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All About Airbnb and the Party Regulations

Since 2020, the American platform Airbnb has simply banned parties during the summer period. During the same year, this ban was tightened with the ban on organizing parties at any time of the year. Unfortunately, there are always reckless tenants, ready to defy the taboos. Faced with this problem, there is a very simple solution by installing a noise detector.

The partnership aims to address complaints related to disruptive behavior and parties in Airbnb rentals
Airbnb and Minut to address noise pollution and disruptive behavior in Airbnb rentals.

A more annoying, but necessary regulation

An Airbnb party is still very interesting on paper. This is why many tenants rent accommodation in order to organize a special evening. For example, booking an Airbnb for a birthday. However, this is a contradiction with the rules of the platform and to help owners to monitor noise pollution, a collaboration has been established with the company Minut.

The latter remains specialized in noise control and as the owner of a property, you could benefit from the provision of a noise detector for free. It is a very useful monitoring tool, but be careful, the subscription is only valid for three months. The noise detector reduces neighborhood nuisance with decibel control.

This partnership was necessary to continue the measures previously introduced by the American giant. A firm and definitive position to fight against parties in homes. Indeed, many complaints have been observed in rentals due to disruptive behavior on the part of temporary travellers. Thus, a decibel detector seems the most appropriate solution.

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A device that respects the privacy rules of Airbnb tenants

When the measure was unveiled, many voices were raised. The detector was then perceived as an intrusive element, capable of filming or recording conversations. But rest assured, this is absolutely not the case, because there is no recording. Thus, the confidentiality of temporary travelers remains preserved.

If ever a tenant decides to carry out the < strong>renting an Airbnb for a birthday party, the detector will send sound alerts directly to Airbnb messaging. It is a necessary prevention tool to indicate that the tenant emits too much noise. The owner remains free to set the decibels before triggering a notification. When the threshold is reached, the message is automatically present on Airbnb messaging. Both on the side of the owner, but it is also the same observation for the tenant. A dialogue is established to resolve the problem.

To limit sources of conflict, it is essential that the advertisement informs potential tenants of the presence of this device. Finally, the installation cannot be done haphazardly, rest areas and bedrooms are excluded. It is wiser to install the noise detector in living rooms such as the living room, living room, kitchen or near a swimming pool. To take advantage of it, you must go to a Minut store to benefit from the precious detector. Then you sign up for the subscription for free.

Tougher rules to fight against incivility

The Airbnb platform wishes to limit incivility between tenants, landlords and the neighborhood. Noise is often a source of disagreement and organizing a clandestine party is not acceptable. It is a question of responding favorably to the concern of the hosts, sometimes victims of a tenant who wishes to rent an Airbnb for an evening, but which is much too noisy. Result, nuisances appear in the neighborhood when they could have been very easily avoided.

Before being deployed on a large scale, the project was first tested in Prague. The results are clear with a solution that could be found within 20 minutes when sound alerts were issued on the Airbnb email account. It is a very effective monitoring tool and that is why the partnership has been strengthened between Minut and Airbnb.

Since the party ban policy was put in place in August 2020 on French territory, reports of parties in France have dropped by 40%. Once again, these figures demonstrate the quality of the device with results in the key.

Illustrating the distinction between the free hardware and the subscription plan required for continued use
Hosts must make a decision after the three-month trial period to either continue with a paid subscription or return the equipment.

How to get a noise detector for free?

Minut devices are available in France, but also in 65 countries. To qualify, you must be an Airbnb host. Each account can receive a maximum of 10 free devices by respecting a single device for 10 ads. If you need more material, you can always start a negotiation with Minut, Airbnb or reach for your wallet.

However, it is important to distinguish between hardware and subscription. When we talk about free, it is about the availability of the noise detector. Of course, this is an interesting offer, because it is completely free. However, you have no choice but to subscribe to an annual plan. That is, a standard or professional version.

Rest assured, you can always test the effectiveness of the decibel detector thanks to a free three-month subscription. Once the deadline has passed, you must choose to keep the subscription and therefore pay or return the equipment.

How does sending noise warnings work?

Synchronization has been set up between the platform and the noise detector. As soon as the decibels are reached in your apartment or in your house, the guest will receive a message explicitly telling them to lower the noise. As you can see, ergonomics remain paramount at the application level and as soon as you are an owner, you also receive this information.

You must therefore associate your Airbnb account by managing its configuration. You just need to follow the required steps with a very explicit tutorial. Then you associate your Airbnb account with that of your Minut account. When the connection is established, you associate your Airbnb listing with the decibel detector. You don't have to do anything else.

An effective, but limited solution

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