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Complete Guide on How to Remove Your Airbnb Listing Successfully

Deleting an ad on Airbnb remains essential when you sell your property, if you have a duplicate ad or if you no longer wish to rent out. To tell the truth, the reasons are various, but the process remains the same when you connect to the platform. If you don't know how to do it, we explain all the details you need to know.

Airbnb offers the option to pause your ad, making it temporarily invisible to potential guests
Deleting an ad on Airbnb is a crucial step for property owners who no longer want to rent out their property or have duplicate listings.

Some additional details about deleting an ad

First, the deletion of an ad from the Airbnb platform remains final. In other words, impossible to change your mind, because it is impossible to go back. If you want to put your real estate advertisement online again for seasonal rental , you will have no choice but to republish. Thus, it is a new creation, as if it were an advertisement that you never published.

Before getting interested in deleting the ad, Airbnb offers you different alternatives and it is important to be aware of them. First, you can pause your ad, because you want it to be temporarily invisible. When a traveler searches for an ad corresponding to your property, it does not appear in the search results. Beforehand, you define a period and when it is over, your ad appears again. If you have forgotten this parameter, you will receive an e-mail summarizing all the information.

The Airbnb platform has also provided another option which is between permanently delete and pause. This time, you hide the ad, and once again, you cannot see your property appear in the search results. The option remains relatively similar compared to the previous methodology, but this time you do not specify a period. The delay is then indefinite and therefore you do not have to fear an automatic reactivation.

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How do I delete my Airbnb listing?

If you are not interested in the options mentioned above, then go for the permanent deletion. First, go to the home page of the website or log in on the app. This way you access your own Airbnb space. Position yourself on the ad you want to delete from your Airbnb profile. Simply click on “ad details” to access specific information. On the new page, you find the "ad status" tab with the possibility to modify it.

Clicking on it will bring up a drop-down menu with the option to pause, hide, or publish. For your part, you select the permanent deactivation of the ad. Before validating your choice, the platform asks you for additional information and more precisely the reason for this action. You are free to make the choice that is yours, but know that it will have no influence on the result.

Then, you will arrive on a new page asking you for confirmation of the deletion of your Airbnb ad. Once again, the alternatives mentioned above will also be offered to you. If you maintain your initial choice, simply click on "deactivate permanently".

Without the slightest delay, your ad is no longer visible in the list of search results. At the same time, you will also receive a confirmation on the e-mail you use. Rest assured, no negative impact will be seen on other listings in your Airbnb account.

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How do I know if my Airbnb listing is online?

You could act like a seasonal tenant looking for real estate, in this case your own. With this search, you will see if your property appears in the results. Otherwise, we advise you to use the previous methodology to check the status of your ad. When it is paused or permanently deleted, all this information can be checked from your owner space.

However, even if permanent deletion is possible at any time, current reservations will still be valid. Likewise, old comments that you may have collected will remain permanently.

What is the correct procedure to temporarily hide your Airbnb listing?

If you want to opt out of short-term-rental, temporary lending is still possible. Therefore, there is no need to indicate a specific duration, you will just have to reactivate it for the ad to be operational.

To do this, automatically log in to your owner space from the application or the website. You select the advertisement concerned by going to the “basic accommodation information” tab. In this way, you can access the "status of the ad" and therefore you modify it.

You click the "hidden" button to set the appropriate reason from the drop-down menu. Then you confirm your action by clicking on “hide” again. Thus, your ad will no longer be visible to seasonal tenants when they use the search results of the Airbnb platform.

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