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Maximise your rental income!

How Much Do I Need To Invest In Property - Investment Information

Here UpperKey has gathered the our best tips for investment properties and information on how we can help investors manage their properties once acquired to ensure a steady rental income year round.


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Strategies for Steady Rental Income.

Here UpperKey takes a look at common real estate questions like how to invest in a property without any money. You'll learn what a property manager does and how they can be useful for your investment rental property. Ever wondered what makes a wise property investment? We have the answer. You can also find out how to manage a property remotely from other city, state or even country.


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Maximizing Investment Returns.

Long term investment

UpperKey looks at the key considerations to be aware of when entering an investment market. In the first part of this guide, we look at how you'll accrue the money that you're going to need to fund a property investment. A buy-to-let mortgage offers the same long-term investment, a steady income stream and will pay for itself when the rental income is greater than the mortgage repayments. Property development offers a quick return for investors looking to resell, or a longer-term option when developing a rental property.

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Property Development: Quick Return or Rental Option.

Big house prices demand big investments | Buy to let mortgages

Stock market

How much can you afford to spend on your property investment? Find out how much money you have available to invest in a property investment. Invest in shares, bonds, shares and anything else you can lay your hands on to make the most basic investment pay for you. The ultimate reason for property investment is to make money. A microloan could help you get on the ladder, so too could investment from peer to peer lenders.

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Property investments shares

The split of funding and profit will have to be decided between partners on a case-to-case basis. Don't forget to include options to renegotiate when the profits roll in. Making a profit from your property investment


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Consulting with Financial Experts.

Invest in property

The market for buy-to-let properties has become split into two. The amateur landlord is backing off and heading for alternative options. Here, we look at what to do and what not to do, as well as some of the pitfalls to ensure you're ready to make a profit. There are no guarantees, no matter how well you've researched your market, so make sure you plan for all eventualities. Stamp duty is a government tax, with thresholds and rates dependent on location and property value.

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Stamp Duty: Government Tax with Location and Property Value Variations.

Buy to let guide | property investments

Buy to let

Buy-to-let interest rates are low right now, but that won't last forever. A buy-to-let investor will be looking to make the best rental yield possible. This is the percentage of rent against property value. A reasonable yield should be over 5%, but if it falls below 7 or 8%, then you've done your homework wrong. The needs of a young professional couple, a family, or a house full of students are all very different.

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Choosing a tenant to put into your property is going to be dependent on the type of property you plan to buy. An HMO can achieve a strong yield due to its number of accumulated rents.


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Rental Investment on Airbnb.

Making an Airbnb investment to obtain an additional source of income. Buying for Airbnb with a new home, you must have the status of non-professional furnished renter. It is important to know that the majority of the targets are interested in renting furnished accommodation, because it is a temporary stay. This is a strong incentive to make a rental investment on the Airbnb platform.

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Airbnb Investment: A Lucrative Source of Additional Income.

Invest in property for student accomodation | Commercial property cash flow

UK Property concierge service

If you don't want to waste time and paperwork, why not hire an Airbnb concierge service like UpperKey? Is an Airbnb investment promising? If in doubt, go through an Airbnb concierge, as they will be able to provide you with all their expertise.

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Unlock the Full Potential of Your Airbnb Investment.

Money Investment and stamp duty. Contact our estate agents | Housing market

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