Perfect Netflix Environment

When setting up Netflix for your Airbnb, think beyond just the login details. Consider the viewing environment. A comfortable seating area, good quality sound system, and even suggestions for popular Netflix shows can all add to the guest experience. You could even provide a selection of popcorn or snacks for a true home cinema feel.

The Ripple Effect of Positive Reviews

Every detail of your Airbnb, including the Netflix experience, can translate into a positive review. Having Netflix available might seem like a small thing, but it can leave a significant impression on your guests. A guest who enjoyed a relaxing night in with their favourite Netflix show will be more inclined to leave a glowing review, potentially attracting more bookings in the future.

The Future of Airbnb Hosting

The future of Airbnb hosting is about more than just providing a space. At UpperKey, we’re noticing a trend towards curating experiences. As technology and guest expectations continue to evolve, amenities like Netflix will become the norm rather than the exception. Staying ahead of the curve now will position you favourably for future trends in the industry.

Boost Your Guest Experience with UpperKey

Taking the guest experience up a notch is essential when it comes to standing out in the competitive Airbnb market. Providing Netflix certainly helps – but it’s not everything. Partner with UpperKey today to take care of all your Airbnb property management needs. From communicating with guests to cleaning after check-out, we can handle all the aspects that make up the ever-important guest experience.

Whether you’re just starting out with Airbnb or looking for some support with existing properties, contact us today to find out more about how we can help.



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