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Maximize Your Airbnb Experience: Is a Disney Plus Free Trial Still an Option?

Updated: May 16

Every Airbnb host wants to provide their guests with the best experience possible. They can do this during the reservation process by providing guests with everything they need to find the listing and get settled in. They can also provide extras like access to different streaming services. Netflix used to be the go-to option for most hosts, but with the service removing numerous movies and shows, many are turning to alternatives like Disney Plus.

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Why Disney Plus is a Great Option for Your Airbnb

The streaming service stands out because it provides something for everyone, from classic cartoons and animations for the kids to gripping drama and suspenseful movies for the adults. It is also the home for National Geographic, Hulu, and FX in the UK. If you are like most hosts, you are likely wondering if you can get a Disney Plus trial to check if it would be a great option for your guests.

Can You Get a Disney Plus Subscription within Your Airbnb?

The short answer is no. Disney used to provide a 7-day free trial to Disney Plus when the service was still new. The intention, it seems, was to onboard as many people as possible and turn them into paying subscribers.

However, the company discontinued the plan in mid-2020, which means Airbnb hosts have to pay for the service if they want their guests to enjoy the content it provides.

At UpperKey, we recommend this option because it allows you to provide a superior experience to your guests. It also allows them to explore new shows and movies that may not be available on other streaming services like Netflix. This makes you a great Airbnb host that people want to lease from in the future.

Disney for Airbnb
Hosts need to pay for the service to offer a superior streaming experience for guests.

Get Up to Six Months of Disney Plus

Even though you can no longer get a Disney Plus free trial in the UK directly, you can still get six months free with some conditions appended. You can do this by subscribing to the latest plans from O2.

If you are a new subscriber, you can add it as an Extra plan as you check out when signing up for a plan. This deal lasts six months, and you will be signed up for the Premium plan. With this plan, Airbnb guests can stream content on up to four devices (screens) and download content on up to 10. Doing so allows them to watch content without a Wi-Fi connection. This improves their experience, which is a great way to earn the coveted Superhost status.

Once the period expires, you will pay £7.99 per month for Disney+.

O2 also allows Airbnb hosts who are Disney Plus subscribers already to get a three or six-month subscription for free. To do this, you add it as an Extra to your current subscription. Once signed up, Disney will email you to help you manage your account and avoid double billing.

Disney Plus
In the UK, new O2 subscribers get six months of free Disney Plus, and existing subscribers can extend their subscription for free.

Hunt for Disney Plus Deals

Numerous Platforms post Disney Plus deals all the time. These are usually for three to six months free through memberships or buying something else. You can hunt for these deals online and get a hefty discount that helps keep the cost of managing your Airbnb low.

You could also find deals that give you two to four free months. The two caveats to these deals are that you have to pay the yearly amount upfront, and the free months are added at the end of the contract, not at the beginning.

Providing the Experience Yourself

Whether you pay for Disney Plus or take advantage of the Extra provided by O2, providing access to the streaming service does not have to be a daunting experience. Also, you only have to set the technical aspects once, and everything should work seamlessly afterwards.

To provide the experience yourself, you need to invest in a streaming device. Modern TVs allow you to install apps that let you stream content from different providers. At UpperKey, we recommend shopping around to get the best value for your budget. You should also consider buying a last-gen TV to keep your budget low. These typically have similar features and capabilities to newer models but are much cheaper.

Alternatively, you could buy an Amazon Firestick, Roku, or Chromecast device. These devices also provide the extra benefit of allowing guests to cast their devices to the TV if they are not interested in Disney Plus.

Once you have everything set up, provide a comfortable watching experience by ensuring your interior design includes comfortable seats and cosy areas for entertainment.

Streaming Services
For a seamless Disney Plus experience, invest in a streaming device like Amazon Firestick, Roku, or Chromecast.

Managing Access and Other Streaming Options

Since Disney Plus’ Terms of Service prohibit the sharing of passwords, the next best thing is to sign in on your streaming device(s) before the guests settle in. You could also create an extra account - Disney allows up to seven per account - that you provide to guests.

Most guests are used to Netflix, so they may not know how to use Disney Plus. Consider providing instructions on how to use the service, and include the login details, too. Depending on your guests' preferences, you may also have to set up Netflix for your Airbnb alongside Disney Plus to give them several options to choose from.

Include Disney Plus instructions and consider adding Netflix for more choices in your Airbnb.

Positive Reviews without the Free Trial

The lack of a Disney Plus free trial means hosts must pay for the service if they want their guests to access the service.

Despite the financial cost, UpperKey notes that doing so could benefit you due to the positive reviews you get from doing so. Guests want access to the services they typically use and prefer.

Families with children who love Disney’s children’s shows or adults who love its content will appreciate it. The result is overall positive ratings that make your listing more attractive to guests, including those not interested in the streaming service.

Disney Plus is a great steaming platform due to how much value it provides users. It includes everything Disney has to offer, including numerous shows and movies. Unfortunately, the service does not offer a free trial, but Airbnb hosts can get a few free months in different ways. These include adding it as an Extra to their O2 subscriptions or finding different deals online.

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